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Audiovox CDM-8910 / PM-8912 / Flasher V7


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Flasher V&


Dec 15, 2004 by mdclass2007

This phone is great! This has everything that you need! Before I had the old flip phone, this is the best phone in the world!
Good Signal
Color Screen
text messanger
picture frame and change color
Java Games
no aim
no browser
green keypad
Flash is not bright
Signal Stregth in buliding is not great (still works)

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Solid Phone


Oct 6, 2004 by Matt30fl

As a former Verizon Wireless employee I have used dozens of phones over the past few years and recently upgraded to the 8910. I had used a CDM9500 with and extended battery as a business phone for a while and when I needed to replace my personal phone I went back to Audiovox.

This phone has not disappointed. It is compact (almost the exact size of a Motorola T20 series phone.) The sound quality is excellent, as is the call quality (although this is due more to the network than the handset most of the time.)

The phone has a full set of features, and they are set up in an intuitive menu system that Motorola would be well advised to learn from. Unlike most Audiovox phones, the 8910 actually looks nice as well. While I prefer substance over style, the truth is Audiovox has previously made some very boxy, clunky handsets (the CDM 9000 and CDM 9500 just for starters). The battery has held up to regular usage with both the phone, data, and using the camera without even going to two bars on the battery indicator.

The phone this is in most direct competition with is the LG VX6000 (which I also own.) The Audiovox beats it on several points (although to be fair it is a newer phone).

1. Construction-The CDM8910 is a very sturdy phone. The VX 6000 always feels like it's ready to come in two.

2. The camera feature is on par with the LG but has a built in flash unit.

3. The menus are more logically laid out in my opinion.

4. Even though it is a much newer handset with more features it is currently retailing for less than the LG.

Bottom line: this is a quality handset at a good price with excellent features.

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Good Phone


Apr 18, 2006 by phones13

I had alot of phones in the past. But now I found a phone that suits me. Its on Sprint called the Audiovox CDM-8910 / PM-8912 / Flasher V7. I love these phone. This is the all time favorite phone. Here are the pros and cons of the phone.


Good camera and flash
The internet is quick and easy
Good im and email
easy 2 use menu
Record songs
good signal
good reception
and many many more!!

theres none

PS I like the yellow keypad.

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Not a bad little phone.


Oct 28, 2005 by littleb005

It could be easier to program, but from a users point of view it isn't so bad. It isn't too exciting though either.
I can say that the camera takes good pictures though. Not a very good night cam, but daytime in the light pictures come out pretty good.
I had to spend a grip of money on ring tones, because the default ones suck. And it doesn't have too many wallpapers to chose from either.
It doesn't do too bad as a phone though, if you want to make phone calls, it does do the trick.

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Not bad at all


Nov 24, 2005 by Quench

The audiovox8910 is not as bad as people put it *points to haters* it's a good cell!

Good Camera (flash too!)
Great Reception
Pretty Lightweight
Good inner design

UGLY exterior
the buttons are bit hard to press at times
Bad Ringtones and wallpaper

all in all a GREAT cell phone for a person who wants a camera, at a cheap price.

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Oct 5, 2005 by phonexaddict

i had this phone for 3 months. had it replaced 5 times! thats right 5 times.

first time- LCD went dead a week after i got it

Second time- ALL of my calls got droped (phone defect)

third time- keypad went out, dident work at all!

fourth time- couldent get any of my calls to connect.

fifth time- the keys on the bottm where hypersensitve or sum thing like that

So after all of that i decided to get a new phone

half decent camera
good for txting

Cons: (this is gona be long)
first off the phone overall is just a piece of crap.
battery got hot.
calls got droped
bad reception
buttons on side of phone where very annoying
batter never held charge (on all five of them had that prolbem)
UGLY backlight for the keypad
light on out side LCD went off after phone was closed
phone froze
ringer was very quiet
bulky design
inside LCD got a bunch of scratches on it out of nowhere
flash is not bringt at all
not very costomizeable
when u had a pix set as your wallpaper. the time and date would get very disorted, and banner had to have seprate backround
and many many more, i do not recomend this phone for any one!

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Awesome phone, great features!


Jan 3, 2005 by lilshizzy

When I found out Virgin Mobile was coming out with a camera phone all I could say was “hell yea!”. Finally a camera phone on a pre-paid services plan. The v7 Flasher is great, not only for the camera, but for all the extra features I wasn’t really expected. Superphonic ring tones, Wap brower, great battery life, great reception, and it’s even smaller then I‘d first though (the exact same size and weight as my v5 slider).

The camera again is my main reason for wanting this phone and after testing it out under many different conditions it doesn’t disappoint. The quality wonderful for a camera phone, and the process of sending pictures to your friends is a snap. You can send pictures either to another camera phone, to your virgin mobile online account, or directly to an e-mail address (doesn‘t work with gmail, I‘ve tried). One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that you can even take pictures while the phone is flipped closed and the small external screen acts as a viewfinder.

My only gripe with this phone would be the overall look. There are so many sweet looking camera/flip phones out right now that this one just doesn’t compare. I’m differently not complaining cause I love what this phone does and how well it does it, but if there were something I could change the look would be it.

All n’ all this phone is a must have for anyone looking to upgrade to the camera phone generation and not have to sign a contract.

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Oct 23, 2004 by jdcbomb

I still can't believe that Verizon had this offer. Initially, I had received the Motorola v60s, since it was the best free phone Verizon had at the time. But I soon discovered that the v60s screen was somewhat difficult to read with no color and tiny text. The v60s speakerphone is truly astounding, but its menu system was not as simple and easy as the LG 3100, which was my old phone. So I called Verizon for a possible replacement, and they said they had JUST began to offer a new phone from Audiovox for FREE 3 days before I had received the v60s. After using the 8910 for about a week now, I still can't believe I got such a good deal. The menu system of the 8910 is extremely simple and easy to use compared to Motorola's weird menu system (which was totally different from the LG menu system I had used). The camera wasn't something I was looking for, but it is a nice addtion and takes decent pictures at 640x480. Sending the pictures and using them as your wallpaper are all extremely easy and cool features that the v60s does not have. The color screen is so clear, bright, and colorful, it almost makes you cry. EVEN COOLER is the external LCD which doubles as your camera preview screen EVEN if you have your phone closed!!! Even though this preview feature only displays monochrome pixels, I was blown away by this really nice feature. And I just figured out how helpful (or devilish depending on what you think) this feature can be since you can secretly take really good pics with the phone completely closed. The speakerphone is not as loud as the v60s, but it's pretty darn good considering all the other features this phone has. Physically this phone is light (3.18 oz), pretty small (thinner than the Motorola), and feels extremely sturdy. Battery life is excellent. Apparently the Get-It-Now features from Verizon are also quite good. So if you can get this phone for free or for not much, then go for it. You won't be disappointed.

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Good enough for me


Oct 12, 2004 by Saw11_2000

Actually, I was really anticipating this phone to be bad. But it was the best Virgin Mobile could offer, so I bought it.

Downloadable graphics, games, and ringtones.
Excellent sound quality.
Audiovoxes seem to have a messed up ability to be able to do anything with not even one bar of reception. (Good not bad)
Great reception.
Small size.
Good picture quality.
Fast downloads.
Good amount of memory.
Good battery life.
It charges quickly.
It's durable. (I've dropped it a few times, it's gotten wet.)
Menus are set up logically.
Voice memo ability.
Voice dialing ability.
300 name phonebook, each name can hold 3 numbers and an email address.
I know this seems stupid, but the buttons on the side are metallic and when I used to have an 8610 my jeans would wear off on the buttons, so they turned a blue color. And that flap in the back is more resilient to falling off.

Ringtones are quiet.
Speakerphone is quiet.
Flash is only good at night when you are very close with what you are trying to shoot.
Seems to get pretty warm sometimes.
External LCD seems to have discoloration on it if the contrast is set to 1 in display options. (Someone please tell me it is supposed to do this)
Flash seems to have a green color when not in use and phone is closed. (Again someone tell me if your phone does not do this.)
Sadly, the cheap Audiovox antenna was passed on to this phone. It seems to bend at an angle.
8610 had this but no "lock" mode. I can't believe this, you can restrict certain parts to the password, but you can't place the phone into total lock mode.
They have "High And Vibrate" as a ringtone, but they do not have "Ring And Vibrate" as a text message notification, so I have missed some texts I've been sent.

If you have Virgin Mobile you should buy this phone, if you have Verizon, I can't really tell you what to do.

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My Old Audiovox


Jun 23, 2006 by AwpdsR

Just to make sure you're on the right page, this is a Audiovox CDM-8910 Camera phone from Verizon Wireless. I got this thing in July 2005, right before Verizon started to slowly take them off the market. I would like to first say that this is the best [...] PHONE I've ever had. I mean the PHONE not device. I mean this thing always has a signal. Even at 0 bars (you still have service but there are no bars) I make crystal clear calls hardly any have been dropped. Haha even when the phone says Searching system (no service) I can still make calls. Yeah this has to be the best phone I've ever had. ive had AT&T wireless Nokia 5165 and Nokia 3560 with AT&T then Cingular (they merged while I had the 3560.) The 8910 kicks the 3560's [...] and is better than the 5165 (the 5165 was almost good in its simplicity) However, I don't think the quality of the build of this thing is up to par. Its got a crazy flip (its loose, creaky, and flimsy) Also please note that the VGA camera on this is not even a real camera. I think of it as a 'toy camera.' Its meh for screwing around with but not for even slightly serious pictures. Flash is more of an indicator light than a flash but whatever who really cares? This phone also freezes up a lot. Every time you use Get it now, it reboots. Once I was on the golf course and it did that right before someone was swinging (it played its [...] little boot-up jingle). Its pretty attractive looking if a little boring, but that's my opinion. You decide. Kinda bulky but that's because its an old model. In conclusion, despite the fact that the company who made this (Audiovox) is no longer in business *HEHE* it's a good phone with a toy camera. I gave it a 4.5/5 because of the stupid flip design and the rebooting issue. Peace out.

Ed. note: removed inappropriate language

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