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Sanyo SCP-5500 / VM-4500


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Started Great and ended in a bang!


Jan 29, 2006 by JmezF8

My wife and I received these phones about two years ago. Let me start with the Pros: At first they had very good reception, fairly large screen, good features (for its time). And now the Cons: The hinge broke on both phones, sometimes the buttons didn't register, speaker was very tinny and distorted at higher level, A/C adaptor connection became loose; had to wiggle to make contact, dropped calls in weak areas, sometimes never received messages. Aside from all that, which occurred on both phones, the phone served its purpose. We did have one case/hinge replaced for $20.00 and one for $60.00. They're okay now, and will be handed down to the kids, when we resign and get new ones.

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Great phone


Mar 24, 2005 by stovester

I really am impressed with the phone itself. I love the sleek blue color better than the standard silver. The LED light on the front is cute lighting up different colors while in use. The video and camera work great. Picture quality is much better compared to my old phone the Sanyo 8100.

Only problem I have come across with the phone is the text messaging. I found out that not all my texts are going through and I am not receiving all my texts from others. This was never a problem with the 8100. I found out this problem is occurring because sprint now has the new SMS text messaging and my 8100 worked off the Short Mail via the web. I was told that my texts won't always go through if I am sending them to people that are not with Sprint or are still on the Short Mail version. Which sucks for me b/c all my friends are either with another carrier or use the Short Mail.

All in all the phone is great...Sprint just needs to fix their SMS Text messaging.

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An all around GOOD Phone!!!


Mar 15, 2005 by marco1707

I have owned many different cell phones, and I must say that this is the best phone that I have ever owned!!

Excellent Design
Clear loud earpiece
Clear loud speakerphone
Good VGA Camera
Excellent internal and external display
Ready Link

Battery life could be better
No Alarm clock

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Great--Solid Phone


Nov 12, 2004 by PhoneGuySF

This is a very good phone for my purposes.


Good Sound quality.

Great Speakerphone.

Feels Solid. (Love that "click" when opening and closing.)

Camera/Camcorder are good.

Good size. (Not too big/Not to small for my hands....)

Overall this phone has been quite good and reliable. I've had it since January and the only problem I ever had with it, only these past two weeks, is that it's been dropping calls on some occasions...even when it is showing 4 signal bars. I just went to the Sprint store and had them update the software. So I'm hoping this is just a software update problem.

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Honest Review From a HUGE Sanyo Fan


Apr 29, 2004 by TurboClassic

Ok, I have had this phone for a full 30days, after a record 27 dropped calls, 22 redialing attempts and countless missed calls or str8 to voicmail calls (while i have full coverage) and many other "problems," My professional conclusion is simple. This phone is NOT worth the money.


This phone is loaded with features. Camera/Camcorda are -okay- The auto focus of the camera is a little iffy, and can cause delayed sound. The light can be VERY annoying when your on the phone at night in a dark room, or in your car. The speaker phone is Handy, or so you think. It may sound good to you but to the other party sometimes its a challenging situation.


This phone has a battery? I almost thought it was solar-powered. Seems like after the phone is on for 12 hours the battery is dead. And once it starts beeping at you, unlike the other sany phones you have about 3 minutes of talk time. This battery only get 2.5hours talk time, IF THAT. and if you have been using the web moderately, SMS cut that down to about 45mins of talk time.

What Do I LIKE about this phone?
- The way it looks

What Don't I like!
- Battery
- Dropped Calls even on Full Rf Signal
- Signal Fades
- Redial Attempts
- Web is slower the previous phones
- Ready link Works -sometimes-

This phone has a bunch of problems that sprint has been very hush hush about. This phone was and is prone to problems.

"For the Techies" and those who care

I owned all but the 8100 , LOVED them all except...

Sanyo 4900 .525w on PCS CDMA
Sanyo 5300 .487w on PCS CDMA
Sanyo 8100 .464w on PCS CDMA
Sanyo 6400 .465w on PCS CDMA
Sanyo 4500 .399w on PCS CDMA

Information str8 from FCC

If you live in an area (like me) where you need the strongest signal you possibly can have, I would not recomend any phone below .42watts, and as you can see the 4500 is significantly lower then the other phones

Until the Next Review.

Dennis Rookwood

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Best Phone On The Market!!!


Jan 26, 2004 by mgreezy1

I just got my 5500-This phone is soooooooooo tight!!!!I previously owned an 8100 but i had to save up for this, and it was well worth it.

-Readylink: Awsome! Very quick, cool sound and very clear. Nextel better look out! It's got some competition.

-Speakerphone: Loud as hell (that's a good thing), clear, convenient

-Camera: Big Pictures, a notch above the 5300 and the 8100

-Camcorder: This is good how u can capture moments instead of just taking a picture of it. Pretty sweet how u can send videos to other 5500's.

-Blue Color: Nice. I preiously had two silver sprint phones and this is a nice change. The blue is more distinguishable and doesn't look like a toy.

I will surely have this phone for a looooong time. There is no reason for me to get another one anytime soon. It has everything at my fingertips. I strongly suggest purchasing this phone to anyone who was considering it.

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Not soo impressed


Jan 20, 2004 by mright123

Purchased this phone and only had it a few days when it was returned.


I don't care much for the Video Clips but it seems to work ok, cool concept but not enough time spent in development


Speaker phone is severely lacking and not near the quality of the 4900.

Where are the phone book folders?

The battery life leaves much to be desired. It does not give me nearly what the 8100 did.

The camera in my opinion does not have any better resolution than the 8100 although it seems to give a bigger picture as the result.

On the call screening feature people can still hear you, what's the point?

The overall physical "feel" of the phone is lacking also. It feels too fragile. Much less rugged than the 4900 or 8100.

And the PTT does not seem to work at all in my area, so that was an unnecessary expense too.

Overall opinion is that the phone does not meet my expectations. Perhaps more time should be spent on the small things. Less techy, more reliability.

Hope this helps.

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Great Phone


Dec 18, 2003 by live4him

Great Phone!


Voicedial is great.. distinguishes between two similar names without flaw (so far)
Reception is AWESOME.. where my old Samsung A500 could not go, this one goes without flaw, totally surprised me.
Web is great.
Very practical functions and features.
Speakerphone is wonderful.. much better than my old n400.
Charge time is short, battery lasts over 3 hours continuous talk :)


Camera has a slight yellowish tint.. my first camera phone, but quality seemed better on the 8100 (have used it b4) Zoom feature is just ugly. Pointless?

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How About This


Dec 15, 2003 by paperlady5911

I have to say that this is one of the best phones on the market right now. The camera is perfect. The reception is the best in this world there is nothing better when it comes to the reception. The only thing I don't like is the fact that there are no folders for the phonebook. Come on Sanyo you can do better than that. The small size is amazing and so is the loud speaker. Great phone.

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Best phone in the USA


Dec 13, 2003 by jimmy45481

I'm convinced this phone is THE BEST phone in the United States, possibly on Earth.

I could write on and on about the Pro's, so I'll just write the one (1) Con that I have.

The Camera lens and Speakerphone positions should have been switched. I love the style and it's visually appealing in every angle, but now I have to change how I hold the phone. Granted, I sound a little prissy and fearful of change, but that's the ONLY negative thing I have on this phone.

Sprint's service has been treating me well since 8/2001. I've never had a problem with billing, customer service or store support.

This phone is guaranteed to back up Sprint's claim to be the best wireless service in the nation. I believe it. I hope you will, too.

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