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Sanyo SCP-5500 / VM-4500


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Nov 26, 2003 by JAY227

U dont even understand how serious this phone is I can say I will probably have this phone for a while I have had over 20 phones ovr a 3 yr period cause everytime a better one comes out I get it but this one is greatttttt!!!!!

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5500 vs 5300


Dec 9, 2003 by Hitman

I purchased the 5500 about two weeks ago and I think it is a very nice phone. I also have the 5300 and I have compared the two phones. The 5500 is a great phone it has all the features and much more compared to the 5300. The only problem I have with the 5500 is the camera. The pictures are yellow compared to the clear picture of the 5300. There seem to be lines running on the screen. I wondered why Sanyo didn't use the same or simular camera format. Other than that problem I love it.

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Unbelieveably Good!!!


Jan 18, 2004 by Magnifico4500

This phone has superior sound. Its features,style, toys as well as practical options are unreal.
The camera is good
The camcorder is good
Color and size are a nice plus.

Outside LCD does NOT show text big enough, however can be useful for ID, when pictures are assigned to callers.

There are a few things that could be improved on BUT NOTHING WORTH MENTIONING!

Sanyo did a nice job in providing a QUALITY product WITH VALUE.

This phone is without a doubt superior.

One last thought, If you are buying this phone strictly for the RL feature keep in mind that Sprint does not have this service down pat yet. Yes it works but is not the same as Nextel. Anyway that should be a small if any kind of deterrent for most of us.

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Top of the Line


Jan 17, 2004 by byhere

I think this is the best phone on the market.The price might seem alittle high, but look at what you are getting. The speaker phone is great,vision is alot faster too, and the camera is quick and easy to use.

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I like it, but I don't....But I do?


Jun 2, 2006 by ou2mame

I've had this phone for a long time, so I guess that means that I like it, right? Well, not quite. I do love Sprint's service, and I do love Sanyo products. But, this phone was very cheaply designed and has been fatally flawed since its release. Of course, back when it first came out, there was a huge problem with the phone resetting and not being able to make calls, and after almost a year Sanyo decided that it was imperative that they fix it. They tried with the software, but that almost certainly failed. Hardware replacements seemed to be the norm at the stores. Since that was resolved, hinges started breaking rapidly.

I myself have replaced the hinge twice, once by Sprint, and once myself. Now my third is going. Two times the phone was dropped and the hinge began to break, and once it broke on its own. Recently, I kneeled on the phone and cracked the LCD, and luckily one of my friends had a spare I could borrow, so I swapped the LCD. In other words, this phone's been through a lot, and its still kicking. I actually dropped it outside of my truck today in the rain, and didn't find it for a half hour. It was literally soaked, but still ringing and lighting up so it was easily findable. In other words, its not a sturdy phone for people who work construction or something, but for the average person, they may have to put up with the hinges breaking every once in a while. Its a $20 fix from Sprint, or you can do it yourself if you can find the parts on ebay and a triwing screwdriver. If its under warranty, they'll fix it for free.

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Horrible phone, digital roaming, missed calls, no signal


Jun 1, 2006 by nvjusme

I got this phone over 2 years ago and have had some major problems probably for about a year or so now. I have been waiting to change phones because I was on a killer $15.00 a month plan but finally I got fed up and say GOODBYE to Sprint and joined the NETWORK...VERIZON!!!!

This phone had the following problems for me:
--someone would call and the phone would not ring or vibrate and all I would get is the voice mail notice
--digital roaming all the time....when I tried to call someone, the phone would search for a signal and then not find one and then go into digital roaming, so I would have to pay for all those digital roaming minutes when I am making calls from major cities like San Francisco or Oakland or anywhere in the Bay Area.

I think I am going to take out my fustrations on this phone...maybe burn it or take a hammer to it.


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Love It Love It LOVE IT!!!!!


May 21, 2006 by AshertheDarkKnight

This is by far the best phone i have ever had. and i have had a lot. my boss gave it to me because he traded up to the samsung A920. The only thing it really lacks is that it is not bluetooth compatible. But i got a Bluetooth adapter and it works just a well because the button on the bluetooth device works just like the turbo button on the phone. I love it and no one can change my mind. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 only because of the non bluetooth thing.

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Sanyo is a tooper phone


Sep 2, 2005 by Talenus

I have been a Sprint rep for awhile now, and I have seen phones come and go. The one phone i have to rely on (with the exception of the 8200) is Sanyo.

My 5500 preforms very well in most respects.

1.Excellent reception..the best I've seen.
2.Easy to navigate menus
3.Durable...I've dropped it..A LOT
4.Love the speakerphone on it..even though its not Full-Duplex
5. its just awesome!

Only two..and I have to be fair..the Camera and the video camera are a little fuzzie..but I forgive Sanyo..the quality is understandable given the time frame it was released.

And..yes...sadly..the OEM battery does fall short of expectation. However, the extended batter I bought more than makes up for any short-coming of the original.

All and all...this is a total homerun for sanyo.

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I don't get you people or maybe is it just that i have the newer version


May 16, 2005 by 4155779312

Many people are really giving this phone a bad rating but most of them are from 1 year ago. I got my phone on March 8th 2005 and i think it is great! It has cool features and an LED light. The only bad thing about this phone is that the videos that you make are a bit fuzzy. But overall a great.

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Problems Galore


Apr 20, 2005 by Sprinty

I went through two Sanyo 8200’s with horrible earpiece problems (the voices of callers turned into an annoying buzz on both units every 10-15 seconds for 3-4 seconds at a time on almost every call). After I finally got Sprint to believe me, they gave me a new 5500 (now called the 4500) as a sort of consolation prize. More problems. I returned it 24 hours after receipt when the phone went crazy and started repeatedly re-dialing the last number called and shutting itself on and off and making whistles and other noises out of its speakerphone. They said it was a bad keypad; they replaced the keypad and the phone was fine for about three weeks. Except that the standard battery provided with the phone had to be recharged every 24 hours and when I purchased an extended battery it needed a charge every 48-72 hours. I had decided something was wrong (the ads say the extended batter should provide 75 hours talk time and 18 days standby, which I realize is optimum but 48 hours is a stretch) and I resigned to bring it in. Well, last night the phone started powering on and off by itself (especially every time I flipped it closed) and after an hour of this it shut down and has refused to power up since. I called Sprint customer service to report my dissatisfaction and the operator told me they’ve had more complaints about the 4500 lately than any other model she can recall. Phooey on this $400 piece of junk; I’ll admit it’s a gorgeous phone with great features but who needs the aggravation?

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