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Jan 24, 2005 by blondey10210

this phone is like the hottest phone alive. If your cool like me you'll get this phone because its amazingly awsome. It has the coolest features and settings. Therefore...if your not stupid ull by this phone.

Best Phone Ive Ever HAD!


Jan 17, 2005 by maxima

This is my 4th cell phone ive had, i have had ATT,Sprint,Tmobile now with verizon since last year. This is the best phone ive ever had! what i like the most is its size. I hate cell phones that are big an bulky. this is small bit sturdy.Signal and voice quality on this phone are top notch in the Long Island area.not that much signal break up compared to my old LG.battery i say can be better but oh well.Im mad there isnt a speakerphone option.the Camera i really dont use...coulda bought the a650 but that was to ugly. One thing i brought to a verizon place and they didnt do crap bout is dirt in the outside LCD screen...little specs.

Pros: Signal Strength,Voice Quality,Build Quality,nice silver color

Cons: Battery(make a call 1 bar down),no speakerphone!,dirt in the outside LCD Screen!

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Decent phone, but...........


Oct 27, 2004 by Centexevl

I have been a Verizon customer for 2 years and decided to get a new phone with the NE2. I had an Audiovox CDM9500, I liked the phone just had problems with the Battery recently. 2 yrs old and heavy use I really can't complain.

I was torn between the A670 and the CDM9900. I decided to go with the Samsung because I liked the sleek looks and smaller size.

Day 1. Great, love the phone and camera and all. put the phone on the charger for the night after I drained the battery playing with camera and all. (About 4-5 hrs.)

Day 2. Took phone off the charger overnight and noticed it hadn't charged. Plugged it in to the charger and nothing happened. I finally took the battery off and on and it started charging. No other problems. Great battery life so far. Several calls, still 3 bars.

Day 3. Phone keeps going into extended area and then back into VW. Called VW said towers down. Couldn't drive a block without losing a call. Also couldn't place calls unless I stood still in one spot.
Went to my parents house, about 45 minutes away. Phone wouldn't place calls. I would dial the number and hit send and it would just show a screen with the phone on it and say calling, but never actually placed the call. I waited for two minutes once and then got frustrated. BTW had 4 bars of VW service there. Still on the charge from Day 2 Battery life is good.

Day 4. I decided to go with the CDM9900. I had the audiovox before and it worked so why mess with a good thing. Since the 9900 is tri-mode too I should be just fine. Never had these problems with the other tri-mode so we will see. Waiting for the 9900 to come in.

Mentioned above
Video skips (but come on its a phone)
Digital only
Phone gets hot on extended calls, really hot

Battery life seems good
small size
camera quality is good
very customizable
easy to use
good sound

In all the phone is good, just the coverage in my area won't handle it. Will post 9900 review later.

Best Phone I've ever had


Sep 18, 2004 by carfanatic2

So far, I've had the phone for 15 days and I love it. Everything about the phone works amazingly well. I go to college up in Teaneck, NJ and I get full reception there.
1. The battery life is excellent. It'll stay on for 2-3 days on 1 charge.
2. The voice command software works flawlessly. I dont' have to record any names into the phone because the integrated computer recognizes each name you put into your phone book. Digit Dial is also helpful if you only know the number of the person you are calling. For that you do have to record your voice into the phone but you only have to do that the first time!
3. The dual color displays are bright and clear. I love it how i can assign a picture that i've taken and have it as the wallpaper for my phone.
4. I love picture messaging! Fun and easy way to share all of my pictures with my friends (Pending they also have a verizon camera phone of course)!
5. Recepton signal is amazing even inside of my house. Before, I could never hold a phone conversation with anyone without dropping them after the first few minutes. Not with the a-670! Now I can actually have a long conversation with my friends and not drop them at all.
6. The Get It now downloading software is also awesome. Download anything from ringtones, games to on the go applications such as mapquest mobile. It's having the power of a map at your fingertips!
7. Phone is very durable, small, and it has a nice silver finish to it. I also love the chrome circle which goes around the screen because it gives the phone a bit of class and makes it look even nicer when flipped open.
Right now, I can't think of any.

This phone is not perfect.


Sep 17, 2004 by ferndog

I had this phone for about 2 weeks using the extended battery. With the standard battery this phone fails miserably. Even with the extended, the meter is so bad!!!! Call quality is a bit like the a530, somewhat erratic at times. Go's from not so loud to very loud without even doing anything(yes, I replaced it a few times). Look and feel is superb!! Menu is great, very nice keypad. Solid phone. Camera is mediocore as is the video. They are fun though. Voice dialing for me was lousy. 3 steps just to make a call is rediculous.

Overall, not a bad phone. The a530s is better in my opinion. Forgot to mention..this phone scratches sooooo easy.
If you like a Jetson looking phone with toys on it, then give it a try.

Close to perfection


Sep 4, 2004 by Cell_Phone_Fanatic

Well to start out... I've had this phone for a few months and I haven't had a problem with it yet... It's a beauty

Pros: =]
Camera quality is great
The keypad light is very illuminous
When lcd (internal/external) lit up is easy to see in the daytime unlike other Samsung phones i've owned in the past.
Very good reception
Menu is easy to use
Lcd size (internal) is decent.
Very convinient how you can take pictures using external lcd.

Cons: =[
Ringtones need to be a little louder
Phone heats up too quickly
NEEDS speaker phone

I've seen people complaining about the video quality... what do you expect... it is impossible to find a good video recorder for the price of $200... its just there for a convenience

Very Nice Phone


Aug 9, 2004 by karbear88

Well i just got this phone on friday and i have to say this is a very nice phone. Here are my pros and cons..

-great reception
-very clear pistures
-nice size and color
-descent battery life, unless you play with ur camera all day it seems to go down quicker
-easy to navigate through the menus
-voice dial is convienent
-i almost always have signal

-flash is too close to the camera and its a little slow. When you take a picture the flash seems to get in the picture
-ringtones are ok...not enough.
-front display sucks outside, its almost impossible to see. Even the inside screen.
-no games
-backrounds are boring and they dont give you simple/basic pictures like hearts or anything of that matter, for you to use as your backround.

Nice phone but has one major problem


Jul 29, 2004 by llanico421

The phone is small and cute. I would be really satisfied with this phone if it wasn't for one problem. In your call log, it will say that you have a missed call and a call waiting from the same person even though you have just spoken to that person. The only way to correct it is to set your phone to the default settings. But, that means you cannot change the settings to ones that you like because if you do, the same thing will happen again. Samsung has said that they already know about this problem and are working on a new software upgrade. However, if you want a fast solution, call Samsung and bother them about it. The more people who call them, the harder they will work to find the solution. Trust me, at first you may not think it's annoying but after awhile, it really gets to you.

Not Perfect, but then again none are.


Jun 18, 2004 by KDFresh

I work in the wireless profession on the technical side of things. I test phones, use phones, and help choose the phones in which are used each and every day. Until I used this phone, Audiovox 9000 series phones (Toshiba made) were the supreme beings of the CDMA world. Although this phone is not tri-mode, it does have a very strong signal and very low draw from the battery. I would liked to have seen a 262,000 color main screen on this phone and the ability to send video. However, just as the title says, no phone is perfect. I will use this phone for the next few months as my personal phone. After all, the Motorola v710 is in testing and it is great ....

fun phone


Mar 8, 2005 by ALW1784

I have had the a-670 since September and all in all I love it. I honestly never wanted a camera phone but now its really convenient to have it in those situations where you'd be saying "I wish I had a camera". There have been no major problems with the phone just a few minor glitches that aren't even worth exchanging it for.
Some pros and cons:
Beautiful LCD screen
Photo caller ID
The camera takes nice pictures
easy to use (of course like any phone you have to get used to it!)
excellent voice quality
Allows you to set different ring tones for different callers
easy text and picture messaging
memory is pretty good, allows me to save up to 50 incoming and 50 outgoing text messages. My a310 only allowed 30. This makes it much easier for someone who uses alot of text messaging because you don't have to delete them constantly.
Battery life is good, of course the camera and Get It Now make it drain a little faster.
Setting the ringer up to its highest volume (5) seems to distort the sound and sounds like the speaker may blow out.
My calls in call records all show as call waiting calls and sometimes incoming calls show as missed calls.

I hope this review was helpful!

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