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Awesome Phone


Oct 16, 2011 by rnew

An Iphone is a Iphone. An Android is a Android. I can't figure out why many of us choose to slam either phone because it lacks what the other doesn't. I have used the Iphone, Iphone 3GS, Blackberry Storm, HTC Thunderbolt and Inspire, and Samsung Infuse and must admit in my opinion none of these phones work as seamless as an Iphone 4 or 4S. I tried Android because of all of the hype but even Androids have limitations as to what you can or cannot do and the battery life was not even close to any of my Iphones. That being said in my opinion the Iphone 4S is the most Awesome phone. Email is seamless. Works outstanding with my exchange email (far superior than others I have used). Itunes and the music player is seamless and the best (I must admit I was skeptical in the beginning but over time I have come to appreciate it all the more). Web browsing again seamless and Siri is the icing on the cake. I have had Iphones with both Verizon and AT&T and must admit that my experience with AT&T is far superior. I have not experienced any dropped calls in my long history with using AT&T's service (and no I do not work for AT&T). This was not the case with Verizon. And being able to Talk and Surf has come in handy (I did not realize what I missed until I could not do this with my Verizon Iphone 4). One has to choose the phone that better fits their style and usefulness. In my opinion you would not go wrong with the Iphone 4S if it meets most of your useful needs. I am happy to say that my experiment with other smartphones as ended. The Iphone 4S has met all of my needs and exceeded others. It is truly an Awesome Phone.

Pros: Battery Life, Web Browsing, Siri, Email, iTunes, Camera, Video, iCloud

Cons: None

Verizon 4S


Oct 25, 2011 by ferniesp

Here's the deal, with Verizon, the Iphone 4s is fantastic. I can't speak for other carriers. Browsing the web has never been so good with the Reader....love it. People that are low balling the scores are easy to spot when you read these reviews. Bottom line is that this phone is selling like hot cakes for good reason. I have had the 4G Thunderbolt, Bionic, Charge and back to the Thunderbolt. They all fail compared to the Iphone. 4G is so overrated. If you are a gamer, download boatloads of files, then 4G is your deal. With 3G, my Iphone 4S loads up full websites just as fast as any of the 4G Androids I have had.


Call quality
Ease of use


It's too pretty to keep in a case. Why in blazes would you want to cover this thing up.

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Love this phone!


Oct 19, 2011 by artcat7422

I have been waiting for more than 4 years for Verizon to get the iPhone, and then waited another 8 months for my contract to be up so I could get one. The 4S is outstanding. I have yet to drop a call, the camera is amazing, the functionality is great and the new features are awesome. The battery life is better than my blackberry ever was, and I love the multi-functionality of this phone.

Pros - Apple iOS5, speed, call clarity, battery life, functions, Siri, iMessage, camera quality

Cons - Siri doesn't always work with the "Lift to Talk" feature and I have a little trouble syncing my ringtones through iTunes - sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

i got iPhone 4S


Dec 13, 2011 by nexus316

iPhone 4s

iOS 5
4G compatibility
8MP camera
Processor dual-core
High memory
You don't have to babycare it
MobileMe Locate (You will never lost you'r phone)

iCloud has limit
It's only 4G compatibility and does not uses the 4G(HSPDA+) only uses HSPDA
The device lag's when more than 10GB of storage already filled
App's are expensive
Only Sync with iTunes (If normal user)
Need to register at Apple
Battery life run's out fast

The iPhone seem's to be the baby of Apple nowadays but the sad truth it's that a Android device worth much more, also if you want to get the devie its really expensive and the ton's of app's already are available for Android devices.

The data it's not even 4G due the device was origanlly designed as 3G device so only can get HSPDA and not HSPDA+ or LTE.

The speaker it's not enought and face time only available with WiFi, but is has a lot of functions that Android currently don't have or its on Alpha, its a good device if you'r son already tired of playing videogames and you need to locate him.

The sad truth the promise to much and only give us a 3G device labeled as 4G.

Pretty damn good


Nov 10, 2011 by D.A.D.

Pro's: Great camera, video, speed and smothness of changing from page to page.

Con's: Network does tend to go down a bit with Siri right now, and I could do with more options to add to my drop down notifications.

Singal is never a problem for me like it was with my 3GS in the Los Angeles area, and its ultra easy to use. My mom is even stepping up to Iphone now.

Best Camera currently available


Nov 7, 2011 by wirelessdreamer

80% of what I use my phone for is taking pictures and videos, and posting them. The 4s can take a very good picture every second, and if target isn't moving very fast you get great pictures. compare this to the current top android phones (Galaxy S II, Atrix II, etc) and you have 3 seconds per picture. if you install pro camera on your 4s, it has options where you can hold down take picture, and it just keeps snapping. I've taken over 20 pictures in a few seconds. Best solution there is for taking pictures of kids.

still doesn't change the fact I hate having to use itunes with it, and don't agree with how apple does things, nothing out there can compete with it.

Great Phone


Oct 25, 2011 by nlagazzi

PROS: Best phone I have owned, beats the crap out of any juvenile android phone I have owned. It beats the EVO hands down. IOS5 is the best operating system for a phone.

CONS: iTunes. This program is the only reason I will not give the iPhone 5 stars. I can't stand that I have to sync to a PC to put photos or music on this thing. Plus I am a linux user and have abandoned windows years ago. This makes iTunes a special challenge. It is a brilliant business move because Apple drives iPhone and iPod owners to purchase a Mac. They also track your purchases, downloads and the way you use iTunes. I miss the ability to drag and drop.

Great phone but not for me!


Oct 20, 2011 by HawkeyeOC

First time iPhone buyer coming from owning several Blackberries. I need a good usable business device first and a toy to play around with second which is probably a 180 from most phonescoopers. I am returning it and going back to Crackberry but these are my impressions from the other side.

I do like the phone by the way...It's just not for me.

-great phone for many people. Not for all.
-Fast! Fluid, no reboots. Little lag on the OS
-brilliant screen
-nice looking phone
-10 billion apps and counting...lol
-If you have other Apple products like I do, this plus iCloud will put you on cloud 9.
-1080P video and 8mp camera. Amazing for a phone
-Battery life is very good. Can get through the day without issues.

not sure:
Siri is the best voice recognition software out there, but I am not sure I would use it much over time.

-Mail is ok but not a strong point for me. The iPhone fights with my desktop for control over POP account access if both are open. IMAP is not an option for me either as a workaround nor is reducing the frequency it checks mail.
-multiple email addresses are buried in the mail icon which takes more steps to get to them.
-Whats with the tiny slide switch to turn the ringer off?
-Glass on the back is pretty but be super careful if you carry around without a case!
-Blackberries have customized sound profiles you can tweak to your liking for different situations. It's all there in the iPhone but is a pain to deal with easily.
-speakerphone is not loud enough
-Can't customize this phone like Blackberry or Android phones. Nothing you can do to home screen to arrange icons to your liking.
-Option is not always available to use keyboard in landscape mode.
-The rest of the world moved to usb connectors. 30 pin is great only in apples ecosystem.

This is a good product, but...Apple takes a more fun and roundabout approach to basic tasks like messaging and email. Blackberry is more to the point and deliberate with push email.
Business comes first.

Awesome phone


Oct 17, 2011 by mattrfd

I gotta say this is an awesome phone. Coming from android I didn't think I'd like iOS. I had a 4.3 inch screen on my EVO down to 3.5's going to take a little getting used to. It's really fast and does everything so seemless. Never locks up. It's really a very smooth phone and I'm glad I got it.

It's so fast
Never locks up or gets slow
Great camera
Battery life
Tons of accessories in every store you go in.

Auto text size ( when your in the browser and pinch to zoom the text doesn't automatically adjust to the correct size to fit screen you have to scroll side to side) if anybody knows how to fix that please post it in review. It's the only con I have.

My First Iphone


Jan 12, 2012 by toddraderman

I am coming from the HTC Rezound which is my third Android phone. I have had the HTC DINC and DINC 2 than the Rezound which is an awesome phone in it's own rights. I was bored with the same operating system and the fact that 4g and droid is just simply not there yet. I have been fighting going to the Iphone from day one as it seemed so trendy, but there is a reason for that. It is an awesome phone. Battery life blows away any droid phone I have had and I have the Iphone4s. It also is buttery smooth on all levels and the apps are much more refined. I don't no if I will ever go back to droid, but we will have too see what happens in the future, but for now I am very, very happy with the Iphone 4s.

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