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Fantastic phone


Oct 27, 2011 by saa001

This is my fourth iPhone and I am impressed. The only way this could be better is if it had a larger screen.

With the IOS5 system update I noticed my iPhone 4 getting slow at doing some things. With this new CPU it is back to working very quickly.

iPhone easy to use and has tons of apps.
SIRI-The voice of things to come. This is an awesome capability. As this technology matures watch iPhones to get even better. This was the major reason for my upgrade.
Internet access is still fast even though it is on 3G (one reason why I didn't mark it down for not being 4G is because I don't notice any lag time).
All of my add-ons work with it (case etc.).

Will I get the iPhone 5 when it comes out? Probably, each new version has some outstanding features that really enhance the usability of the phone.

I joke about having a relationship with my iPhone (not really a joke, it goes EVERYWHERE with me) and now that I can talk to it and it does what I ask it to, I am in heaven.

The Best


Oct 30, 2011 by drdwm

I was a satisfied Blackberry user for several ye
years. Then switched to Android for a little over 1 year
Now purchased the 4S. Simply stated,
no comparison. The iPhone is the best phone
every. Does everything perfectly, connects
with everything correctly, not quirky, and
yes you can switch Icons as your please.
Siri is fantastic. Camera is fantastic. Perfect
size...if I wanted a tablet for a phone I would
have purchased that!!!!!
Iphone is simply a different league. Great!

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Great Phone


Oct 29, 2011 by mobile Professional

What is great with apple is that they are always improving their products and services. The Iphone just gets better. 4G is barely available for verizon, so no Lte isn't a big deal. Apple has stuck to its GUI. Now Android is great and all, but there are always new androids coming out. It seems like the GUI is always different for them; Instead of constantly changing it, how about minor tweaks to make what is there… better than before. The feel of the Iphone is what makes it great; just how smooth and how everything is integrated together makes it a great phone. You don't need to tinker around with it as much. Apple takes what they already have and makes it better without completely changing it. IOS5 is awesome. And Siri is amazing, if only she didn't require the data connection she would be perfect. The main difference between the 4 and the 4s is little to 0 lag cause of the A5 chip, better camera 8 Meg, 1080p video, Bluetooth 4.0, and Siri the personal assistant that is integrated into the phone, you can tell her to text, call, play music, search the web, and ask some intriguing or funny questions…Yea there are apps for the androids, but lets face it, they’re no siri; they are not integrated the way she is, she is so easy to access. All I have to do is hold down the home button to get her. I could go on and on about the other added features that on may just look up on apples website, but I don’t need to. And I don’t know why one would say the Iphone is un-customizable because it’s like the only phone you can have folders that show you what’s inside (without opening it), plus you can rename folders. As far as directly organizing the icons to have spaces in-between them is the only con really. It’s a great phone, but if it’s for you- it’s for you; if it isn’t, then too bad. It might not have that one feature you need. I hope I helped and didn’t sound like an Apple fan boy, but once you take a bite of apple, you can not blame me. : P

My 5th iPhone an pleased as like all ways.


Oct 25, 2011 by ewatt74

I've camped out every year for all for iPhones. Each year I was pleased to the core and loved each particular iPhone being launched. As for the iPhone 4s I didn't seem to be as excited for the iphone4s as I had for previous iPhone releases. When I got the iphons 4s and started to play with it and noticed how much more faster it was than the iPhone 4 which I didn't consider slow. But it's a pleasant to own a 3G phone with 4g browsing speed. Siri is pretty cool but not a big deal to me because i'm a numbers person which cares more about speed and performance. As for the camera upgrade from 5 mega pixel to the 8 mega pixel was quite an improvement. The 1080p video camera is awesome. The 4s video camera quality is DSLR camera like. My only compliant is the battery life has gotten worse. But over all it's a awesome phone for current iPhone users and new iPhone users.

iPhone 4S remakes the smartphone with refinement


Nov 16, 2011 by macking301

I have had my new iPhone 4S since Friday. Using iCloud to transfer my older iPhone 4 data it was a breeze but would the new improved 32 gig white iPhone 4S perform?

The phone is improved in so many ways. Better speakerphone and up to ear quality, better camera, the IOS is much more refined with better options. But the single most amazing thing on this new phone is SIRI.

I can now text while driving down the highway. I can carry on a conversation with SIRI and then ask any question on my mind. It is like a "BETTER GOOGLE" that you do not have to type to get responses. Setup appointments seamlessly and so much more. And from what I was told this is only a "beta" version! This is revolutionary!

The phone is very solid, well made and that screen is still as amazing as ever! Razor sharp all of the time.

This new 4S iPhone is faster doing everything. The data is much faster (ATT) and it fly's through every task.

This is truly the Rolls of all smartphones bar none!


Call quality
speakerphone audio quality and ear quality
IOS is very refined and improved
Camera is the best of any smartphone
SIRI SIRI SIRI - A Must have!
Build quality-solid and light
screen sharpness-again the best there is!
HD video is unreal sharp and clear
Overall just perfect


SIRI is beta right now-it's going to get even better!

iphone BAYBEE!


May 6, 2012 by pretticedes

-nice quailty
-the app market
-nice small comptaible
-touch screen

the speed of the phone with sprint is very slow.
-but its not the iphones fault the the sprint service
other than that the phone is great!

Great Phone


Apr 3, 2012 by b0012

I had a Blackberry Pearl for years(loved it). Then I needed to upgrade so I went bought a Android. 18 months of frustration later I finally earned my next upgrade credit and couldn't wait to get to the store to replace the Android.

Now I have the iPhone 4S. Awesome phone! It is fast, precise, clean OS, not gimmicks, gadgets. Off the shelf it may lack all the flash and trim that originally drew my eye to the Android, but this is a super solid and fast phone. Unlike the Android that repeatedly froze, ran back ground apps, and disappointed on just about every downloaded app it tried to run.

I have drank the cool-aid and could not be happier. iPhone rocks!

Excellent Phone


Dec 21, 2011 by sam912

Call quality
Hardware Quality
Screen Quality
Apple OS
ITunes Integration

No 4g

iPhone 4S Great Phone!


Oct 15, 2011 by twkroberts

I have owned all the iPhones.
PROS: I like this phone! It is super fast. I also love the camera and all the features packed in the iOS 5. Its defintely worth the upgrade.
I have tried the Android phones and they are ok. Still an iPhone fan. Thanks for a great phone!

Battery life could be better. AT&T Service is fair.

Overall in my opinion this is one of best smartphones on the market.

iPhone 4s (sprint version)


Nov 10, 2011 by Danroarz

Okay before i owned this phone I've owned a blackberry 8520, my touch slide, a mytouch, and most recently an iPhone 3G.
And let me tell you this phone blows everything I've ever had! This thing can do it all! And I am very picky when it comes to phones and I research a lot. I was going to get either this or Samsung Galaxy S. Let me tell you that I was not let down! The screen size of the iPhone 4s may be smaller compared to the galaxy, but the resolution is absolutely crystal clear and fabulous. I may have not had the iPhone 4 but I'm sure it was an upgrade over that too!

-camera! Beautiful 8 megapixel camera
-texting! iMessage is awesome!
-IOS 5 is just beast!!!!! Love it!
-very fast processor!!
-NEVER lags.

-the sprint network....it can be slow AT times but most of the time it's pretty fast. Not as fast as Verizon or AT&T but pretty speedy.

-battery life. I use my phone a lot that's probably why it doesn't last but it gets me around a full day if I don't use it much lol

This is a great phone for anyone! It's just so simple! Way better then androids platform which is all fragmented.

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