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Not too happy


Jan 10, 2009 by iggycordova

I have been a Nextel subscriber for 10+ years, I had an i1000 for long time. Eventually I needed something with a large contact base. I was sold the i710. At first I was very happy with the whole color scheme and ringtones, however the signal wasn't as great as my i1000 and the first time I dropped it I had to file a claim. a couple of months later I dropped it again and same thing happened the screen cracks when the phone is dropped..hence cheap plastic housing.

Color Screen
Decent Battery Time

Cheap Housing
Poor quality control at time of assembly
Key pad backlight reflects too much onto keypad
Poor signal strenght

i730 is my FAVORITE nextel


May 15, 2007 by skitso617

idk why this guy is hatin on the i730 so much i mean its a sexy phone and it very very DURABLE. i mean i had a i730 when it first came out and it still wokrs perfectly. its a classic phone. i love the design too.. plus the custom ringtones are great u can put ur own songs in ur phone thats great. i like to say that i730s are like Honda Civics because its so customizeable lol.. theres many ways to personalize ur i730.. so in opinion i730 is a great phone.

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below poor recption


Apr 15, 2007 by reyobt

I tried a new company because I was disappointed in sprint then they combined. GREAT I have had the phone for almost 2 yrs. It's horrible!! The reception is terrible, and the battery is even worse have to charge it at least once a day!!! The only pro was getting the data cable but ringtones that you load on it are hard to here, poor speaker. Basically nextel wouldn't do anything about it. I am counting the days till I can smash it with a hammer, set on fire, then throw it away because no one should own the stupid phone. Speaker phone cuts out, because you have to turn it up so load that the mic thinks the person talking o the other end is actually talking into it. Then you get robot voice/ chirp voice on direct connect, worthless for personal users!! Never get even for free

solid phone


Feb 27, 2007 by txsolitaire

I liked this phone, its solid, and good for big guys like myself who fat finger stupid tiny buttons! great call quality, signal, and its tough. I dropped it several times. And its heavy! you notice if its missing in your pocket, and when it hits the ground so it wont drop out of your pocket or purse without notice. Sounds silly but, I'd rather have a less attractive clunky phone thats tough than a pretty razr that breaks if you fart in its general direction



Dec 22, 2006 by souchk2112

i got good reception, but then again, all nextel phones do. their better than sprit , t mobile, immix, or any of those other piece of junk companies. NEXTEL is GOD!! well, anyways, this phone has a good color display and about 12 ringtones. VERY, VERY durible, on dropping, and getting run over by cars. screen gets scratched easily, and has bad battery life. otherwise, its an ok phone.



Nov 9, 2006 by srqkiosk

The Motorola i710 was the first cell phone I ever had. First off it is impossible for any phone on Nextels service, no matter how awesome it is, to get on my good side. I absolutely HATE Nextel, and you should too. My phone bills were always between 70-80$ because of all the enormous taxes, and I had Nextel's Free Incomming/300 plan. Plus I paid 70$ for the phone with a 2 year agreement. Very expensive. About the phone though briefly:

-*Relativley* small for a Nextel
-Decent battery life....for a nextel.
-Almost no reception. Period.
-Still very bulky for a flip phone
-Small poor quality screen
-Terrible speakerphone quality
-PTT times out almost every time you use it
-Charger port breaks from frequent use
-Glue(wtf?!?!) holding antenna housing inside the phone wears off and the antenna comes out all the time.
-Insufficient onboard memory. I could only store 5-6 ringtones on my phone.
-Very pricy...but then again all Nextel phones are.
-And of course you have to charge it about (no joke) every 3-4 hours.

To sum it up, you can get a far better phone, for less money, and better service with any other carrier. Sometimes that DirectConnect feature just isn't worth the hassle. This phone makes a GREAT paperweight now though! =D

the worst phone ever


Sep 16, 2006 by simmonz

when I first got this phone a few years back, I was so excited because all my friends also had Nextel and we had the silly notion that it would be more convenient to use the walkie-talkie feature with each other. Little did we know how annoying it was. This phone is WAY too loud, way too bulky, heavy, and has a tiny screen. The i730 has close to no interesting features and it's not worth the extra money to buy the phone because of course Nextel does not have any special free phones that come with their plans. The reception was terrible no matter where I went. The only good thing about this phone was that it was very sturdy--I dropped it at least once every week but it still survived for 2 years.

This Phone is G-A-R-B-A-G-E!!!


Jun 28, 2006 by QuadbandGirl

I thought this phone was going to be equally (well) put together like the other phones from Nextel; seeing as how ALL of my friends have Nextel phones.

So...I joined the bandwagon! Never Again!


*Loud speakerphone
*Loud Ringtones
Hmm...thats about it!

*Pretty much everything from the screen, to the text messaging (I'd get a text like 4 days later after it was sent). :(
*How many calls did I drop?????

Anywho...this phone is FREE for a reason. And in this case, the best things in life arent free at Nextel.

Mother of Garbage


Jun 4, 2006 by jrjrod

Motorola should be ashame of themselves and refund everyone that has purchase this piece of garbage!!!!!!!!

don't seem so bad


Dec 31, 2005 by 4ACESFU

I carried this phone for 2 years and i admit the A version was bad(low resolution,wallpapers could not be deleted) but i replaced it with a T version and I was happy with it for the most part. The phone took some abuse over 2 years(i admit,i grenaded my phone a couple of times) i had some good days and bad days, but like all phone providers i dont care what they claim they all have bad service in certain areas! and there are a few bad units when they are made. its a good phone durable,kinda water resistant, i was un happy over the screen size but resolution was good. the newer phones offer some much more i dont see why nextel still sells this phone. it was good for its time. the second generation falcon phones do get better reception but for the times i moved on to the i850 cause i guess? im a nextel soldier

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