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The Best Phone Nextel Has To Offer


Sep 9, 2004 by boostmobile i730

The i730 is a wonderfull phone I love all of it features. It has a nice chrome finish and it has the push to talk feature from nextel which I love nextel just came out with a cheeper version the i710 whyich does not have a caller id on the front cover. But if you want a nice phone the i730 is the phone to get. Good things about this phones are its color screen also its loud speaker the other phones like the i95cl is not as loud the i730 has the speaker on the back which makes it easer to hear if you are using the sreaker phone feature. There are a lot of good things about this phone. But there are just as many good things as bad things some of the bad things are the battery life it is better then the i95 battery life but it could be better it does not last as long as everyone thinks also the gps takes forever to work. Also the phone gets bad single the antenna on this phone it not as good as the older models. But over all it is a great phone and I am very happy with it and if anyone asked me what phone to get it would be the i730.

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It Has All


Jul 30, 2004 by videoguy

I have been with just about all of the cell phone carriers and have had a wide variety of phones and so far I'll have the motorolas are the best they hold up well under a lot of situations. The clearty of the calls are first rate I have yet to lose signal. The color screen is small but clear. I love the external screen so I can see whose calling before I pick up. Now for the cons; I do not like the fact that the data port is nextel proprietary meaning none of my other motorola accessories will work, also the new bluetooth connector will not work with this phone. Nextel needs to come out with some bluetooth accessories that will work with their phones.

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Great phone!


Jul 14, 2004 by LG6000

i had the i95cl and it broke in half and i upgraded to the i730 i got it yesterday and it is the best phone ever! the battery is a lot better than the 95's and the color screen is more colorful then my Lgvx6000 camera phone from verizon! i love the musical ringtones... theres nothing like having B.I.G singing Big poppa when you have a incoming call!!! GET the i730! you wont be sorry!!!! i promise!

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Good phone, bad service


Jun 13, 2004 by fred717

The phone is easy to use and the features are great. The GPS is fantastic. My major complaint is with Nextel service. I've used the service all over the country and have found that some areas have better service.

I'm from Chicago and the service here is very bad. I've had the service for almost 4 years and it went from being pretty good to very bad. It is so hit-or-miss that I carried a second phone (Verizon) just in case I had an extended no service area. It is not my phone, as I know many people ho have the same problems. Areas with no tall buildings and cell towers all over the place were full of dead zones. Dropped calls and dead areas on major expressways on days with very little traffic (Sunday morning.) Go figure.

I think it is due to limited bandwidth. they are limited to a small area of the 800 MHz band, not dual bands like other carriers. They have sold to more people than they can service.

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i730 Pros outweigh the cons


Apr 23, 2004 by artcat742

I had an i90 until a few days ago when I upgraded to the i730.

Pros: color screen, ability to assign ring tones to certain callers, hands-free port on the side instead of the top, typical Nextel/Motorola speaker and volume quality, BETTER reception than I had with the i90.

Cons: shorter battery life, disco lights only work on music ring tones (I hate the music ones), the DC button is ULTRA sensitive. I had the One-touch DC set to cue up a certain person without looking through the phone book, and I kept accidentally cueing them up, because the DC button is so sensitive.

Overall, it was a good purchase!!!

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Best Nextel thus far: Nextel | Done.


Apr 13, 2004 by Homeyfour

I've been a subscriber of Nextel for many years now, starting with a klunky 50, i85, i60, i90, and now the i730.

This is by FAR the best phone from Nextel I've ever had, and the best from any carrier. (I supplemented Nextel with a Sprint PCS phone in their infancy--I can't stand them now.)

Many people have ranted about the lower than average battery time, but they are obviously not used to Nextel phones. Nextel phones are EXTREMELY high-powered phones--they will pull a signal and be able to talk in places where the tiniest Nokia's won't even be able to get a signal. As a result, their battery life has always been less than that of the more traditional CDMA/TDMA carriers. 48 hours of standby time really should be plenty for most users (especially Business users--which is Nextel's #1 client). By a car charger if you need more, or an extra one for the office!

The display is clean and neat, and I feel that the i730 has the best resolution and easiest to read image of them all so far. The speakerphone (a necessity in Nextel land) is the best thus far, although an automatic gain/volume to prevent clipping would be a nice feature.

Nextel has typically been "behind" the rest of the carriers in features, such as Bluetooth, cameras, ring tones, sms, etc. The iDEN series was the first to implement SMS and Java only a couple of years ago. However, they have the outstanding Direct Connect feature which they have improved significantly, as well as a good packet data program, excellent web address book, and a good community base. Nextel doesn't do things cheaply or poorly, which is why they sometimes lag behind. They make sure when they add a feature, that they can support it and make it work.

There is a HUGE community base (check out ideninsider.com) and one can easily create their own wallpapers and MIDI and WAV ringtones from their own music collection to upload to their phone, free of charge.

My only gripe is that they don't offer Bluetooth, yet!

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Groovy Phone


Oct 23, 2003 by Geishafly

I love my new phone it's really great. I like that the screen is a lot brighter and the speakers is a lot louder than my I95. Only thing I miss is the larger screen on my I95 that kinda takes getting used to. Also I lost all of my ringtones and stuff from the iden website cause my phone is different yet the ringtones are compatible. I really wasn't please with that and the fact that none of the parts are interchangeable ie:sim card, chargers etc. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase not to mention it's a lot sleeker than previous models.

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