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Who Came up with this thing


Jul 28, 2004 by airflow

If this phone was made to connect between two people, then Motorola failed to do so with this phone.

35% to 40% (yes sound unreal)of calls are dropped and very bad reception. and to add to that th poor service from nextel.

And yes the phone was looked up by service staition, but unforounaltly nothing wrond with that, my rating is this phone is .5 since it did not doing what it is sepouse to do

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Professional Pros/Cons


Mar 27, 2004 by wa034739

I used to work for Nextel (and every other wireless company out there today), and the Motorola i730 was one phone that I experimented with and tested. Here is what my team and I found. Hope this is useful.

Pros: Loud ringtones, durable phone if dropped, speakerphone, color clarity on screen, the looks of the phone, external caller ID, menu format, and accessories available for phone

Cons: Battery life, the rubber buttons on top of the phone that eventully rip, selection of free wallpapers, and ringtones.

My job is simple working for Wireless Retail. Get phones, test them, and respond the customers. I hope that this helps you in your decision of buying the Motorola i730. In my opinion, this phone surpasses any other Nextel phone model.

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Outstanding Phone


Mar 23, 2004 by styx2050

I recently purchased the i730 and have been amazed at it's ease of use, abilities, and quality.

PRO's: Great sound clarity, versatile customization, display quality, easy menu driven system, sharp design, compact, true GPS enabled, fast wireless web, voice activated.

CON's: the fact that you have to pay so much for customized content (ring tones, wallpaper)

I would recommend this to any satisfied nextel customer, or anyone thinking of going to nextel. The only reason i can think of to not get this phone would be poor reception in your area.

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Dec 11, 2003 by nexteli730

Best nextel phone i have ever purchased, worth the price payed, great reception, awesome gps feature that can be used with "mobile locator" ofered by Nextel to pin point exact location of phone, cool sleek styling, awesome clear crisp color screen, now dont get me wrong, i95cl is good, but this phone is just great!! i guess thats just what to be expected out of Nextel, great service and reliability, and awesome trustworhty phones to go with it!

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Nextel I730


Oct 23, 2003 by Towerladder2001

I have had the phone for 4 days and do not like it. It has no status light on it. Now you have to wonder if you have service or no service. The other thing is that the screen is too small to see. The same size as the i90c but this is in color. Another thing is that they say the color screen is clear well it is and in 65,000 colors well nextel the other phone carriers have had phones like that for at least a year already. The 95cl's screen is the perfect size. Well and the last thing I would like to say is that the flip is very flimsy and you feel like it is going to break. I am sure this is the last thing. NEXTEL THE STUPID BROSWER IS STILL PHONE.com. That does not even utilize the full potential.

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spare me


Oct 1, 2004 by sunnylakhani

Same as the i830 but twice as big.

volume is too loud sometimes and too low other times.

size is too big and too heavy..

ring tones are horrible

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Jan 18, 2006 by 8iblack

The phone is real easy to get scratched even though you try hard to keep it clean n shiny so this is a good startin phone almost every thing is perfect. be careful becuz alot of ppl want a nextel and will fight for one so yea and i am gettin the i870 next for my upgrade so yea it is exciting mp3 camera big screen so yea I GOT THIS PHONE FOR 20 IN DECEMBER SO I GOT 11 MORE MONTHS BEFORE THE I870 so i have to rely on ringtones and wallpapers plus gettin the cord for my WEBJAL


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durable phone with lots of features


Jan 4, 2006 by kgourlay

This is my first Nextel phone with a color screen. In fact that's exactly why I got it. After having the phone for a while I realized that the color screen was hardly worth the money, but the rest of the features still make it attractive.

Formost, this phone, like most Nextel phones, is very durable. With a metal case, it will stand up to being drop-kicked across the room, tossed onto concrete, or (most commonly) smashed between me and a brick wall. The flip can have a tendency to break off but fortunately this has not happened to me.

The phone also supports a Java VM which allows unlimited uses. While most of the software is strangely priced with high monthly fees on most of the network apps, the potential is unlimited.

The interface is nice. Graphical menus to get to any feature or setting, and all the keys can be programmed as shortcuts to your most commonly used features.

The phone contains a web browser. Oddly enough this is not WAP, it is a real HTML thing. On the positive side you can browse to any web page anywhere. On the negative side, normal web pages are very hard to read with only 7 lines of text and no graphics. On the negativer side, if a page is designed for WAP, you can't view it at all.

After having this phone for a couple years, I have had several problems. The first one to pop up was that the antenna broke internally. I didn't even notice at first, I figured that dropped calls 50% of the time was Normal for Nextel, but I finally had someone look at it and was quite pleased once I could maintain a call all the way from my home to my office half a mile away. Secondly, I have had very little luck getting the GPS to work, though I have not had a technician look at it about this one yet. Finally, as the phone wears on, some of the buttons don't work as well as they should. While they satisfyingly "click" down when pushed, sometimes they need to be pushed harder to actually work.

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so much anticipation


Apr 22, 2004 by donk0rle0ne

The i730 was over hyped. When I got my hands on it I was kind of disappointed. The screen is so much smaller than the i95. The Menus need to be updated by motorola. When People ask me why its better than the i95 all I say is that it looks a little cooler. The speaker improved a little but there was no other major improvements except for the gps stuff but not everyone uses that. Its just sad that thats the best phone nextel has to offer.

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Solid Phone


Dec 29, 2003 by dperrone

the i730 is a good phone, the screen is clear, the call quality is clear and the overall design is nice,

i really dont mind the phone not having a camera, because a cell phones purpose is not to take blurry tiny useless pictures. i have tried many camera phones and have yet to see a clear useful picture.

the features on the i730 are nice, and the nextel online service is pretty fast. i would recommend this phone to people.

also the phone is built with quality, it has some weight to it, which i feel is good, since i dont want a phone that feels light and cheap as a feather, trust me people, i have had many phones with other companies, and for the most part, all those fancy, camera phones that are all jumping out in the market so quickly are built cheap and are poor qualiity phones that will not last very long. 3

i been with nextel for over a year now, and have no complaints as of yet,, looking forward to the smart phone release coming soon,


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