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Palm Treo 600 (CDMA)


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Great Phone


Oct 29, 2004 by mlarrimore

This is a great phone. I have had this phone for two weeks and find it to be a very stable platform. I use to have a PDA running on a windows platform and it would crash at least once a week. The Treo works great as a phone as well I would recommend this phone if you are carry a PDA and a phone.

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Great Phone but Handspring Support Terrible


Jan 2, 2004 by sdunne

I purchased a Treo 600 from Best Buy several weeks ago. I am a former I300 and I330 owner. The phone is way better than the I330. The size is great, fits in a pocket no problem, even a shirt pocket! The 5 way navigation is the best improvement in the history of the PALM OS. I downloaded the free MP3 software and it works great. Screen is very good and keyboard is surprisingly easy and accurate.

A few negatives, the camera is pathetic and I miss not being able to change the battery but for the 3 days I had the phone the power didn't seem to be a problem. In addition, the case that comes with the phone is useless though they offer a good one on their website.

Biggest deal killer though is support. Three days after purchasing my phone for $599.00 and purchasing an $80.00 extended warranty, I accidentally broke the screen. Turns out Best Buy's warranty no longer covers broken screens, oops, wish they had told me of that policy change! Guess I will have to pay to fix the screen.


After many days of inquiry and frustration I learned that Handspring sold the "repair rights" for Sprint Treo 300 and 600 phones to Sprint. For $189.00 they will repair a broken screen for a phone with any other carrier, but they absolutely will not repair a Treo 600 with Sprint service. In addition, Sprint doesn't repair phones and they are quite adamant about that as I discovered. They only replace phones that are covered under the Sprint replacement program.

Now I am out $599.00

So why not be upset with Sprint? Turns out after all of this mess they have offered to send me replacement phone, realizing that I couldn't have known about their deal with Handspring (though two weeks later I have yet to receive it).

Handspring's response was tough luck, "you should have bought the replacement warranty".

Don't believe me? Go to Handspring's website and in the customer support section type in broken screen, only do it before you buy the phone.

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Dec 23, 2003 by gregj777

I had the Samsung i330. Great phone/PDA but the stub antenna I eventually found to be useless in getting a signal where I needed it. I took a chance and bought the Treo 600. The Treo gets 2 to 4 bars in places where the Samsung got none. I love it. The Treo 600 is a case of having your cake and eating it too. Everything a Pocket PC can do without the crashes. Expensive but not when you consider activation discount and selling your old phone. Massive. I love it. No choppy voices, etc etc. This is the best PDA/Phone combo ever.

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Smart Phones getting smarter but losing a little


Dec 13, 2003 by muddin

I have been through the 330, 500, now on the treo 600. Each step up has been better with the 600 being the best thus far. The phone is extremely easy to use, but for people that are used to using the palm OS there is things not there that are missed.

1. the fact that the graffiti pad/area is missing is a little to get used to.....when using palm apps. for the touch pad you need the stylus but holding it and typing on the keypad is awkward

2. that fact that this phone won't roam on analog systems hasn't been a problem yet but i think i would rather have that flexibility than a camera that takes pictures that looks like i need glasses.

3. the reception is better than the 330 and 500 but still not the best.

and finally the speaker phone sounds like an old AM car radio with blown out speakers....TERRIBLE, and you would think for $600 they could include a case with a clip.

BUT, other than those issues this phone so far has been the best one yet. With the latest blazer I'm able to sign in to my bank(with blazer 2.0 it didn't have the security required to sign in), processor speed, expansion slot makes memory limits a thing of the past, the phone comes sms software, isn't working yet but it'll save you money of having to buy messaging software.

all and all this is a great phone.....until this phone came along i was thinking of switching to a phone with pocket pc on it.

this phone saved me with the higher security on the browser to log into secure site(the sites i use...Bank of America and Datek)Tried to log on using pocket pc.....i got the "you need to upgrade browser" screen

good luck

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Great phone (disappointed in Handsprings Customer Service)


Dec 4, 2003 by Jaheed

I have tested many of the PDA conversion phones i.e., Samsung i500, Motorola MPx200 and the Treo 600 reign supreme.
* Synchronization with multiple platforms
* Highly functional web capabilities
* One hand functionality
* Poor reception
* Single band (minimizes the ability to roam)
* Very inadequate camera
* Sound resonates throughout phone when using the speaker phone feature
A word to the wise:
Everyone that tries to take advantage of the upgrade offer via handspring.com should try to have continuous dialog with the sales department. I got shafted for the $399.99 upgrade price because I was in Europe when the tried to contact about my order and handspring is no longer fulfilling orders for Sprint PCS upgrades.

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Best phone yet


Oct 23, 2003 by glosaul

I received the treo 600 saturday 10/18/03. It has everything on it you can think of. I downloaded the 200 page manual and had to refer to it only a few times. I have a sanyo 5300 and a palm tungsten t , both are not more than 8 months old and was happy until I saw this phone. Their are a few suggestions I have for any future new phone that sprint puts into their line. Unless you got to tier 2 sprint technical support, no one knows how to operate it since it is so brand new. Their are few accessories available at this time but I was able to get the swivel belt case from handspring which really is a must to carry the phone with you. When you are on speaker phone their tends to be a tinny vibration but one can overlook this with all the other features only thing this phone is missing that I can see so far is auto answer which would be a nice feature if you have the phone on your belt or in the car. It would be one less button to push. I can't seem to find the feature of assigning a ring tone to certain people in the phone book and the only thing I find is ring tones assigned to people you know or don't know although the feature of assigning an image to individuals is there.If anyone can find where you can assign a special ring tone to an individual that is located in the built in phone book please let me know. All in all, I'm a happy camper....saul

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Good Phone. Great? Not yet.


May 12, 2004 by shibu

All PPC/phones have the ability to use an app called Voice Signal of MS Voice Command which not only dials contacts or phone digits but can also open up apps or read your calendar to you as you are driving. As someone who drives & needs to speak on my cell often, the complete lack of voice dialing is unforgivable. The only way for me to get voice dialing is through sprint which not only requires a monthly charge but also requires me to dial into them. This is the sole reason why I will probably exchange this phone for the older Samsung SPH-i500). Even my old MotoT720 had programmable voice dialing. This is a minimum for any good cell in my opinion let alone a Handheld Phone. I would have stayed with the Samsungi700 PPC but it crashed on me.

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This is a great phone!!!


Nov 17, 2003 by cde12518

Websites are great! I downloaded Verichat and Bugme! Both work great on it! only problem I've had is an issue with Sprint. If the Treo is an "add a phone" you have to purchase any ringtones and games through the phone. I purchased a game for the Treo via the Sprint desktop website, but the content manager is designated for my other phone, a regular Samsung. Now I have to wait for the bill for the purchase credit. Other than that, the phone is very easy to use. When I say easy, I mean it. This is my first palm ever and I've only looked at the manual a couple of times.

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Great phone


Mar 20, 2004 by rebelinf

I just purchased the phone a couple days ago and everything is working just great. Everything about this phone is perfect. The screen is great, which I was a little worried about, but it works fine. The only thing I can say is that I'm not very good with Palm's OS yet because I've never used it before. If you are looking for a pda phone I highly recommend this one.

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Treo 600


Oct 14, 2003 by Brian thomas

This phone is the best thing since sliced bread..I love it, and I haven't even read the manual yet....

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