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Palm Treo 600 (CDMA)


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worst phone ever


Dec 29, 2005 by tymofeoa

no range! no service. you can have 3 bars and still cant make/receive calls. worst phone i have ever owned. my old audiovox phone in a bag was 10 times better at receiving calls.

poor reception on Verizon


Sep 7, 2005 by jfdill_2

I dialed *228, I upgraded the firmware, I got a replacement unit from Verizon, but still no end to my problems with dropped calls. I am in the DC Metro area, which has excellent coverage from Verizon. I have been at lunch sitting across the table from co-workers who have other Verizon phones and they are able to talk on their phones, but my phone still drops calls. I am tired of running outside the building to accept cell calls or having people complain that they can't reach me on my cell phone. The phone has a lot of great features and works great as a PDA, but it has just not been functional for me as a phone. I think it might be the design of the antenna and the fact that it is all digital and not trimode.

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Verizon Wireless


Nov 27, 2004 by refles

Great phone, upgraded from numerous Motorola phones. Have used Palm since it first came out. Resolution is perfect for what it does, would be nice if it's a bit higher, but that's what the 650 solves! But I must say that it's a great phone from Verizon (took them long enough), talk time is about 3:20 mins standby is awesome as well! reception is incredible so far!! (just remember to dial *228) This was well worth the wait in Palm/Cell phone technology. Even better since I was able to use the new every 2 credit. The software is pretty good, but there are small issues. (just compatiblilty issues with older palm software to OS5) So far it's only reset on me 2 times, both of which was while playing with the Palm OS features. But other than that in 3 weeks of constant use, it's pretty good. Just remember to find a headset with this, no way to drive and talk on this thing, just oo big.. but it's great at night, makes a nice flashlight :)

Best Phone Yet


Feb 27, 2004 by Lkuwahara

This is the best phone I have ever owned!, it simply has everything, I owned the Palm OS 505 prior to this, and I ended up hating the thing, mostly because of the graffiti writing. But this phone is so awesome, what I like the most is the fact that I can go to any full INTERNET page with no problems, I do my personal banking, pay my bills all from my Treo600, no need to have a desktop for it now. The pro's are definitely the 5. operating system, the easy to use keyboard, full organizer, phone/internet, and now that Sprint offers the SMS, I can chat without going thru the browser as well! I keep absolutely everything on this phone. And Treo made the hot sync function so easy for me, that is what I disliked the most about my old Palm, it was such a pain, then half the time it would not hot sync, etc, but this one is so cool, I hot sync it daily, no fuss no probs, the only con is the camera, it is pretty bad but takes good pictures in the right lighting (outside) though. The speaker phone needs a bit of work too, and I do wish it had the headset auto answer mode, but I am sure all these things will be perfected in the next model, which I will absolutely buy too. It was well worth the $549.00 I paid for it, won't leave home without it!

Sprint version: Top-shelf design & features


Oct 8, 2003 by GrandWazoo

Handspring has done a marvelous job with the Treo 600, both inside and out. Plenty of horsepower, memory and well-thought-out functions make this phone a pleasure to use. I've owned the Samsung i330, i500, Treo 300 and briefly, the Hitachi G1000. The 600 is leaps and bounds above them all.

- superb form-factor for an all-in-one device
- fast processor & OS (stable, too)
- 5-way navigation. Just great!!!
- keyboard (tip: use your thumbs, not your thumbnails!)
- quality build & workmanship
- bright screen
- good speakerphone
- updated browser - can now view most web pages (but can still be slooooow)

- seems like the up-down volume buttons on the side could have easily be programmed for scrolling within apps, but they only function for volume control. Wierd.
- camera is one of the lousiest I've seen yet on a phone. Only really usable pics are those taken outdoors in daylight.

If you're considering the other smartphone offerings by Sprint -- don't waste your money -- get a Treo 600. Deals/rebates can be had to bring the price down to something more reasonable, but even at the $599 list, I think it's a worthwhile investment.

Worst POS ever!!!


Jun 27, 2006 by GalenWilson

I think there is a major glitch in some of the Treo 600's some people have it others don't the glitch is that it drops calls or won't even dial sometimes and it gives you a little message that says "No Service." However one might blame it on Verizon but the phone will have anywhere from 2 to 4 bars of service and other verizon users standing next to you will have perfect service and reception. I'm sure there are a million Treo 600's out there people are selling for very cheap, simply DO NOT BUY IT ONE it is absolutely terrible. The only pros are the keypad which functions ok and the flash memory card holder. Just to add insult to injury the camera function is by far the worst I've ever seen on a phone. ONCE AGAIN DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE MANY DEALS FOR CHEAP 600's OUT THERE YOU ARE GETTING ROBBED IF YOU PAY $5 FOR THIS PHONE.

The All-In-One thats #1!


Dec 17, 2003 by kaisersouse

Owned my Treo 600 for 30 days now and can honestly say that it is the best electronic gadget I have owned. I have owned 50+ cell phones and PDA's over the last 5 years (was in the cell phone business) and this one takes the cake.

When other people see the product they ask, "Wow what does it do?" The short answer is "What DOESN'T it do?" but here is a short list of the functionality I have in my little Treo.

1. Cell Phone
2. Mobile Internet
3. Mobile Email access to my Outlook account
4. Camera
5. MP3 (with Pocket Tunes)
6. Contact management (Agendus)
7. Calendar (Agendus)
8. To do lists (Agendus)
9. Clock
10. Alarm (Clock +)
11. Calculator
12. Games (Zap 2016 is great for downtime)
13. Financial Management (Splashmoney)
14. Password and Account information maintenance (SplashID)
15. Word documents can be created, edited and sent (QuickWord)
16. Excel spreadsheets can be created, edited and sent (QuickSheet)
17. QWERTY keyboard built in
18. More to come with storage in the expansion slot...

In short, one device that has it all. Unlike other devices I have carried in the past, I am not left wanting more. Hi Def screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, better camera would be nice but these are trivial things for me. Some of these functionalities were add-on apps, not all come pre-installed. Great choice for tech-heads, busy execs, salespeople, etc. Cant say enough good things.

Treo 2mos...


Apr 25, 2005 by aj4loan

I am not one to be too critical of a Cell Phone, and I personally like this phone. As expected there were a few inconveniences that kept it from getting a perfect score from me. This is my first PDA phone; and I looked at the Treo 600 and the BlackBerry (would have liked the 650 option but Verizon did not carry it for some reason) Chose the Treo due to true email/web access and they threw in a free MP3 player upgrade at time of purchase (extended service)

1st; the negatives...The email is not compatible with my outlook email. Which was Big for me my Company uses an outlook email address. The system would not sync with Outlook. So, currently it serves me no purpose to use as a true work tool. Other than a Cell phone. System seemed very sensitive and had a hard time locating a nice cover and good ear piece. No Blue Tooth with Verizon, and MP3 player was very complicated to download my music files from my computer (still not working correctly)...Camera is the worst I've seen (it really is useless)

Now, positives....Many of them. Very comfortable to hold & use as a Cell phone. I have Big Hands and no problem with KeyBoard size. QWERTY keypad is very useful in text and email (which I use my other email account without a problem)...PDA functions are great and having all in 1 system was/is great. MP3 player can be down loaded...SD card slot for expanded memory...Handsfree is important when driving but the speaker phone works well. Several accessories to custom fit to you (once you find where to shop; Verizon is limited)...Favorites makes dialing when driving very easy with the directional pad..

so, for me this was a useful and helpful phone. and once I get the Outlook email and MP3 working properly (if ever) is a keeper. But I know there will be an upgraded version that Verizon should have now; but doesn't.

Treo on VZW, Pretty nice little unit


Mar 20, 2005 by harley4life

I have had the Treo 600 for just over a week. Over all I think it is a pretty nice phone/pda. I upgraded from a Samsung A670 which was a great phone. I just wanted to have palm along with my phone. I did have to exchange the Treo since the ear piece went out the 2nd day I got it. Since I was within the 15 day wfg, I got another brand new one. This one seems to be working great. Here is what I think of it.

Easy to use, I don't really even pull the stylus out at all. The keypad is nice for texting, it did take a day to get used to. I was able to beam my info from my Tungsten E real easy. The size is great compared to the pocket pc phones. The speaker phone works great. Never had anything better. I like how everything is easy to use on the display. I like the favorites on the phone display, better than speed dialing, can put #'s, email address, apps, almost anything. Lots of customizable features.

The signal seems low, I have not missed any calls that I know of. No dropped calls.
The volume of the ringer is low, no Get it now to download other ringers. Have to use software for it. Had to replace it once for the ear piece loosing volume. The display for pics is bad. But I have a digital camera for that.Still would be nice to have a higher resolution screen.

I haven't synced it. Still testing it out on reliability before installing on my laptop. From what I've been reading it doesn't work well with outlook, will have to find a way around that. O
Overall I'm pretty sure I will keep it, until VZW gets the 650 or something with higher resolution screen.

Great Phone... BUT what about....


Jan 15, 2005 by brianj48

Pros - A committed Palm user, now I have it with me at all times. (amazing how our phones are now "gluded to us". Availability of software, features good.

Need MORE memory (650 has less!)
Camerea is a negative in business environment - I enter companies that will take phone away from you if it has camera. Now I'm without calendar, contacts ... NEED a corporate / buisness version.

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