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Palm Treo 600 (CDMA)


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treo 600


Aug 2, 2004 by killermiller

Not thought out well. Buttons too small, NO VOICE DIALING, verizon support non-existent and PalmOne support is in the Philippines.
Could have been a real winner for the road warrior, instead, it's just an overpriced so-so palm without grafitti and voice dial. Verizon is too big and could not care less about their customer. Oh yeah, speaker phone is useless and if you use it directly as a phone you will either hang up when your cheek touches the hang-up icon or the ear piece speaker is fuzzy......at best. Disappointed. waited a long time for Verizon to upgrade sprint, att, cingular and t-mobiles treo 600. This is exactly the same. No bluetooth or wi-fi.

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What a piece of Garbage!


Jul 21, 2004 by justacarguy

I waited and waited for Verizon to carry this phone and I received it today (07-21-04). I am not happy with the weight of the phone (i know the kyocera 7135 is garbage but at least it weighs less).

The camera sucks. That is the only way i can say it. My Samsung a670 has a much better / sharper picture then the Treo, and it even has a flash (something that PalmOne should have thought about)...As a matter of fact, my Palm Pilot takes a better picture.

Internet access is very s-l-o-w. I was expecting something alot quicker. I am happy that I am able to download real websites (something that i can't do from my regular cell phone) but my cell phone is alot quicker when i check my email on AOL.

I beamed a few games from my palm pilot to the treo and the Treo started to reset itself when i went to start the games (nothing that should take alot of memory... i mean we are talking about POKER here).

All in all it isn't as good as the hype that i have been hearing. For a selling price of $449 (with a 2 year agreement....I only paid $299 though)I thought this phone would be 100 times better then it is. I am sure that i expected to much, but i would rather use a portable (Samsung a-670) and keep carrying my Palm M505.

I guess I am just to picky.

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My own review


Mar 10, 2004 by zvest

I was planning on buying this phone, but something didn't really ring my bell. I suggest anyone who wants to buy this phone, go to a store and play with it first.

-It's a neat phone for people who has money to spend, really, I mean it. Because it can have some very nice add-ons.
-It's all in one. It's a PDA, it's a Cellphone, it's a digi-cam.
-Well illuminated screen
-QWERT keyboard
-Has a stylus

-All the add-ons are pretty expensive, so if you have money to spend, it will only be a great feature.
-PDA only has 133MhZ processor....for 600 dollars, you can get a 300mhz PDA..
-Camera is very marginal...it's pictures a tinny..can't see much at all.
-Its keyboard is pretty small, compare to a normal human hand
-the stylus is there for you to point at things, not to write because it doesn't have a handwiriting recognition thing.
-Cost so darn much!

Lastly, it may be a preferrational thing, the dial pad is on the screen, not a real dial pad, of course you can use the one on the keyboard...

I strongly suggest everyone who wants to buy this phone go check it out first!!!

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VZW T600 reception


Feb 28, 2005 by millerc

Great feature set for such a small device.
VZE-mail had some hitches at first, but is working great now.
Upgrade from Kyocera 6035 allowed me to keep most of my software.
I like the user interface, 5-way d-pad, and the qwerty keyboard isn't too bad (I have big fingers). Good size, feels good in your hand.
Decent battery life (2-days moderate to heavy use).
Pretty good screen clarity.
Faster than I thought it would be.
Verizon's data support group has been great.
Very reasonably priced for a smartphone.

Reception is much worse than my Kyocera 6035. Even in all digital area's, I have had more dropped calls in the last week with the T600 than all of last year with the same carrier. Two bars is minimum required to place a call, old phone-zero bars would work (not great, but would work).
No Graffiti (could get used to the keyboard)
No blue tooth or wifi
Only dual mode no analog capability.
Email client will not sync with outlook and with the wireless software.
Processor limits calculation intensive operations, but gives better battery life.

In western NC, Spartanburg SC and Columbia SC this phone has not performed as well as most phones I have owned. If the call has to go through, get a real phone or a trimode pda.

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Treo 600 is frustrating...


Nov 30, 2004 by jmedina

I like the phone and the concept however there have been a number of issues...
I agree with everything that Jughead stated on Sept 15, 2k4. I've had similar issues with the Phone locking up and rebooting itself. I also have to go through a number of steps in order to do a simple process (like making a phone call). Also the phone will indicate i have voicemail but will never ring. I'm hoping the 650 has improved... anyone had any experience with the Treo 650?

by jughead Sep 15, 2004
My company got these with the Sprint Service (which has also been very disappointing here in Southern CA). While I can maybe blame frequent dropped on calls on Sprint, the product failure rate is a collasal problem. The earpierces keep failing. I'm on my second unit in 3 months and another member of my company is on unit #4.

The every-other-day self reboot is extremely frustrating as it happens of course when your trying to do something. My fingers are small, so I can manage the keyboard, but guys with average fingers and larger should definitely test drive before committing.

There's no jog dial like on a Blackberry, and the interface isn't to my personal liking.

The phone reception / call performance is terrible, so I carry around my personal Verizon V60 (2+ years old) and rely on it for failsafe back-up when important calls get dropped.

Conclusion: As a rep to my tech company, the multitude of problems with this thing makes me look bad.

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crap in a box!!


Nov 10, 2004 by hondajay

Lol I just bought this phone today, and it's going back today!!! 11/10/04. This thing locked up on me 3 times in 1 hour today. The only thing that I'm going to say is DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!! This thing is not worth the money!!

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