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LG LX-5550 / VX-5550


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The Best Phone Ever


Mar 30, 2008 by Gulo30

This is the best phone I have ever had. I had the Blackberry pearl, Sidekick 3, Palm treo, and the Rumor. Out of all those phones this one is the BEST. I have it right now.

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Great Phone, Wish I still had it


Nov 20, 2005 by rusy001

The best phone I have owned to date.

-Awesome Speaker phone, Loud and Clear.
-Diving Mode. I could just rattle off numbers and it always caught up.
-Slick OLED display, which in my mind made up for the overall larger size of the phone.
-good layout of buttons/menus.
-PLAYS MP3 ringtones! This was what really made the phone for me. High quality ones too, at 128+ kbps

-Internal screen looks washed out.
-Like I said, it was a little bigger than most phones I have owned, but still looked slick.

I had this phone for a few months, until my family switched to sprint. After liking this (my first) LG so much, I got the PM-225. I hate it. Poor menu layout, poor button configuration, and an annoying delay while browsing through menus. The only thing that saved it was that it too could play mp3s....

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Very nice phone


Jul 19, 2005 by cingularrepva

I must say that out of all of the phones I have owned this is one of the best. I am on cingular and alltel. In my area, one works some places the other in other places. All the features of this phone are nice. This was my 1st phone with a speaker on it.Now all of the phones I get MUST have that feature.The only prob. I had with the speaker was the 1st month I had it it was quirky but it seemed just to stop cutting out.Also the voice dial is god like. SoSo easy to use. In my opinion, this is one of the best phones you can get.

Pros-Great Speaker Phone
Great Voice Dial
Big Screen
Big Buttons

Cons-The speaker when I 1st got it was quirky but no more.

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Great phone, a few flaws


Feb 13, 2005 by chatterbox64

The LG LX5550 is a great phone! It does, however, have a few issues

Cool dancing lights on the OLED ;)
Voice features are unmatched!
Nice external display
Clear speakerphone
Size, weight (could be smaller)
Vibes & rings @ the same time (wouldn't do that on my old VX4400)
Data cable compatibility
MP3 Ringtone compatible
Unique styling
Fast menus
Good battery life (and I talk 3+ hours per day often)
Simple user interface (it IS an LG, after all)

As everyone's said...washed out screen
Speaker issue...speaker cuts out for no reason
Cheesy ringtones (must download some)
When you deactivate Driving Mode, it takes you out of Manner Mode (if you're in Manner Mode) and forces you into Normal Mode. Not a huge deal, but annoying

Overall, I would recommend the 5550 for anyone who wants a cool, unique, dependable phone (and doesn't need a camera). However, you should make sure to get one made after October so it won't have the busted speaker issue I mentioned above ;)

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A User Friendly Phone


Jul 13, 2004 by powerplaya

This phone offers many User Friendly Features it is the best phone that I have ever owned. For starters the voice dial is a well known feature in the phone industry. But this phone takes it a step further and eliminates the head ace of training your voice to each name. This phone use advanced technology will first listen to your voice and compare it with each name in the address book and then selects the four best matches for the name that you stated.

The digit dial feature is great for hands free us, you simply state the seven, ten,or eleven digit number u wish to call and then the phone reads your voice and then repeats the number back to you for verifacation of the number once you vefify that the number is correct it inishiates the call.

The only reason that this phone did not receive a perfect 5 is because it does not have a camera and it can not recieve ringtones and graphics from a computer. They have to be downloaded from the easyedge internet service.

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Great phone without the camera


May 11, 2004 by aaronrkelly

This is *ALMOST* what the perfect phone should be. Great external display, small and user friendly. My wife has the VX6000 so I will make a few comparisons.

Display - the 6000 has a FAR superior display. Color are "washed" out looking on the 5550 compared to the 6000 - but are on par with the earlier LGs.

Ease of use on both phones is great, the 5550 is lighter. Theoretically the 5550 should be a better phone for fringe areas as it supports analog, the 6000 doesnt.

Voice commands and dialing - there is NO comparison here to even be made. The 5550 stomps the 6000 with the BEST voice recongnition and support I have ever seen. You WILL be amazed. Just starting tossing phone numbers at it and it will dial away - doesnt have to be in your contact list and you dont have to pronounciate every number seperately.....just rattle it off.

I believe the 5550 is a better looking phone - I love the round dial on the face. I wish LG would make phones with replaceable faceplates but you cant have everything.

There seems to be ALOT of programs/features missing from the download shop between the 6000 and the 5550. Maybe this is cause the 5550 is so new but the 6000 has ALOT more stuff.

Ringtones sound great on either phone. I have notice the wallpapers on the 5550 are mostly all animated - falling leaves and the such. This is absent on the 6000....none of them are animated. Maybe this is a sign of things to come.

The chargers is terrible on the 5550 - wish they would have provided a desktop charge like with the 6000.

beautiful external display
awesome voice features (driving mode)
great speakerphone (really loud)
good styling (retro rounded bezel on front)
analog supports for fringe areas

display not as nice as 6000s
not as much Easyedge support as other LGs
crappy charger at best
wont receive picture messages

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I was a good phone until....


Dec 27, 2005 by Big Boy

This was my first phone. It was flashy and modern looking. I was excited and happy with it at first, but then I didn't like it much anymore. The ring-tones were pretty lame.
Downloading things on it took a long time. The front screen kept getting scratched up. I had to take it back three times to get new ones, but it always ended up breaking down on me. I finally updated this year to a LG AX5000, which I'm really enjoying compared to this phone.

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Amazing Alltel device


Nov 14, 2010 by narn3049

I got this after the lg i had previously had broke. It was silver I think it was 5450, yeah that's what it was, but I broke the bar that it flips on, not necessarily the hinge.

So I went into Alltel and purchased this, after hearing it was an upgrade to the one I'd previously owned, I had to get it. I dropped this phone all through 2004 to 06, I broke the inside screen cover all to shards and had to remove it, I scraped it all up, and it had to be taped together, but it all still worked. It was an amazing phone, and I'd def. say get it, if you have the chance.

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On my third 5550 and it's going back tomorrow!


Aug 26, 2005 by pjwlk

Seems like there's some real quality issues with this phone. The first one I had started to shut itself off constantly after the first two weeks. The second phone work great for about 4 months then the speaker phone quit rendering all of the voice command stuff unusable. The third phone, which I just got today and I'm taking back tomorrow, has a problem with the inner display which shows the graphics chopped up and/or distorted. In defense of LG, there is a possibility that the retailer could have taken a phone that was already returned by someone else out of the box by accident and given it to me. I didn't see the box opened before the phone was removed so I can't say for sure but I've had enough headaches with this model so I'm going to look into something else.

Looking at some of the Pros/Cons listed below it's quite apparent to me that this phone was really designed for women who keep their phones in their purses.

- Loudest ringer/speaker phone I've heard. People jump when my phone rings!
- Good 1x reception. (Bell Mobility, Southern Ontario)
- Clear sound for both ends.
- Display is easy to read in direct sun.
- Voice commands work well even with a fair amount of noise in the background.
- External display is bright.
- On/Off sounds can be shut off.
- Vibrate function is very good.
- Stylish looks.
- T9 text function works very well
- Side buttons design seems to resist accidental button pressing.
- Comfortable fit and opening for larger hand.
- Animated menus can be turned off.

- Can't use the speaker phone with the clam shell closed.
- Inadequate battery performance for stand-by mode. Seems like I've got to charge it every 2.5 to 3 days.
- Minimal success making calls in Analog mode.
- Too few games/apps are available.
- Quality issues.
- Voice dialing from address book only dials the default number.
- A few functions (including voice) do not work in analog mode.
- Girlie ring tones and animations.

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run for your life


Aug 18, 2005 by jedismurf

welcome to my nightmare. I upgraded to this sorry thing in march of 05. if the work worked right it would be the perfect non camera phone. unfortunately i am on my 3rd defective phone's have screen issues, i have speaker issues and it over heats and turns off after 30 min of use. If you have alltel i am sorry but the lg3300 is your best bet. the kyo kx1 has many issues the mot 265 is a dud the mot 710 is not worth the money

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