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LG LX-5550 / VX-5550


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Exceeds Expectations


Aug 14, 2004 by PushPin

This phone has certainly exceeded my expectations. Much of the included technology and features are new to me, but I found them all easy to use. It has many extras that allow you to make your phone unique. I have been receiving a high quality digital signal, in areas where my earlier phone received a weak analog one. There are some features it seems to be missing- ring and vibrate combination, a variety of vibrate patterns, and perhaps my biggest complaint: if you are charging the phone, and it is closed- you cannot tell by inspection that it is charging. You have to either open it up, or touch a side button to make the outside display appear. I have had considerable charging troubles in the past with other manufacturers, and this "not knowing" is very disconcerting. As could be expected with a phone of its size, the vibrate option is not very forceful, and could go unnoticed if kept in a purse or on the passenger seat. My carrier is Alltel, and their LX-5550 comes in a very sophisticated looking burgundy and silver combination. The fully extendible antenna is a plus, but I find my reception is better than adequate without it. This is certainly a lot of phone for the money, and I do recommend it highly.

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Aug 6, 2004 by few

This phone is by far the best cell phone I have ever owned.

The Good...
The voice recognition is amazing, it recognizes everyones voice in my family without any training, out of the box.
Many useful features/functions.
Driving mode is great.
Speaker phone is great.
I like the charger better than any Motorola charger I have ever had.
Contact voice dial is really good.
Digit Dial voice dial has amazing accuracy!

the bad...
Calculator does not remember the results when you return to it... I use it for my checking account balance :)
The included belt clip does not swivel.

I'll try and remember to come back after I have had it longer. I would recommend this phone to anyone!

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great phone


Aug 4, 2004 by hindu_train

This phone as a great driving mode feature and an excellent speakerphone for its class.

The Good: Speakerphone, Driving Mode, Caller ID, Display, Backgrounds, Color, and the design.

The Bad: No Camera(if you actual need it).

Bottom Line: The best phone in its class. If you want a phone that has a lot of features but isn't complicated and doesn't empty your wallet, this is your phone.

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lx-5550 is great


Jul 8, 2004 by Leanq

The good things about this phone is huge. The great coloring, the great sound, the ease of using it is sky high.

Out of the box, the phone was set to work with the voice recognition. I did not have to program it at all. I only had to instances where it took me to something else.

The sound of the phone is something I did not expect.
Using the is like using a loudspeaker. When I am driving in the car the is loud enough to go over the music of the car and the open windows. The phone picks up my voice about 3 feet from me on the dash and I am crystal clear.

The only draw back I felt on this phone was the time making it unique for yourself. I spent hours setting it up the way I wanted it to work, and then sometimes I thought I had it where it went of and did something else on me.

Overall this phone is a perfect 5, but with the drawback of the customizing time I will only take off .5 of the score.

Great Phone!

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U.S. Employee


May 7, 2004 by jbond98

The voice recognition on this phone is the best I've yet to see, even with a lot of ambient noise. The phone is very light and has a display quality equal to that of the 4400. The white face plate lacks luster but OLED display like the 6000's adds some life.
I look forward to this being a big seller for U.S. Cellular. Price is very fair

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May 6, 2004 by flyway

LG continues to provide excellent phones once again!! this phone is great.. LG if you are listening, let's lose the white face cause this is the new millenium isn't it? add a little more chrome and the ability to use the speaker phone with the handset closed without having to plug in and unplug a hands free would be great!! otherwise just keep it up!!!

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May 4, 2004 by HAND8

WOW sums it all up. This phone is awesome which is expected from LG. Has a great custom look to it with the caller ID at the bottom. The voice commands are awesome. When I purchased it (at about 3:30pm) the battery meter was at one bar, and the phone didn't die until 9:00pm. If you've been thinking about getting a camera phone like the 6000, think about how you really don't need a camera on your phone and get this one.

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Only problems


Jun 4, 2005 by steffi

I bought this phone Nov 2004 two months laster the outer display LCD did not function or work. Took it into All*el and they replace with another refurbished. Little did I know..........I thought I was getting a new.cell phone THEN the phone would not even turn on two months later....no power! I took it back and lost all of my contact phone numbers. VERY unhappy with this phone. I will sell it and change service provide unhappy with both phone and provider!!! Poor quality and terrible customer service!

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I'm having fun with my LG LX5550...


Feb 21, 2005 by kimothy

I'm not completely worldly-wise in the ways of cellular phones - but for being my first flip-phone...I'm happy with it. I still have a lot to figure out on it - but it's my new toy and so I'll give myself time to "comprende".

My 15-year old daughter thinks it's the coolest phone ever and loves to "play" with it.

If not having a photo capability phone is okay - than this is a pretty sweet deal.

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Ugh I want a new phone!


Nov 14, 2005 by Chrissyade

OK, I know, it's super cute. But don't let its appearance fool you!

I first got this phone around 4 or 5 months ago. It's still functional and I haven't had to trade it in for a new one yet, however, it HAS had a few issues.

My first complaint was that it damages extremely easily. I dropped it once since I had it and the ring around the display has a good bit of dents in it. So make sure you buy a protective case if you purchase this phone.

I'm not sure if it overheated because it was in the car for too long, but for a couple of days all the words on the screen were distorted, making it very difficult to text.

Speaking of texting, the buttons are awkward. I personally text A LOT so this is extremely annoying. It took some getting used to.

The other day the side buttons stopped working. To see the time or date without opening your phone you can press them. They worked again the next day but it was frustrating while it lasted.

I've also had some problems with the earpiece speaker going out. Sometimes when I answer a call I can't hear anything the other person is saying. It will be very very quiet. But then it will all of a sudden come back and be very loud. This has happened quite a few times.

So those were in-depth complaints. Here's the pros and cons:


- Cute digital external display with flashing lights
- Good reception
- Relatively loud ringer
- Loud speakerphone
- Battery life is better than what I'm used to: it lasts about 3 days if you don't use it much
- Hinge is pretty sturdy
- When texting if you go over the character limit it automatically starts a second text


- Problems with ear speaker
- Very toylike, looks like something my sisters used to have
- Display is a bit dull
- AWFUL ringers, they all sound the same
- Boring wallpapers
- Not very many theme colors (I'm big on wallpapers and such)
- Tends to drag sometimes
- Can't even feel it when it's on vibrate

There are other problems with it, but I ran out of room!


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