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Only buy Sanyo!!


May 6, 2003 by THOMAS SCIULLO

[...] let me say how AWSOME the 8100 is. All of you out there shopping for a PCS phone look no further than the 8100. It has awesome reception, killer color screen (better than the A500) and a built in digital camera (again better than any Samsung) and has the awesome durability that Sanyo is known for. Trust me don't wast you money for a crappy Samsung ( and I mean CRAPPY) try the 8100 or any Sanyo phone and you will be a happy Sprint PCS customer!

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Not a bad phone


Dec 21, 2004 by rudy808

After reading all the bad reviews of this phone, i was reluctant to to upgrade my old phone to this SCP8100 Sanyo but since it was given to me by a family member (hand-me-down) and was newer than my old one, i figured i would give it a shot. In short, I am very satisfied with this phone. Yes, it has no alarm, yes it has no speakerphone, and yes it's a little bulkier than all the thin newer phones but for %95 of the moderately technical semi-gadgety nation it would be a great phone. The camera seems to work better than I anticipated and I breathed a sigh of relief after a few days of using it. I love the crisp sound of the polyphonic ringtones and the screens color and resolution is way better than I expected. And by the way, for anyone out there who is shaking their head thinking i'm a non-technical phone savvy guy.....I am a tech support technician for the biggest wireless provider in the nation so I do understand technical notations and language so don't think I'm some dumb sap who doesn't know phones. Ok, that's out of the way. Anyways, this phone is good. Borderline great. It is user friendly and looks like a "newer" model phone that you won't be embarassed to pull out and answer in front of people. I had that problem with my old one. Looked like a garage door opener. It has a workable camera with alright resolution, but that's okay. If i want great pictures....I'll buy a camera. Remember, this is a phone. It makes calls, it recieves calls, it has voicemail, it rings, it vibrates, it has web capabilities and it's a flip phone. So if you have an older model phone than this scp8100 I wholly suggest this phone. Sure there are plenty of better phones than this one but some of us live on a fixed income and can't afford $500 for the newest fad phone coming out. If this is you also, the SPC8100 will work fine for you. God bless.

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Oct 7, 2003 by Brian Cornwell

i will sware by this phone. This phone is the best selling sprint phone in my store. it increases the signal strength by two bars compared to the samsung and the nokia. i would strongly sugest this phone if you are a sprint customer or even the sanyo 5300.

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This phone is fantastic


May 9, 2003 by Charles McMillian

This phone has everything I can want in a phone. It has great graphics, it looks great, and it is cheaper than most camera phones that are out. When I saw this phone on phonescoop, I immediately fell in love with it. I got my last phone a year ago so I was in line for getting another one and couldn't have picked a better phone. I know the Sanyo 5300 has a flash and a little better graphics, but because of the price difference and the size of the 5300, I had to get the 8100. The 5300 is just a little too big. Anyways, this is a great phone and I would recommend anyone looking for a new phone get this one.

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May 3, 2003 by Michael Hamburg

Definately an awesome buy and great phone!! I had a 299 dollar A500 for 8 months and the 8100 for 100 bucks cheaper is a much better phone. The reception is great, screen is great, camera is good enough, and if you turn the earpiece volume down low enough, it's great too. Overall i definately give it a 5 and havent really noticed any flaws. Also AWESOME battery life 10 times as good as the A500!

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Sanyo 8100?


May 1, 2003 by Jebus254

This is not what I expected, and not for the good way. I have enjoyed it so far but I am already getting bored with it.

large internal screen
neat cam
nice colors
ringers sound like what you download
marketed to high school, college students
as always the clearty is good, Sprint has a new sharing towers thing where you should get really good signals almost all over USA, including HA, AL, and shocking you will never drop a call in PR, or even fall out of signal, u can get signal up to 20 mile of the coast.

small external screen
unclear in the sun
internal speaker is to loud even when on the lowest setting
you cant find any assessaries
like the Samsung A500 the keys get hot when you are talking on it

This is a good little phone, but it is not the best. This is good phone for student who will be going away for thier studies, ( that's how I talked my parents to get it for me). You can get thi phone for $99.00. It is fun to play with. And it is cheaper then other phones that don't have nearly the features. Go and play with one at your nearest sprint pcs dealer/store.

Over all this is a great

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Sanyo 8100 - Great phone, but still lacking in some departments


Apr 30, 2003 by todd czarnecki

Overall I think this is a great phone for the money, i just wish i could have got it on cc's website for [price] instead of buying it at bb for [price], i would have been much more satisfiyed. I previously had a 4900 and in comparison the 8100 is great but there are still some features lacking that are somewhat important to me.


- Beautiful bright brilliant main color LCD big improvement over the 4900.
- Very loud very clear sweet sounding ringtones.
- Vision is much faster then 4900, everything runs and loads up about twice as fast.
- Phone book is alot nicer but takes some getting used to.
- Dual Band Tri-Mode is great for those who will be using one of Sprint's New -Free/Clear America plans, offering both 800 and 1900 mhz digital as well as 800 amps will surely provide best roaming experience.
- Battery life has been outstanding so far in comparison to the 4900 it's pretty close but i havent used it for much other then vision so far, i've went over 2 days without leaving it on the charger just playing around with vision for bout 2 or 3 hours.


- External LCD is a bit distored especially when displaying images, lots of visible lines through screen.
- Keypad isnt very visible in moderate lit places.
- Camera isnt very clear, but it's a cell phone what do you expect and the cost is very low.
- Signal strength isnt as good as the 4900 in my opinion but it's up there, i think this has to do with sprint's prl 10019 release, my 4900 gets less of a signal after that update.
- Quality of the earpiece/incoming sound on isnt very good, it is very loud however and makes it easier to hear someone talking, as you increase volume the quality seems to just get worse.

Overall i think this is a great phone with alot of features, I may end up going back to the 4900 because it still has alot of the features I look for in a cell phone. I wish sanyo used tri-mode on all of their phones, i really need a tri mode phone with the new roaming plans.

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Indistructable, have owned 2


Sep 1, 2009 by narn3049

The first phone I got it in 2003, and it was cool, I beat the jamdat bowling, and of course HAD to download it and pac-man, instead of lame demo.

I remember dropping the phone from the steps (concrete outside) dropping it when going downstairs, even getting pepsi spilled on it and the phone was still a survivor with good battery life. The second phone, I didn't really experience that at all, my uncle mailed it to me for the collection and it was broken, so I can't say much about this phone.

it is a compact phone and still had a camera but sadly just VGA. I loved this phone when I had it.

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No 2-way Text!!


Sep 8, 2007 by signoutloud

I just got this phone second-hand off eBay and really loved it from the start. Sturdy design, cute size, etc. Until....my text messaging did not transfer to this new phone. It took a whole week for Qwest to figure out the reason the text wasn't working...the Sanyo 8100 is not compatible with 2-way text! Argh! My "grandfathered" unlimited text plan was lost due to the process - but I'm fighting to get it back! Anyway I wish I had looked closer on phone scoop's specs; I wouldn't have purchased the phone.

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Hate To Part With My SCP-8100


Jul 20, 2007 by NOLA Lady

I think I'm about ready to move on to a new phone, and am considering the Katana DLX. Since the DLX is so new, I've been doing a bit of on-line research. I stumbled across this site and did a side-by-side comparison to my loved and trusty SCP-8100. Feeling nostalgic, I had to give the 8100 a review.

Admittedly, I'm not too concerned with the camera features or other "gadgets". If I were, I may agree with the other reviewers who mentioned picture clarity. I suppose that's true, but I really don't care; I take my pictures with a digital camera, not my phone. Also, an alarm would have been nice.

The SCP-8100 has been an awesome phone. I'm particular to Sanyo, and have grown to love the flip-phone, so the 8100 was a natural choice in mid-2003. The 8100's been perfect! This phone has been dropped on concrete and ceramic; she's a bit scratched up, but works great. My toddler son threw the phone in the wishing well at the mall about two years ago- amazingly, no problems (though I don't believe it was ever advertised as water-resistant). The reception has always been awesome, and the battery life has far surpassed my expectations. I use this phone all the time, and never have problems.

This may have more to do with Sprint service in my area (I-10 corridor from Houston, TX to Pensacola, FL) than the 8100 itself, but I have never dropped a call- even while travelling. Ever. I've had this phone for four years now, and have never had to change the battery. It's just that good. I'm upgrading now because my son broke the hinge on one side. Amazingly, the phone still works - but even I realize when a good thing has run its course. Hopefully the Katana DLX will prove as trusty.

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