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Recently purchased this phone


Mar 10, 2006 by lovelypoison3

Last year I signed up with Sprint and had the Samsung A560 phone (their new free phone) if you are considering to sign up with Sprint, do NOT get this phone. I've reviewed it on here as well, you can look it up.

That phone is the reason for why I just purchased the Sanyo SCP 8100 phone. I bought it last week on eBay and just received it today.

This phone has EXCELLENT reception. I have yet to have a signal fade, or any complaints what-so-ever of cutting in and out.

The camera works great, I truly love this phone. Great picture, easy to use, and ring tones sound great.

The only thing I do not like about the phone is how the text messaging works. I'm paying for unlimited text messages, and the only way for me to check my messages with this phone or send messages is to get on the internet, which of course charges me. Other than that, the phone is great. But if you do alot of text messaging, and don't really use the internet, this phone isn't for you.

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Great so far!


Apr 6, 2005 by kamakine

Okay well I've had this phone for 10 days or so and so far I am very pleased with it. I find it's easy to use and great reception. And I think the camera takes awesome quality.

-Great Reception
-Easy text messaging
-Good camera
-Loud Ring
-Loud Vibrate (went off in class and people could hear it so the vibrate is loud alone)
-Light weight
-With downloaded pictures the quality is amazing
-when you receive a text message it's REALLY annoying because if you don't answer it (in my case it WON'T stop vibrating until you open it) which is a pain

-Sometimes the antenna is a pain to put up because you don't get signal everywhere. Most places though.
-If you turn the volume up too maximum (the ear piece) the person's voice gradually comes distorted.
-The rings aren't the greatest so I had to download one.
-Not the phones fault but bell has really high prices for downloading
phone book is easy to use.

To sum it all up it's an awesome phone, just a few flaws. Easy to use, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy it.

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Love it, but it is already outdated and too big!


Nov 21, 2004 by monkeyracer

I have had this phone since the day it was released basically. I love it generally. I've had the Sanyo 4900, the Kyocera 2G Smart Phone 6035, and now this. Having the VCR sized mammoth of a device Kyocera made me appreciate the 4900's smaller more standard size. then going to the flip phone 8100 made me appreciate the ability to pocket a phone. The 8100 has a camera and at the time of release this phone was one bad ass device. Soon after, the VGA1000 (A620) came out, and added flash to the equation, then more and more better phones started coming out; smaller, slimmer, more advanced. (which is an indication of technology in general).
Overall, I am very satisfied with the phone, great reception, great features, I even use it as a modem for my laptop.
This phone is very durable, and that remains a sanyo feature. I have dropped it many times, and barely any scratches are the remaining proof. My 4900 survived a 5 sec. microwave test (do not try this at home, was done under proper technical supervision, and not recommended to be repeated) and still made and received calls perfectly.
I would liked to have seen more customization on it though, the optional Navy/Champagne, and feminine White/Purple colors were disappointing.
I am going to use Sprint's Upgrade program to go to a blue tooth enabled LG-325, sad to leave a flip phone, but can't wait for the BT feature to make its way back into Sprint's line up.

Great camera for time of release
Smallest Camera Flip phone at release
Great reception
Very Durable brand
Very strong hinge, easy open
My ringers sound great
Makes and receives clear calls all the time

Lack of customization
Bulky in terms of todays phones
outdated VGA camera
No SMS, short mail sucks
No flash or Zoom
No speaker phone

It's old, and will be replaced, but not without being missed.

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Phone or Gadget?


Nov 14, 2003 by LD

Notice no one out here talks about it's excellent clarity? that's because it doesn't have it. Check out the new Sprint's VGA 1000 by Samsung but only if you're looking for a phone.

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Phone is ok


Nov 6, 2003 by goose_13

The camera on this phone doesnt have a flash, or zoom on it. the pictures come out to distorted and the green backlight is just awful. only good thing about this phone is that it is light and comes in three different colors.

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nice camera phone, but nothing else


Jul 29, 2003 by ali haji

I just bought this phone through sprint and got tricked into the camera feature that was on it. But it has alot of things I saw as problems: low battery life, not loud enough ring-tones and kind of bulky, and most importantly NO SPEAKER PHONE. I now got the 4900 and love it...

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Superb Reception, Very Good Phone


Nov 22, 2003 by rexyblue

This is probably the best phone I've ever owned with regard to reception. I agree with one of the reviewers here that the incoming sound quality isn't as crystal clear as the Samsung VGA 1000, but it's nonetheless quite clean and the volume is excellent. (I can't stand phones you have to strain to hear, even at max volume.) It's a little on the chunky side--could perhaps be slimmer--but it does fit well in my hand and is well balanced when held to the ear.

Sound quality and volume
Value for price
Very user-friendly interface
Ringtones can be pumped up LOUD
Vibration alert is quite strong

Lack of an alarm clock

I deducted a full point for this shortcoming, because a phone alarm is very important for me. Someone must have been asleep for this simple feature to be omitted. Nokia rules here, and even Samsung provides three separate, easily set alarms.
(It's a cumbersome procedure, but you can go through the 8100's calendar menus and set up a phone or appointment alarm, but it sounds only briefly and then it's completely finished. Weak.)

The camera? As far as I'm concerned, who cares? Neither a plus or a minus for me. I'm a photographer and I use a camera, not a phone, when I want pictures.

The Sanyo 8100 really is a very good piece of equipment, especially if the alarm feature isn't important to you. in all other regards it's outstanding.

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Awesome phone!


Jun 25, 2005 by Carterism

great camera quality! best i've seen out of other sanyos. very compact, fits well in my hand. excellent reception. no dropped calls! sound quality superb!

battery life could be better & short memory

If you're not looking for extra features such as multimedia, speakerphone, 1.3 mp, or video get this phone! i was a bit scared to get this phone because i thought the picture quality was going to be a downgrade but turns out it's better than any other sanyo camera phone i've had (VM4500, MM7400). i've gone thru many phones because i can't stand having one more than a couple months but i think this one is a keeper!

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Communication & Organization Made Easy!


Oct 16, 2003 by A GREEN

Sanyo 8100..
A gem of wireless devices. Not only is it a great voice phone w/signal strength that surpasses all other PCS brands, but also has an extensive ph bk, voice dialing, voice memo, screen call, photo caller ID, fast internet, calendar/organizer/alarm/To Do list...and of course, a digital camera! This handset is amazing..a wealth of info at your fingertips, picture taking/sending ability w/the touch of a button. It's great; I love it! Picture and Text messaging are so quick and simple (you don't have to wait those extra seconds that could cost you a great photo for the camera to LOAD, and can even send to a # or email straight out of your ph bk), it's easy to stay Connected! There are 15 entries for each Call History(Much better than the 10 on Samsungs)! AND even if you don't need all these extra features, it's definitely worth the money to get the Sanyo8100 over a SamA460, N400, or A500 any day if you want fewer dropped calls. Battery life is also good considering how much is going on. Can conserve power by setting LCD light to 8sec auto off. The battery gets consumed the most by camera and internet usage.
The photo quality could definitely be better, but you get the idea across. The LCD colors and graphics could be tighter, but I'd definitely prefer the stronger signal to a hotter looking screen (comparing to SamA600, A620, A500). Lacks a speaker phone.
Overall Rating: BUY this phone; Be More Than Satisfied.

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sensible upgrade of 5300 for less$$$$


Apr 28, 2003 by CLARK HARVEY

having had the samsung a500,I switched to the sanyo 5300 and liked the phone a little more because of the built in camera and better
signal strength.the only drawback was the size of it and the earpiece volume(even after the firmware upgrade).now,if the 5300 and the 8100 were the same price,I would opt for the 8100 fot the following reasons:
1-noticeably smaller
2-outstanding earpiece volume.
3-32 chord ringer instead of 16
4-brighter screen-more visible in bright light
5-volume up and down side keys easier to use
6-extremely easy to take and send pictures with a voice tag.
7-same outstanding sanyo quality.
I would encourage anyone to go with this phone.it has just the right features in the perfect size!!

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