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I'm in love!


Sep 4, 2010 by yojerms1977

I'm in love, that's all I know to say. The only con I have is that one day the battery will die fast, the next day it will last all day. I never know what kind of day my BB will have so I make sure to charge it everynight.

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Sep 3, 2010 by mifrancis

Upgrading from the Bold (which I love - gave it to my wife). Having used an ipod for many years I really enjoyed the touch screen but did not like typing on it (although I am impressed with the implementation). Now have the best of both worlds. Still getting used to the phone (have had it for 5 days). Have had no dropped calls (live in NYC) but then again I had very few with the Bold. Response is great, no hesitation, browser works as good as the iphone/ipod (don't use it that much but it is usable, unlike the Bold). I think the screen is clear and sharp, build quality is great I don't play games or listen to music on the phone (use my ipod for that), but it plays fine (no stereo speakers - but of course headphones play in stereo). It also looks great and email is still the king. I was worried about the size of the keys on the keypad (the Bold had such great keys) but have no problem typing, my speed is the same. No real negatives except some third party applications that I have used on the Bold need to be updated and I am still waiting for a good pocket slip case to be available. No phone is perfect so I can't give it 5.0 but this is close.

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Aug 27, 2010 by skywalkershawty

The only reason I gave it a 4.5 is because it isn't available for T-Mobile 3G and the fact it doesn't come with a front-facing camera.

-Great battery life
-Blackberry OS 6 is incredible
-BBM, who doesn't love that?!
-Touch Screen WITHOUT surepress
-QWERTY keyboard
-5MP camera, bout time RIM!
-Social feeds, beasty
-Updated facebook app
-New app world

-Could be more sturdy, feels like it can be easily broken
-Paint, mine is starting to wear off on one part of the slide, I barely even touch that part
-Video camera lacks zoom
-No protective cases available/included with phone

As obvious the pros outweigh the cons but RIM still needs to improve on quite a few things!!!

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En Fuego


Aug 19, 2010 by KennyS001

I am a bberry zealot so I was apt to really like the new device. I do. I know it is not an iPhone, but I had major issues with the iPhone. It didn't work consistently enough for my use. The Torch has been working flawlessly for 5 days now. I use a Mac Book Pro so I am not a typical bberry user. I should step back and also say that I still use a RAZR V9x for all voice calls, so my Torch is data, etc. only. The OS is an evolutionary step ahead and that is what I expected from RIM. I found the Torch easy to learn, use , and set up.

I did have an issue syncing contacts with Mac Address book. Spoke to RIM directly on day 1 of my having the device. On day 3, RIM called me back with the fix which was just going to App world and downloading an updated version of BBM. Now device is great!

Pros -

A lot of them. 6.0 OS is solid
Like the "turn sideway" feature for virtual keyboard.
Like the pinch photo feature
Slide feature feels solid.
Larger screen is great.
Touch screen has been flawless.
RIM taking ownership in my initial sync issue.
Many other assets.

Cons -
battery life (could improve once device is used for a week).
Some of my favorite apps from Bold 9700 aren't available yet.
It is not the bleeding edge device of iPhone or some of the other Droids, but if you like blackberry, this is a cutting edge option.
Accessories not readily available and screen protector is important. Cases will make slide awkward to use - I think.

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9800 should add a 0


Aug 18, 2010 by Tomb1312

I have 2 gripes with PAST blackberry devices.
1. Web browsing is rough. It's jittery to scroll and the zoom is weak.
2. Basically the same issue only with map apps. Difficult to navigate (pun intended) in a pinch. Slow response.

Now that the torch is touch screen these 2 issues are fixed!!! I'm thrilled to see the new browser with tabs. Very smooth scrolling; almost readable while scrolling. The accelerometer is an obvious bonus. The track pad is more helpful than new users might think; unlike the Aria's optic button. To edit text or pinpoint a link, the track pad is a keeper. And how about that virtual keypad! I may not slide it open. I could even be mad at BB for not installing a physical lock on the slide! Just kidding. It's perfect.

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Major Improvement


Aug 15, 2010 by ested23

I love this new Torch9800. The Blackberry 6.0 OS is ALOT better than the past OS. The call, voice, and camera quality, is clear and crisp. The speakerphone is a little now, but ok. The internet, the social networks (facebook, twitter, myspace, BBM) works flawlessly. Internet can be slightly sluggish (in certain areas)but for the most part, its good.

Touch screen is smooth like the Iphone. Do major complaints. I love this phone!

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Torch??? Let's try Spark!


Aug 14, 2010 by bbjunkie1906

In the last 30 hrs, I've had 2 Torches. The first one was probably damaged by a store employes, as the box was not "factory sealed". But the processor time was EXTREMELY slow, and the Send/End keycover FELL OFF AND STUCK TO MY FACE!!!!! Exchanged that one this morning, and #2 MIGHT charge with my iGo charger, but as soon as my phone rings, it stops charging and requires a reboot just to recognize a charger is plugged in. The USB travel "pod" charger stops charging before a full battery too. Hopefully, RIM gets an update out there FAST. For one, because we already know AT&T RARELY approves/supports any OS upgrades past the "out-of-box" stock ROM. For two, there will be ALOT of angry, disappointed Blackberry users! I was hestitant about this phone anyway. My satisfaction level started at 7/10...now it MAY be at a 4 at best.

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Back to my iPhone


Nov 20, 2010 by chapelhill

I'll admit it, I can't type on a touch screen and I definitely can't type on my iPhone. So I really wanted this phone so I could have my keyboard back. Seeing the TV commercials & web clips (plus my iPhone experience) I also knew the amazing conveniences of a touch screen. The idea of a Blackberry keyboard with a new, updated OS AND a touchscreen seemed to be the perfect product.

Having been a former Blackberry user I knew some basic & fantastic functionality that I would be receiving. Having been using an iPhone for almost a year I also knew the cool features and frustrations of my current equipment.

Hopefully you know what you're doing when considering a Blackberry and if you're smart enough to be on this site, you are also smart enough to know what you'll be getting if you choose this phone. So I'm just going to tell you why I only used it for two days.

1. There are WAY too many steps required to swap between screens & apps. Apple has spoiled me here and I realized I wasn't willing to work that hard to find the app or program I was looking for.

2. The buttons at the top are FAR FAR too easy to depress. I don't feel like I keep my hands in my pockets but countless times I had unlocked the screen and was 3/4 way through sending a text or changing some settings that were only unfinished due to a specific command to complete or an error in the process (that I didn't know I was doing).

Also, if you know Pandora or XM apps then you know how they are kept in a suspended mode now instead of being exited between tasks. Something that is probably intended as a benefit was a problem for me - the upper right button that silences the phone also toggles the pause for music so I kept finding myself playing music in my pocket.

3. Trouble syncing contacts with Mac. I am NOT going backwards in this technology.

4. Can't sync photos. I am NOT going back to the days of removing an SD card to drag them to my desktop and WHY make it so you must remove the battery?


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awsome phone watch out iphone4


Aug 16, 2010 by zert600

This phone by far is there best I'll call it the iphone eater!


touch screen
slide out keyboard
speed dail on keyboard
32g micro expandable 4g on board 36g total
great sound quality
sync with pc
easy to use
push emails
great signal quality (no dropped calls yet!)
plenty of apps

deciding if going to use touch screen or track pad
no drop in charging cradle
No 4g! I guess it doesn't matter we don't have 3g here yet.

I was going to get a iphone and the torch came out. I feel great about my choice since I have a ipad. I wont miss itunes

Have fun hope this helps your shopping decision.

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