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Disappointed by Samsung... Again


Mar 11, 2012 by barry.hansen

Got this phone based on some very good reviews. I've had Samsung phones in the past, all of them not living up to the hype.

The GPS takes forever to grab satellites, the browser is PAINFULLY slow, anything that needs to pull data virtually locks the phone up, and for that matter, forget data at all if you're out of network. If you get anything at all it is spotty at best. Which brings me to the fact that it gets horrible reception. Every smartphone I've ever used before this puts this thing to shame. It makes me wish I hadn't given up my windows phone for this. I should have taken my wife's BlackBerry. Extremely dissatisfied with Samsung and Android phones in general. Whenever I get a new phone it will not be a Samsung. I would just assume deal with a BlackBerry, which is the most un-userfriendly phone on earth!

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i"m loving it


Nov 21, 2011 by sharond46

i just got my phone, it shows better then any phone i have seen. the battery do not last long. but i am still learning.

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don't run the android 2.2 software install


May 26, 2011 by kensmall

Good phone until I ran the 2.2 software upgrade. New voice recognition wants to take you anywhere they can sell you something. Say "Call office" and it don't go to your phone book but rather takes you to a search engine..." VR was passable before not doesn't work most of the time. the old software has some limitations and things i missed from my old windows phone. but it had some improvements. I ran the update and the whole value of the phone turned to crap. Also under 2.2 the push is on to get you to make yourself GPS trackable. it keeps on asking you to turn that on.
A couple of things that they forgot to tell you about this OS is that it demands a gmail account AND some of the software only sees gmail contacts etc. so if you buy this phone to sync with Exchange server or your desktop you always have some unexpected configuration issues. Aftermarket software makes this phone do what your old windows OS system did. So you are suseptable to the whims of whoever writes that too. I think that this was an early adoptors phone. go for the newer version and skip this one.

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Example of hardware ruined by software


Feb 25, 2011 by blargolis

The Fascinate is a frustrating dud. I bought it because Verizon had a "buy a Fascinate and get any phone free" and my son wanted a DroidX and I the only way he could afford it. Smart kid - the DroidX and Moto software is infinitely superior. So I was stuck keeping it or coughing up $200 to trade to something else.

I tell friends the Fascinate should have been named the "Defecate" or "Epic Fail" as the fascinate is only fascinating as a study on how a manufacturer can take gorgeous hardware and utterly destroy it into as nearly useless mess with software. You shouldn't have to root a phone to overcome lousy software. if not for this, I'd prefer it to iphone (which I also have)

Large, lightweight (compared to iphone)
Vibrant Colors even in daylight
Responsive rouchscreen
Removable battery (necessary to reboot frozen phone)

Battery life marginal
Fidgety keyboard (can be upgraded and Swype/voice commands make it livable)
Ample stock flash (loaded with useless crap)

Absolutely Useless mail client
Stops ringing or reporting voice mail with no warning (battery removal needed to clear)
Useless, blurry camera is a joke
Poorest implementation of Android features
Loaded with useless Bloatware
Poor widgets compared to Moto or HTC
Marginal sound and sub-par signal - drops calls a LOT compared to DroidX or Iphone.

The camera is especially frustrating - picture looks great when framing but auto focus defocuses the picture into a fuzzy mess when snapping pic or touching to focus. The "flash" washes out the picture. Video however is very good (I rarely need or use) and this almost certainly proves the prob is in Samsung software implementation.

The latest word is while Froyo 2.2 roms have been leaked, this phone is being discontinued and abandoned by Verizon. Samsung is so inept with their software they can't fix the many issues, and the 2.2 update has been canceled. Time for class action lawsuit?

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Samsung hits one out of the park.


Dec 11, 2010 by johntrak

Dumped a smart phone with slow windows 6.5 for this one. So far, it's fast, functions and features work quickly, actions are intuitive. Internet works well and very fast. Calls are seamless. Volume controls work well and apps we downloaded to test also work fine. Still working on flash but will figure it out. Can't believe how many free apps there are. Would love, however, to jail break far enough to delete the bloatware I'll never use. Another subject for another time.

What's cool:
Easy to set up and operate, fast apps, great phone voice quality. You'll be programming it with no problems in seconds. Android is user friendly.

What's not:
Way too much bloatware that can't be deleted......yet. Not to worry, doesn't interfere with use.

Bottom line:
Best ergonomics and ease of use makes this a true winner. Look out iPhone. Oh yeah, and it works with flash, too.
"Should I get it?" Yes, it's a great phone.

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Love it love it!!!!


Dec 7, 2010 by stampede334

I've had this phone for 3 months now and this is the EASIEST smart phone I ever owned! I had the Samsung Omnia 2 and was very unhappy with it!
Any beginner can operate this phone easily! Even my own mother who never owned a smart phone, found my phone so easy to use!!
This phone is amazing and fast! I absolutely love it and the only flaw I see is that the battery doesn't last as long but I expected that!! That is why I didn't give a "5" star rating!!
I highly recommend this phone!! You will not be disappointed!!

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Its my 1st Andriod phone


Dec 2, 2010 by zerocool418

I've had the Samsung Facinate for 2wks now and I have to say I like it. I'm getting used to it, I've always had a Blackberry so going from that plat form to an Andriod has been chanlanging.

What I like PROS:

-apps are just awsome, better design and fuction.
-touch screen is wonderful, very clear, it does the colors great and you can even see it in direct sun light.
-setting up my emails was easy.
-cuztimazing my home screen took all of 5min.
-currently running v2.1 and I'm excited about the 2.2 upgrade maybe it will fix some of the cons


-battery life is not good at all, I might need to invest in a 2nd battery.
-you cant delete any of the pre-installed apps (hoping this issue gets addressed in the 2.2 upgrade)

Thats all so far...

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I used, and I thought it was excellent


Dec 1, 2010 by narn3049

Basically, a family member and his GF upgraded phones and got the android Galaxy S Fascinate. He knows I am into gadgets, and I helped him set it up. I had my iPhone next to me when I was doing the set up, and doing a comparison, I'd say this is Verizon's iPhone, however I think that the iPhone is still the best out there for AT&T unless I get a different phone and find out otherwise.

The phone has a big screen, and has a swipe text feature, which would be you'd start to type a word, it pops up with the suggestions and you swipe through them.

Social Networking, FB and Twitter are easily used on this phone. Amazing for that. I am just used to the iPhone's FB layout and I'm wondering if the FB layout on this is any different. He doesn't have an FB so I couldn't test.

A little big of a phone, def bigger then my Jest and iPhone, but you should get used to the size once using

Battery, goes down fast with touchscreen. Overall 4.5 phone

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I like it...I like it a lot!


Nov 27, 2010 by hucworld

I was kind of biased about this phone at first. Having came from the Samsung Epic 4G I just knew that there was not another phone out here that could wow me like that did. Well after finishing the programming that the sales rep didn't do...I love this phone. The speaker quality is awesome and the the bright display that Galaxy S are known for makes this a keeper. The slim feel and design of the phone just lures you in like you wouldn't believe. Even tho the phone is labeled as having a 5mp camera, the camera performs like an eight megapixel. While this phone is missing a LED notification that flashes and it is missing the Samsung Media Hub it is still a powerhouse. Battery life seems to be respectable for the most. I have no real grips about this phone. This phone holds its own in a class against the Droid X, Droid 2, and Droid Incredible.

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This phone is amazing


Nov 22, 2010 by FrankieVizzle30

I used to have the HTC Desire and I thought that phone was amazing but after using this phone I'm having second thoughts.....the HTC started to drag on a lot of the apps and the response time got slower as time went on, I put the same apps on this phone and more and it still runs like it's brand new!!! Overall I am very satisfied with this phone and can't wait to see what they come up with next

Cons: No LED notification light

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