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Is it supposed to spark?


Oct 27, 2006 by jeepneyturbo88

I really liked this phone, until it started to freeze up randomly and during the middle of conversations. Call quality was great with T-Mobile service, although it did have the occasional dropped call. Ringtones get really loud and downloading new ones was quick and easy. Texting on the other hand was confusing at first, having only texted on a Sanyo 8100 before this, but after a while you get used to it.
What made this phone 'explode' is still a mystery to me...I finished a call, placed the phone normally on a countertop, then I heard a quiet beep I haven't heard on the phone before, the screen got really bright and started to spark from the center. I turned it off and while it still worked afterwards, with a large burn in the middle of the screen, I didn't want that to happen while it was next to my face, so I took it to T-Mobile. They claimed that it had water damage and then they said a week later that this was a common problem with the circuitry and were willing to replace it with a different model with a contract extension, but my family had only a month left in the one-year contract, so we switched.

Ehh.. got rid of it in 2 months


Jun 23, 2005 by Afro Thunder

I got this phone in April thinking it was going to be awsome. Its OK. I think that my T300 was better.

~Large Screen
~Great pictures in Large Mode
~night mode for camera and self timer
~easy to use joystick
~very business like
~bluetooth (i never used it)
~ very clear calls

~if you didn't lock the keypad the joystick would go up or down and call someone in your phonebook
~bad picture quality in small mode
~ "volume" buttons on side are not for volume
~30 second pause when turn on phone
~ casing easily dented
~ INTENNA = BAD RECEPTION, EVEN WITH ANTENNA BOOSTER, my Siemens with the loop antenna had better service and my Motorola with intenna.. w.o antenna booster! (all t-mobile phones)

Its an OK phone but def not what it is cracked up to be

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You can do almost everything on this, EXCEPT make calls!


Mar 17, 2005 by funkmasterta

I love everything about this phone except for a few things.

First and worst off, it get TERRIBLE signal reception. People who have said that they get good signals must either work for Sony Ericsson or have metal plates implanted in their skulls.

Secondly, the UI is too complicated. Example, let's say you're on a call and need to look up a # in your phonebook, as I'm sure any one of us has had to do more than once before. Here are the steps:


In contrast to the old Samsung I used to own:
1. PRESS DOWN ARROW (this puts you directly into the phonebook)

What's even worse is trying to setup speed dial. It's a SUPER PITA!!

All in all, these UI shortcomings don't warrant such a low 2 star rating, but the reason why I give this phone 2 stars is because the signal quality on this phone is EXTREMELY BAD. I've had friends in the same basement where I get zero bars and my friends w/their Samsungs and Nokias have plenty 3+ bars, all on Tmo service.

Other than that I really like the size and features of this phone, but the one feature that it can't do well at all is the one feature that it was primarily made for...to make phone calls.

Not Good Not Bad


Mar 17, 2005 by thiags


'm using this phone for the past one year, All the features are good and tiny, good looking phone, But onlu problem is the signal.

In wireless industry "signal reception" is the key to succees. This phone signal is not that good, I always like the phone with full signal,
So To be frank, i don't recommend you to buy this phone.


I am gonna buy this PHONE!


Nov 4, 2004 by starmate

I have been looking around for soooooo long to get a small fone and alot of FEATURES!
This fone has got everything in it>>> I im buying this phone from ebay.... and the current price for this is around £50......
for the ppl that don't trust ebay! /its used to be same wiv me... but i buy loads of stuff!

The Ultimate fone for now


Oct 9, 2004 by court-jester

When i saw what this phone could do i was hooked! i upgraded and found that this fone had more features than even Sony Ericsson knew of!

i am able to connect my phone to the PC and remote admin my PC, as in changing the volume, looking for my next track, making movies full screen on winamp and even shut down my PC when i am done, so i don't have to get outa bed!

it is the best phone atm, but the way Sony Ericsson is going they can only get better!

its just an AMAZING phone!!

would have to say that 2 megs are not enough

My heart was broken... by a cell phone :-(


Oct 23, 2003 by portdevoix

I give this phone a rating of 4 for design and features, and a zero for usability. When a phone's reception is so weak that it doesn't pick up a signal in some areas of downtown DC, it has a problem. Much to my dismay, I had to return it after only 48 hours, as it became evident that I wouldn't be able to talk from many of the places I frequent, so I replaced it with the much-less-sexy Nokia 6610, which will tide me over until my dream phone comes along.

I LOVED the display, the joystick action, the keypad back-lighting, and the nice, solid feel of the phone. The size and shape were exactly what I was looking for: something no larger than a compact powder case. The display, although sometimes hard to see in the sunlight, was most attractive. The camera resolution isn't as good as on my old Sprint Sanyo 5300, but it does the basic job. I loved the picture ID on incoming text messages as well as phone calls.

- Overall design and construction: metal case, nice, solid feel
- Features such as Picture Message ID, voice dialing, phone directory options.
- Built-in camera makes it a fun accessory as well as a portable communications tool.
- Beautiful MMS and SMS interface

- EXTREMELY POOR reception.
- EXTREMELY POOR reception (oh, sorry, I repeat myself)
- Proprietary headset plug. When will manufacturers learn to equip all their handsets with mini jacks, which are far less fragile and a lot easier to replace?
- Poor visibility in bright sunlight.

If this phone had an antenna as good as my Nokia 6610, it would be indeed the PERFECT phone.

T616, Cingular


Dec 20, 2003 by nexussix

I'm on my second T616. I use Cingular's GSM service in Austin, TX & the Round Rock area just north of Austin.

My first T616 gave terrible sporadic feedback. After sometime it became such a nuisance, I had to replace the phone - with a $40.00 Best Buy performance service plan the new phone didn't cost me a dime.

I talked to Cingular's technical support, and the guy I talked to had never heard of that problem before. I also asked my friend who works for cingular, who has the T616 and he had never heard of such a problem.

Anyhow, the new phone seems to be doing quite well except for the fact that Cingular mis-construed my number. That's another story.

Back to the phone. The zoom function is quite cool. The shortcuts are so many, it's a breeze to get around the menues with or without the joystick. I also like the stylish look of it, and the backlight on the number pad. It's loud and clear everywhere I use it. The only problem was that loud feedback on the old phone. And the new one seems to be free of that, so it's all good.

T-Mobile T610


Nov 30, 2003 by screwyt

Phone has great features, especially for its size. Its nice and small. However, the reception lacks behind other phone, for example Samsung phones. Yet makes up for it in other features, such as Bluetooth and Infrared. The battery life is very good. If you are a Mac user, specifically OS X.2 or higher, the phones interoperability with Apple's free iSync, iCal and Address Book is incredible. It updates itself via Bluetooth and there are applications such as the $10 Sailing Clicker, which lets you use the phone as remote control. From watching and controlling MP3's, CD's and DVD's to using the phone as a distant 2-button mouse and controlling PowerPoint presentations. I am extremely happy with the phone, and have not had much of a problem with reception. Alot of people on the other-hand will say that the T610 sucks for reception, its not true, the reception does lack, yet it isn't terrible or anything like that. I've been using the phone since August and have no plans to change, and YES, I am a Mac user, and have no plans to switch from that either! hehehe... I love the T610, and so will you. Also, I have sold lots of T610's to customers coming into my store, and i have not heard any complaints from them ever since. That isn't to say that there is always one bad phone group. However, yet 1 other problem I see with the T610 is that its menu options are kind of slow, as compared to other phones. Yet, its nothing to really cry about, its just a bit slower when switching menus, but it doesn't really get in the way! On the other hand, the phones design, makes up for its flaws and adds to the many benefits that you get with the T610.

Great Phone!!!


Nov 27, 2003 by ModulusX

Everyday I find something new with this phone. It has everything you could need in a phone. The Bluetooth connectivity is great. If you have an Apple Laptop with Bluetooth, they interface flawlessly. The screen is great in dark areas, but a little hard to see in the sun. The sound and signal quality are great in Boston with T-mobile. People say that they hear me much clearer with my T610 than my old Sprint Samsung A460.


Organizer Features
Easy to use interface
Alarm is great if you are on the road
Aesthetically pleasing
Multiple Picture options


Hard to find the speaker when holding it to your head
Night Mode on the Camera seems useless
Screen hard to see in direct sunlight

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