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Did You Know That...?


Nov 19, 2003 by XoMotThoiDaXaXo

After reading all the reviews, I noticed that most people forgot to mention that the T610 have many other features. The most notable features are the ability to zoom with the T610, the 10 second self-timer, and the different picture format available. You can choose from 3 different picture format: color, black&white (like the old days) and negative type. It's really cool. Those who have the phone, check it out.

The only CONs I can think of is the weak signal and battery life. For those looking for good signal, try the Nokia 3650 (Warning: BIG phone...stay away if you hate carry a big cell phone....I know from experience cause I own one! heehee) or the Nokia 6610. The 3650 have 7 bars of signal and 6610 have 8 bars.
As for the battery, different people have different opinion depending on the usage of the phone and frequency.

Loads of Features


Jul 20, 2003 by M P

Easy to use features, looks great (black & silver), gets great service on T-Mobile, awesome ring tones (can download more on T-Zones or other services), picture caller ID is cool, Ring Tone DJ feature is awesome- you can make your own ring tones on the phone (WOW!), good alarm & calendar features, phonebook is the best in the business with all of the customization that can be done (picture caller ID, different ring tones for each caller, notes, etc.).

If you are looking for an all in one phone- this is the model for you. Only a Pocket PC tops this phone as far as features are concerned

Camera could have better clarity (Nokia 3650 has better camera but too big and clunky for me), phone could have better reception- high end Nokia phones have better reception than this phone

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Oct 16, 2003 by vvante

The t610 is pretty impressive. you get a lot of features in a very small package. it is pretty user friendly even if you aren't a technology buff. the joystick makes navigation a breeze.

user friendly especially for people that love technology but don't know how to use it
small and lightweight package enables you to take the internet connectivity anywhere you go
great connectivity via gprs. downloading files or reading emails are are pretty fast

lost connectivity via gsm when not centrally located in the city
screen isn't very bright even though i adjusted the contrast
the camera isn't the greatest but it functions
well for it's size

Please Listen


Nov 19, 2003 by NewHottness

Do yourself a favor.... Buy either the Nokia 3650 or the Sony T610. They are the best phones on the market to date. After owning the E105 and the E715 I only miss one thing. The 4 level zoom on the E715. This phone has a plethora features the other phones just don't have. Blue-tooth is amazing and the talk time is incredible, I don't think I have charged it in a week. The only problem is minor reception issues but other than that a good buy.

Extreamly Pleased


Jan 26, 2004 by JonInAtl

I use this phone on T-Mobile in and around Atlanta/Athens GA and I've been extremely pleased.

Battery life is very good for a color phone. Can't speak to battery life when playing games... I use my phone as a phone.

I've had zero reception problems or dropped calls.

Love the form factor, small, thin, and much more convenient than a flip phone.

Sound quality is VERY good, both incoming and outgoing.

Volume could be a little louder but on it's highest setting I don't have any trouble hearing anyone.

Side note on signal strength.
Much has been said about this phone's low signal strength in these forums and others. I don't believe this phone is really any more INsensitive than most others. I DO think Sony-Ericsson calibrates their signal strength meter very conservatively compared to others. With my past carrier (Verizon) and the two phones I had with them, reliability dropped when the phones were showing 2 "bars" or less.
Thus far, I've been able to make crystal clear calls on this phone even with only 1 "bar".
I wouldn't be afraid to recommend it to anyone.

Please don't buy!


Mar 20, 2004 by npardon

I currently use the T610 with TMobile. Owning this phone has been a complete nightmare!

#1 - The phone has horrible service! I tested it with Motorola's T722i (a great phone - old, not many features, but great!) and that phone had FULL service while my T610 was completely dead. (Yes, both phones were TMobile)

#2 - I don't know what is worse - the service issue of the back ground noise on this phone. The person on the receiving end can hear EVERYTHING! It seemed as if they could hear people whispering in the same room as me -- it was horrible. Not a good phone for biz use.

I can say one thing good - the bluetooth integration in my car works cool -- only when I have service (which isn't often).

Either way, I am planning on throwing this phone out the window and taking the lose - TMobile has already replaced it 2x! Ugh...

But please don't buy the T610 whatever you do!

Great Phone, One Flaw


Jan 19, 2004 by zonz540

This is an amazing phone, it is aesthetically pleasing and is easy to use. I love my T610. The only bad part about this model is the reception. Yes, there is a minor problem, it doesnt do well in basements or in tall buildings without a lot of metal. The camera doesnt take the greatest pictures but works well for me since im only in high school and take just stupid pictures to send to friends. Other than that, this phone is amazing!
If i had to say so, id go with the T16 instead of the T610.
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Aug 10, 2007 by haseebmalik

less memory
bad camera
phone freez
and the most bad reception very very bad..
if a phone have bad reception its not a phone anymore its justa piece of plastic

Very Good Phone


Nov 27, 2005 by ROBERT651

This phone has all the basic options one can ask for. Although it has been on the market for a few years now, the phone has just about all of the features one can ask for. I'm a T-Mobile user and it's the best phone I've had in the past five years

Very poor phone


Jul 17, 2005 by breaker581

There's not a whole lot to like about this phone other than possibly the style, which is now outdated. Here's some of my observations with this phone over the last year and a half.

* Poor reception
* Extremely slow processor
* It can freeze from time to time, particularly when going "too fast" through menu options. At this point you must remove and reinsert the battery for it to reset and function once again.
* Poor construction: Face plate cracked from top to bottom when phone fell from my 3 ft. high desk onto carpet.
* Doing things like adding/editing a phone number (among other things) is very cumbersome--way too many screens to go through compared with most phones.
* Picture quality is extremely poor.
* Impossible to see screen in sunlight.
* If you plan on keeping phone in pocket, must always be on "lock" or else it can easily dial a number simply by the friction of walking.
* Your previous calls: can only check time, and after 24 hours only the day the call came in. Most phones allow a detailed analysis of every call as long as it remains in the list(i.e. length, time, etc.).
* Joystick is a pain: Many times when I want to enter the main menu by pressing the joystick, it acts like I press up instead and goes into my phonebook and vice-versa.
* "Voice dial" function is a waste. Difficult to use compared to other phones.
* Memory: Unless you keep downloading pictures onto your PC and making new ones you should be prepared to have room for only a dozen or so pics. The memory is extremely low!

I will never own another Sony Ericsson phone. The functionality is the worst out of several phones I have owned. I personally don't recommend "bar" phones (non-flip) to anyone but then again that just comes down to personal preference. I am going with the RAZR which T-Mobile just added and putting an end to this troublesome phone!

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