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not very reliable


Sep 29, 2004 by pooping

I have had the phone now for about 5 months. At first I felt that the phone had very cool features and had an extreme ease of use. After purchasing the phone i soon learned of an issue with static electricity build up in the SIM card causing to phone to act poorly. This phone has over all good features but i would not buy it again due to poor long term reliability. I have given it a 3 because of its poor reliability long term. But other than that taking the features and not considering reliability I would give it a 5. i do not suggest you buy this phone

It's Good


Sep 4, 2004 by sillem

I think is a good phone, i have like 2 weeks with it and no problems.

Good features, nice alarm, nice organizer.

Not good camera, not good screen.

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It´s a good phone


Sep 1, 2004 by T610 owner

The phone is very good and I would suggest it to everyone! The only things that I would like better is the screen and the camera. Those things are better on the Motorola V500

Great phone


Aug 21, 2004 by djm9485

I've had this phone for a while and I love it. So far I've had no technical problems, but a couple physical problems like my phone falling out of my pocket and getting dented in 3 spots by little rocks. The battery life lasts very long, I've had to charge it about maybe 1 time or 2 times a week after leaving it on constantly and normal use. I've noticed that you static, the phone will just start breaking up. The camera is really just a joke because even if you do get a good picture it either will cost a lot to send it to someone or you need to go out and buy a $20 cable to transfer it to your computer. The phone is pretty light and definitely small. There's a couple really small features that i don't like, for example when i just want to go straight to my background i either ave to keep hitting the back button or hold it down for like 3 seconds, I like the phones where you just hit clear and it exits out of everything. I also found how you can find out about your service and do phone tests... from your background press the stick right, press *, press the joystick left two times, press *, pres the joystick left once more and press *. i would highly recommends this phone to anyone.

sony ericsson T610


Aug 21, 2004 by jester5532

ok, we all basically know that this is just about the least expensave phone in the united states that has a camera and bluetooth, the features are all fairly simple to use.
the camera, is not the best, but look what u get in other phones of the same price, nothing. the next best camera phone costs about 100 bucks minimum were as this can be had for 50, and the 100 dollar and up phones rarely have bluetooth, so for what your paying, its more than adequet, as its a phone, not a 500 dollar digital camera.
now here's the biggy, reception. i also own a samsung X105. when the X105 has 5 bars, this one has 3, when i would have two bars on the x105, the T610 has one or none, BUT. how well do these bars really measure how your connection is. apparently not well, in my driving test, i took both on the same rout one after another, conditions werent the best, it was cloudy, raining lightly with some lightning, but not too severe, the samsung, while it said it had two bars, when the call was made, it was scratchy, and breaking up, when i got to one point on the road, it just droped compleatly, and wouldnt call again till i was clear of the area (trees one one side, field on other. with the T610, i got the same results, only the T610 had 0-1 bars, where the samsung had 2, the results were the same, the calls droped in nearly the same spot, and sounded about the same in in the other places, where one phone had reception so did the other, where one droped, so did the other. in essence, the bar meter didnt really matter, since even though they clearly were not the same, the phone reception was the same to my ear.
how i tested=
the place i work for uses your standard pain in the rear, dial one for this and dial 2 for that, and dial 9 to listen over again. i called my work number, as they are closed today. and kept pressing 9 to listen over and over again to the recording, i then drove throgh my test course with one phone, and then again with the other, same results
conclusion, the phone is ok

Cool Phone


Aug 19, 2004 by Keystone

Great phone!

PROs: very crisp and bright screen display
built-in still camera with options
very good sound quality
up to 5 numbers per contact
large screen and iconic menu

CONs: no speakerphone
slow software (even freezes sometime)
no LED flash for pics in dim light
easy to damage

Overall the Sony Ericsson is a very cool attractive phone. The features are great with many voice commands. The main feature that I want that's missing is a speakerphone,but other than that, I highly recommend the Sony Ericsson T610.

Not a good one


Jul 31, 2004 by sms

I purchsed this phone with new activation from T-mobile.
My mistake was not to have powered on the unit in the store, the dummy models looked fine.

Pros: Never had a chance to really see this phone excel in any area.


- Ergonomics are bad, too small to fit in the hand, keys pad very shaky, Key presses are slow to respond, erractic behavior.

- Screen is DARK, setting contrast doesn't help. In the bright daylight the screen was practically impossible to see.

- Themes etc., too dark for use on the already challenged display.

I went back to the store and returned it afte r 6 hours. I will write about what i purchased in another review.

Don't buy this one, there are better phones available.

Great things come in small packages . . .


May 26, 2004 by zsolt

The T610 is a surprisingly compact package of many useful features.

It is also entertaining with all the free resources available for it on the Internet. I played with it for a week when I got it.

Great battery life.

Excellent Bluetooth modem (once you figure out how to configure it)

The key-lock is necessary due to it's sensitive keyboard.

Reception could be better.

The jog stick requires more force with time.

It is intuitive and easy to use.

The charger connector is well designed.

The camera is for emergency use only.

Still it is a lovely package.

I just bought a Sharp GX30, which turned out to be an empty exhibitionist.

I am going back to the T610.

love It


May 5, 2004 by videoguy

I have a few problems with the T610 with T-Mobile but overall I love the phone.... The screen is a problem outdoors but I use a bluetooth head set so I'm not paying too much attention to the screen as far as sound quality I'm always turning the sound down cause its always too loud..... making and receiving calls is no problem they all come thru, it could cause I'm in the Savannah Ga. area so a small town could have an affect on it.... those of you who have call quality problems what city are you in??? and how many cell companies are there that all could have an effect on the service

Highly overated! Lots of money for nothing!


Dec 31, 2003 by talker123

Bought this phone after hearing a lot of fanfare at its release. Looks great, great features, but reception is terrible. The RF must be incredibly weak as I got much better coverage with a 3 year old Samsung that I had received for free. I stopped using this Sony-Ericsson and am now trying to give it away. Plus the proprietary headset is a real drag as you have to find special adaptors which drop the clarity when the sound is weak to begin with. Also the camera is not very good quality so it is pretty much a useless feature.

Sorry I every fell for the Sony-Ericsson name.

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