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Loves To Drop Calls


Feb 26, 2004 by icecoldheineken

This phone is notorious for dropping calls. I would be in the middle of a conversation and the call would get lost. Therefore, whenever I move around while talking, I start to worry that my call will get dropped. Also, when you're dialing out, it takes a while for the phone to connect your call. With my old phone (also an LG), it would connect the call almost immediately, but with this one, I need to wait about 5 seconds--sometimes 10.

Aside from this, it is a good phone for all the reason stated in other reviews on phonescoop.

Some features missing...


Jul 28, 2003 by AJ

I was looking for a new phone anyway. One with a color screen. This seems like a great buy, and it is. I won't rehash the great display -- it is. The menus, browser, IM, etc. are all great.

The phone concept was a gimmic for me, but it works well. 99% of the time I use my phone for business. And there are some business-like features sorely missing from the phone. The User's Guide is a bit rough, so maybe they're actually there and I can't find them? Someone contact me if so...

Where I'm coming from: MOT StarTAC and then v60c.

1) Vibrate Mode. Seems like you can only enable vibrate (which I use constantly) with what they term "Manner Mode". But that also disables other things like keytones, etc. Why can't I just toggle between audible ringer and vibrate?
2) Missed Call/Message Notification. There's a great visual notification when you miss a call, etc. IF YOU OPEN THE PHONE! But what about when I miss a call because I dropped service when I went through that tunnel or walked through a dead-zone in our office building? No audible/vibrate notification??? How often do I have to manually open my phone to see if I missed a call??? When clients call me and I miss the call (for whatever reason) I need to know so I can get back to them. A periodic beep/vibrate like the MOT phones is totally in order here (at least the option). I can't believe it's missing!
-I'm seriously considering dropping this phone just for this [lack of] feature.
3) "T9" text completion blows compared to MOT's version. I haven't found it nearly as useful and have reverted to the old alpha-spelling of words; which is dog-slow.

Again, it's a great phone, but may not be right for business use. Unless someone can "find" those features in there. So close, yet so far.

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2 replacements so far...


Jun 7, 2004 by jamaikanmekrazy

At first I was real impressed with this phone, but now I am a bit concerned that I jumped the gun.

I am now on my 3rd phone. It appears that there is a major flaw with using a headset. The receiving party doesn't hear every word said. When Verizon tested at their store, they acknowledged 6 out of 10 words got through, the other 4 were dropped.

I have tried several headsets and have ruled them out as the culprit...it is the phone, not the headset that is defective.

In using the new phone today, I have already been told that all of a sudden my voice faded way back to where the reciever could barely hear me. When I removed the headset, it didn't change any. Could this be a new problem?

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. My roommate has a Moto T720 and is now on her 3rd phone as well. I wish Verizon would put out better phones.

The 1yr warranty also seems to be for the person and not the phone. My replacement now only has a 90 day warranty...and it's a refurbished unit. Wish me luck!

Good quality hardware, poor quality sound


Mar 14, 2004 by bradspace

I have had the VX6000 for about 5 months now. for about the last 2-3 months I have been having an issue with voice echo. Everything I say, I can hear back a split second later all garbled. I assumed that this was a network issue, so I left it alone for about a month until it became unbearable. I finally went into a store and they upgraded my firmware which got rid of the high pitched blips and bleeps, but not the echo. They swapped it out for another 6000. Same thing before I even left the parking lot. I went back and they swapped it again. Same thing. They said to hold onto it and they would check my lines and let me know. Never heard anything, so I called 611 and explained that this is my only phone and I need a solution. They finally offered to swap it with the Audivox 8900. I did some research and decided that wasn't a phone that I wanted. I swapped for another 6000. Same thing. I called 611 and explained that any more 6000 were useless, and that the Audiovox was crap and I would gladly pay the difference if I could get the Samsung SCH a610. They FINALLY (after a LOT of wrangling agreed) and I went to buy it. The problem I had with it is they still want my 6000 back and won't re-imburse me for any of the accessories that I have purchased along the way. So let me get this straight....they sell me a phone with an issue. They tell me that I need to play the game and have them swap it out - which I do 3 times....they say that they will ALLOW me to BUY another phone but I have to give them this one and then I have to eat all of the accessories that I purchased. Doesn't seem quite right. I am now testing a T-Mobile phone and will most likely be switching this week. Too bad, I loved Verizon and brought 5-8 people with me when I switched.

Overall, the 6000 feels solid and has nice features, the call quality is the worst part and I can't give it a higher rating considering that's what I bought a cell phone for!!

Lots of drop Calls


Feb 11, 2004 by tarunar

Not a great phone, because of its dual band freq.’s. It doesn't work every where.
As a verizonwireless Reseller, We get a lot of complaints about signal and reception.
If you leave reception aside, otherwise i would say this is a good phone, with a lots of positive features like- Excellent ringers, great sound quality, great camera, great looks etc..

Buttons To Small


Dec 26, 2003 by astravitz

OK, while all the other carriers have high resolution screens that are actually clear, speaker phones, large memory for storing pictures, predictive text, intuitive web browsing, clear pictures, and two way speakers in their flagship popular phones, Verizon delivers this piece of junk. The phone made for a midget and picture quality for a blind man!

Good luck... I'd wait to see if the 7000 model will be any better.

Not for me


Jun 12, 2004 by im_greg_p

This was my first cell phone and I have to say I cannot recomind it.

Unit is well built.

Easily used controls

Can easily recieve picture messages sent from a computer (make your own backdrops)

Can dial 3-rd Party ISP's and function as a modem (Uses airtime though but no extra charges)

Verizon pushes the Mobile IM yet they suck your money because they use TXT messaging and charge you, the most you can buy per month is 800, I used 6000 in one month on AIM. They need to develop an IP protocal for AIM or use WAP or offer unlimited texting.

Mobile Internet for Verizon runs like 70 dollars a month.

Signal Transmittor is all digital, this phone roams very poorly and can't use other towers well. I was unable to use this phone anywhere along I-95 North Carolina.

In low signal areas, sounds like a poor quality HAM radio

Games are 4x more expensive and many of them, although human vs computer, must be subscribed to, only a few have one time payment for unlimited play.

best phone i owned so far


Aug 10, 2004 by dennismc

Upgraded from the TM-510 what a difference call quality features and style.voice dialing is a lot better on this phone along with all the color no dropped calls so far and i had the phone for 3 weeks so far battery life is great maybe because it is new but we will see.camera is OK but don't expect high quality pics its only a phone people.i have software ver6 so far no glitches. being that the phone only cost me 29.99 i have no complaints.one other thing the screen is the best i have seen on some phones with 262,000 colors what would you expect?

Best Phone I've Ever Used


Jun 30, 2004 by angelboy

I bought this phone about a month and 1/2 ago for retail price with US Cellular. I have to say that this is the best phone I've had in my year of having a cell phone. So far I've had 5 phones so far as follows:
Nokia 3585
Audiovox CDM-8500
LG VX-10
Nokia 3360
Nokia 3586i
(I have some problems)

Then i got the VX6000 and I am quite impressed with this phone.

- vibrant color display
- u can pretty customize everything
- Camera with zoom
- Desktop Charger
- cool looks
- almost idiot proof (didn't even have to read the manual)
- Alarm, Scheduler with settable events
- no flash for camera

Oh, by the way there is an upgrade to the VX6000 called the VX6100 with a flash scheduled to release after further testing. NO specific time though!

good phone


Sep 26, 2003 by john doe

this is a good phone

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