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Jul 9, 2003 by SMSKING

I couldn't wait to get this phone. Finally Verizon has done something to compete with the others. The phone is nice and bright. I haven't had the chance yet to install the s/w for the uploading of the pictures yet. I think you have to pay for every pic sent. And I don't like the fact that it doesn't have have a hole for a strap. I have to change my ways and wear a belt clip.
The Pros: The size, color, camera, outside display and the loudness.
The Cons: You have to pay for each pic sent out!!! No strap...I need this! No flash. No ZOOM. Small nav. buttons.

Lots of features, lacks in holding onto calls


May 18, 2004 by vespa5

For one, I've had this phone for only 3 months and I had to swap it with a refurbished one 4 times already. The VZW reps in the SF Bay Area generally tell me that the VX6000 has been the most returned phone in their store line up. I agree with them since I never had so many calls dropped by a phone via VZW (and that's with a full set of reception bars!) Updated software and PRLs were not enough to improve on the "dropped calls" issue. The eggshape design also reflects on its durability. I've dropped one of my VX6000s once and brought it to a store and the rep. yelled out to his supervisor "We have another VX6000 mishap!" I'd rather stick to the a530s that I've been using ever since. Not as many features, but at least it doesn't drop as many calls as the VX6000 did for me.

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Excellent Phone!


Dec 23, 2003 by jblove

I have had this phone for only a short while but I am very impressed.


Nice size and feel
Excellent reception and clarity
TXT and E-mail work great
Camera is good --as far as cell phone cameras go..
Good audio volume
Excellent price with renew discount (less than $35.00 at VZW)
Excellent customer service at Verizon


I would have liked a speaker phone
Prefer an internal antenna
Side volume buttons are a bit awkward
Belt clip is a bit cheap and flimsy

I had thought about going to ATT Wireless since I like the selection of phones they had better than Verizon. Ordered the Motorola MPx200 through ATT on the Web. When received, absolutely NO signal at my house (Verizon has full bars of signal strength). The customer service at ATT was the worst I could imagine. On hold for 45 minutes on two occasions just to get a shipping label sent to me so I can ship it back....!!! Any longer and I could have driven there.

Bottom Line: In So Calif. stay with Verizon and this LG VX-6000 is a great value.

Great Phone, Awful Camera!


Sep 10, 2003 by Kevin McGowan

This is a great phone with all the bells and whistles you'd expect these days. The only feature I wish it had was the Ring/Vibrate feature where the phone would vibrate three times and then ring three times before going to voicemail. Contrary to a previous comment, vibrate is not only available through "manner mode" where key tones are also muted. All you do is completely lower the volume. The one thing I dislike about this phone is camera. If this is the main reason you are considering this phone, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. I don't understand why people are rating this phone a 5. It might be a 5 if it didn't have a camera, but since that's it's primary advertised function and the camera takes awful pictures, the phone falls short. I suspect most of these reviews are from people who don't want to admit the phone has fault because they already spent their money. Samsung seems to know something LG doesn't about digital camera phones. I only bought the LG VX6000 because it was the nicest phone Verizon had to offer at the time. The camera doesn't really bother me because I already have a digital camera.

- Easy to use. Simple navigation.
- Good screen resolution
- Voice clarity is excellent
- Lightweight and sleek design, construction feels solid though

- Camera flat out stinks. You need a lot of light and resolution is grainy
- Cheesy LED display on the front cover looks too gimmicky
- Should have been a little smaller (in length)
- No ring/vibrate feature like the discontinued LG-TM510 I bought 2 YEARS AGO had



Jul 14, 2004 by sr78

I would HIGHLY suggest this phone to anyone whether you are looking for a camera phone or not. i have been in the wireless industry for over 4 years, and i have never owned or sold a phone that is as dependable and durable as this phone. the battery give's very good life. ulike some phone's that state's it unbelieveable battery life, i have never witnesses a phone stand true to it's saying as well as the LG6000. The only con to it, is that it doesn't support analog, but i havent had any problem's yet and i have had this phone for 8 months. i even live in a mountanous area. this phone has been dropped, etc.. quite a few times,, and it stills works as well as it did when it was brand new. it is worth the money, and your making a good choice by purchasing this phone!! good luck!!

Off Da Hook


Jun 14, 2004 by vzwcust4ever

Well, definitely this phone is just off da hook!!!I seriously cannot picture myself with another phone right now.I will be lying if I say that the phone is Perfect.There is no perfect phone(if u know where it is, let me know), but u do believe that technology has its own errors but verizon its just looking for perfection! DEFINITELY! I've traveled with this phone in 3 different countries and havent had a problem yet and i had it for over 10 months now.i was even able to send and receive txt in canada at the same local rate so it was a great deal! dont u think? anyway, the phone is fully recommended and i know im not alone in this one.

All Around a very solid phone


Apr 27, 2004 by heyitischris

I must say the LG vx6000 is one of the best, if not the best phone Verizon sells. I think LG makes quality products and would have no problem paying top dollar for quality (anything that will cause less problems is of value to me) . I had a moto t720 before this phone and i could never see the true battery life the phone had bc the battery meter fluctuated constantly. The camera feature can use some work though--it needs a flash for camera and also in order to zoom it takes away from pic quality. As far as the phone features itself, i had problems with the answering machine feature under Voice Services, don't know if this is just a problem with my phone. Other than these minor drawbacks, this is an excellent phone. The picture sending can be lots of fun when you have other friends with camera phones. Now they offer a website where you can send pics to other carriers as well, its called 'pixtopix.com'. This the only phone where you can download modtones DJ, vocals in your ringtones!

One of the BEST cell phones on the market


Apr 26, 2004 by R30

I recently sent my Sam-sung a-610 back to Verizon and ordered the LG VX 6000. (The Samsung a-610 was a sharp looking phone but very sluggish and slow in executing basic phone features, but the sound quality was fantastic).

The LG VX 6000.


1. It's light weight.
2. The sound quality is good, when the signal is strong.
3. It has caller ID on the back of the case (which is nice).
4. It has the most user friendly options I've ever seen on a phone.
5. It's sturdy.
6. It has more download options on GET-IT-NOW (Verizon feature) than most phones on the market. (it has more than double the amount of download options than the a-610).


1. I travel alot along the Wasatch Front in Utah. The digital signal is lost quite easy. (I am a truck driver.)
2. The 950mAh battery that comes with the phone dies very quickly. It usually doesn't make it thought the entire day.
3. The camera lense is easy to smudge, it's right where I naturally put my finger when talking.

Over all I really like this phone. I think as Verizon improves their system the pure digital signals will only get better.

Despite the CONs I've listed I really love this phone and think it's the best I've had so far, I've had many many cell phones :-)

Fantastic Phone/Verizon ripoff!"


Feb 18, 2004 by Terri McNeill

Pros: The phone is the best cell phone I have ever owned! The clarity is very good and the features are easy to use. The camera takes great photos!

Cons: Too bad I can't access my photos without paying verizon .25 cent per photo! You have to email them and they charge .25 per photo PLUS connection fees to get them! My husband has the same phone (LG VX600)through US cellular and he received a usb data cord and software for downloading your photos directly to your computer! Too bad that the software is designed for US Celluar phones only and can not be used by the Verizon VX LG 6000 model

Cool phone, Bad Camera


Jul 17, 2003 by Floyd Jenkins

I've been waiting and waiting for Verizon to finally present a camera phone. I just upgraded my phone today to the new LG VX-6000, and I'm sad to say I'm returning it. As far as a phone, it's awesome. It has many nice features that did impress me. As far as a camera phone, it is not anything impressive or to brag about. Especially when you compare it to Sprint's Sanyo 8100. I'm embarrassed to even present this phone to my friends that already have camera phones. Even in a well lit area and tweaking the settings the colors aren't very vivid. If the quality of the camera was much better, this phone would be all around great. Overall though, I must say I'm disappointed. I'm just going to be patient and wait till Verizon gets a better one.

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