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Nice gadget for price


Jul 12, 2004 by pgens

I got two of these phones on the Verizon online 2-for-$70 deal. I was in a Verizon store with a friend testing camera phones, and remembered that this one was pretty good.

Reception has been fine... one annoying thing is that if someone calls and hangs up without leaving a message, most of the time I don't get an alert that I missed the call. I have to remember to go three menu commands deep to check the Missed Call log.

The A610 has a nice TFT screen that is readable even when dimmed.

The phone came with a cradle-style charger.

I'm hesitant to recommend the Verizon-branded leather case. The phone looks real nice in it, but if you want to swivel the display the top part has to at least be unbuttoned, and if you want to use the flash the bottom part has to come off because it covers the flash unit. And if you want to charge the phone in the cradle the bottom part has to come off. I don't use the swivel much but having to take the bottom part off is really annoying.

With a third-party data cable and GAGIN I was able to load my own wallpapers (only 10 though), load my own MIDI ringtones, and copy off pictures I had taken with the camera. Research is necessary for newbies because you need to create folders on the phone in GAGIN.

- okay camera, has a flash
- clear, bright screen
- voice speaker adequately loud
- good amount of memory for pictures
- vibrate is stronger than other phones

- no external display
- no speakerphone
- contacts list doesn't allow duplicate numbers

Samsung a610: Verizon's BEST Camera Phone!!


Apr 10, 2004 by river0

Last month I went into Verizon to buy the VX6000 or Audiovox 8900. I'd read about the a610, but I really liked the VX6000. The salesperson had his own VX6000 with him & took me through it. Then I asked about the a610, which he had never seen. After he got the a610 up and running, there was no contest: the a610 was clearly superior to the very good VX6000. And after we'd explored the a610 a bit, I ended up selling HIM on the a610! I paid $79 (after Verizon sevice bonus & rebate) for what I consider Verizon's best camera phone.

Design—Clean lines; "flat" keys with blue backlighting

Signal—Strongest Verizon reception I've had in the rural Midwst; not one dropped call in 5 weeks

Sound quality—Excellent reception, strong for pickup

Voice Recognition System—Absolutely superb & does NOT need training! several voice signal modes: digit dial, name dial, phonebook dial, quick dial, etc.

Color Display—Bright & crisp; best I've seen

Display Swivel—Solid, no hint of being fragile

Camera—Flash, zoom, barrel-turn lens; best 0.3 Mpixel :) camera I've seen

Battery Life (standard)—Incredible! my standby times run 10-12 days; in-use times run almost 5 hours

Size—If you like the ear piece of a phone to be at your ear and the mouthpiece to be near your mouth, you'll love the a610; the design of phone and its clarity have led me to forget that I'm using a wireless & not a hardline phone (gotta watch that during the PEAK periods)

No external Caller ID (unless display is swiveled): that gave me pause before I bought this phone but was mitigated by the face that the phone DOES have an obvious & very bright green/red Service LED to signal power status & incoming calls.

The Verizon-brand two-piece! leather case, with optional belt clip (comes in a 3-item package); top piece protects display/swivel section, bottom piece protects keys/guts of phone.

Samsung A610 is Awesome!!


Feb 22, 2004 by Maximus

I've had this phone for about a week and it has not given me any problems whatsoever. I live just outside New York City, and get very good reception for an all digital phone. I used to own the LG 6000 and that phone doesn't even compare to the Samsung 610! I also looked at the Audiovox camera phone and wasn't impressed at all. The 610 has a very good display and the picture quality is excellent. The phone is a little bigger than most, but not to the point where it's a main concern. The menu is very user friendly, ring tones are nice and loud, and I love the new voice activation this phone offers. By far this phone is the best Verizon has put out, I suggest you get one or at least check it out.
Since the phone does not have an outside screen to caller id, all you have to do is just flip the top around. Now I've found out something you all may want to know. If your screen is flipped to the outside and you receive a call....you do not have to flip it around to hear the person. On the all silver side, the speaker acts like an ear piece. Try it out!!

Don't listen to the naysayers - They're just pisst that they have to pay full price for it!


Feb 12, 2004 by Brooklyn Blues

The phone is absolutely gorgeous. Probably the best that Verizon has ever offered. The screen blows the VX6000 away. Great user interface, solid build quality, good RF! Yes, the phone is an eenie weenie on he bulky side but not that much. If you want bulky, get a V60p, now that thing is a brick.

The camera takes great pics. Just like the Sprint verizon I used to have.

My only gripe with the phone is that it doesn't have an external display but who cares. You can leave the flip out backwards and besides, you're gonna open the damn flip to answer the call anyway. I figured out how to answer the call with just one hand too! No problems here.

Far as pricing goes, $220. That's not bad. Considering SPCS was selling this phone for $349 when it first came out. Now they sell it for $200 with a 2 year contract. Verizon is just $20 more - big freakin deal.

Whoever says the phone isn't gonna be a big seller obviously doesn't have a clue. People have been longing for a Samsung camera phone on Verizon, especially one with a flash. The pics are better than the VX6000 and the Audiovox 8900.

If Verizon lowers the price just an eenie weenie, the phone will be a good sell. Especially those who currently have the Sprint version but hate their service and want to port over to Verizon and get this one.



Feb 8, 2004 by jasondock

This phone is great. The camera on it is excellent (I emailed a few pictures to my self and they look amazing). The flash and zoom also work very well. The screen swivel feature is very useful and a lot of fun. It is very easy to take pictures when the screen is turned around. So far I haven't had one problem with the phones performance, and I don't believe i will have any. GET THIS PHONE!

best style evere, for a couple of year at least!


Feb 13, 2004 by aianoway

this phone is just great the quality that it has just beat all other hone out there
the color, the graphics, the screen, the pixels, just evrything this phones has it all and is complete, theres only two things maybe that i dint like, why didnt they put a speaker on it, and sometimes moving through the menu kind of take some time as to compared to other phones, but other then that is great i give it a 5 out of 5, I'm having so much fun with it! i suggest u buy it

Nice, but no A530


Feb 15, 2004 by harley4life

I like phone over all. I have had the phone for a few days now and have come to like the size. It seems more masculine. The pros for this phone is the display, it has a great display. The camera is also very nice, the flash is a little helpful, it is a camera phone after all, so don't expect perfect pictures in dark areas. The menu is easy to get around in, it is a lot like the A530, the buttons are easier to push when sending text messages. I don't ever seem to miss a text message. The sound is outstanding, the volume is loud and clear, at least on my end. The camera has a few features that make it a little better than the VX6000 and 8900. The voice recognition is great.
The Cons, and a big one, is I have already been told that people are calling me and it is not ringing. I have had a couple calls ring once and then hang up; I have been told that it rang 6-7 times on the caller’s side. The signal strength is low most of the time indoors, compared to the A530 which had great signal, is a step down in reliability. This is not good. The sound on the other end is not very clear; the clicking noise is there, not loud, but there. The fact of no outer display is annoying, but I can live with it.
I don't know if I will keep it, I will exchange it for another one, to see if it is just this phone that has poor reception, if not, then I will probably have to return it, I need to trust that I am getting my calls. Since I have service with Verizon Wireless, I know I can get the calls, if the phone can hold the signal.

Awesome phone


May 9, 2004 by EatWithJoel

This is a great phone. I've had it for about a week now and so far there have been no problems. The rotating camera and swivel-flip combination is a great idea. The reception is great...my signal strength in my basement is much better than with my old Kyocera 2325. The picture messaging capability is very good, so far it has been flawless.


- Swivel-flip, solid axis
- Rotating camera
- "Manly" design
- Vibrant screen

- Sometimes there is a little bit of lag time after pushing the "contacts" button
- Hard to find a leather case

Two thumbs up ...way up !!!!


Mar 5, 2004 by softkyssis

Gotta getcha ya one !!!!!!
It is theee best...A classy phone alll over the place...In every area....Alll Pro's ....
Loaded with features..It's a bit bigger than the rest of them ...I like the feel of it...I am having sooo much fun playing with it..I haven't had any problems ..I have had it a couple weeks now...
I can't find a case for it tho..that will swival with the top?????

A Great Phone


Mar 6, 2004 by mango2kw

Just got mine yesterday. Spent some time shopping around and comparing before I made my decision. I'm very pleased. This phone has all the features that I am looking for, plus it's a pretty cool gadget. I wasn't interested in one of those tiny "ladies" phones, so the size is just right. The camera feature is OK, but if I am going on a photo shot I will take my digital.
All in all, top notch and highly recommended.

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