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Horrible no wonder verizon discontinued it!!!


Oct 31, 2004 by Ervin

To me the phone is not worth the 200 dollars i spent on it. I must admit the pictures at high resoulution are great but other than that it is terrible. Memory is bad you save up to like 15-30 things in your calendar and its full. Maybe its becuz i was sopiled with my lg. it was alot better. Lgs are better phones anyway i see one carrier still carries it but to those looking to purchase it still i dont by it. I heard the 710 is alot better.

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My Samsung A-610


Oct 28, 2004 by nickslick

I got the samsung a-610 about a month and a half ago. Overall, I like it, its pretty cool. I get alot of compliments on it for the simple fact that the top part of the clamshell flips around. I enjoy that function as well, except for I'm still searching for a purpose for it. They say that the twist around function acts as an outer caller id, however when using it as such, the screen blacks out after maybe a minute or two. Also its probably about one of the ugliest phones out today. the outer beauty of the phone is non existent. The screen however, is a great big size, which is wonderful for vision impaired people such as myself. Also, its super bright! I am so-so on the camera. one good thing is that you can adjust the camera. My reception is beyond wonderful, thats cuz I roll with the best, yes, Verizon Wireless, yea let that marinate! o.k. so pro's and con's.

big screen
top part of phone twists around
great reception (thanks verizon)
can adjust the camera

ugly, ugly, ugly
menu tree is a tad unorganized
outer caller id function is not the truth

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great phone


Oct 20, 2004 by cellboy

Well let me start this review by saying i worked for verizon in the past and presently work for another cell carrier. so my idea of a good or great phone is a little different than most. I tend to look at the whole phone and what it does as well as how it does it and not just make my decision on a few items either missing or present.


First ill give the pros which there are a lot.

1)great and i mean great picture quality for a non megapixel phone. i have owned the lg 6000, audiovox 8900 and 8910, the moto v878, and the dissappointing v710, and while i think the 710 is feature packed and all the camera sucked big butt. the lg had the best camera quality until this one came along.

2)good feel and build. some people say its too big and i disagree. its smaller than the v710 and the same size overall as the lg 6000, while it is bigger than the v878 and the 8900/8910 it has a better quality feel to it. i think the flip is put together better and doesnt wiggle around or feel like its going to break like the v878, and 8900/8910.

3)menu is very intuative and easy to use, and with three styles of menu there is something for everyone.

4)flash is actually usefull. this is a major beef of mine in almost every camera phone with a flash. they arent worth anything. the lg didnt even have one , and the v710 and v878 and 8910 arent even usefull. heck the v710 is more like a flashlight.

now on to the cons..

1) no preloaded games.

2)only 3 preloaded wallpapers.

3)no external caller id.

thats really it!!! I would definatly say that if you can get a good deal on this phone like i did its wort the price. and its a nice conversation starter with the swivel flip and rotating camera. hope this is helpfull!!!!

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Leather Cases That Allow Swivel Top


Oct 6, 2004 by Salesgirl

A friend has purchased this phone and absolutely loves it! Has been a great, solid, phone so far. Anyone wanting to purchase a sturdy camera phone that does not sound like it is going to fall apart in your hand, this would be it!

*****For those of you wanting leather cases that allow the top to swivel, my friend found her case at Radioshack******

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Sep 13, 2004 by dmhaycraft

I haven't had very many phones... but compared to any Nokia, this phone blows them all away. I looked at all the phones at verizon... and came up with nothing... in fact, I was really disappointed in their selection. Until I came across this phone. Anyone who says thsi phone is a piece of junk, then you prolly got a ghetto refurbished phone. This phone is amazing!! Granted, phones are getting smaller.. but what is the point in a phone that you can hardly hold?! this phone is the apropriate size to be talking on the phone.

*It swivels.... so fun!
*takes wonderful pictures.. and the picture quality is better than even a camera.
*reception is better than any stupid nokia.
*flat numbers...
*wonderful screen... my boyfriend loves the screen and he is so picky with his screens.
*good color
*animated backgrounds
*good sounds quality
*fun to play with
*high speed internet.. i love to check my email
*cute phone... not too big.. not too small...
*not too girly!
*good menu style selections
OVERALL: wonderful... wouldnt get another phone if someone paid me!

*no caller id on front
*not many ring tone selections
and due to verizon... cant get a cute ringtone unless through the getitnow thing or through a datacable. but oh well.

I didnt pay much for the phone.. but i would have paid full price for it!!!
I recommend this phone to everyone!

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Fantastic features, so-so performance, acquired aesthetic taste


Sep 12, 2004 by shattenjager

I bought this phone for a feature that everyone seems to ignore, so I'll point that out first--it has a third menu option that most phones do not have called "camera" and that menu is just wonderful by comparison to the awful "icon" and "list" menus used by the LG phones in particular and most others in general--that menu was enough to sell the phone to me, but it certainly has other qualities.

Nearly every feature possible--I've had the phone for about four months now and I'm sure I haven't seen them all.

High number of games and ringers available through Verizon's "Get it Now" feature compared to those of other phones.

Fantastic quality camera including flash, zoom (2x on medium quality, 2x and 4x on low quality, none on high quality), selectable quality level, brightness controls, swivel ability, "flipping" ability of picture laterally or vertically, and even more.

If you feel the need for an external LED, you can swivel around the screen, then flip it down and it will turn itself right-side-up--but the lack of a regular such screen is a selling point for me--that part gets broken too easily on phones that have it.

Heavy, big phone. I like the size--it's the only cell phone that feels like it's worth its price (which is rather hefty when buying it new as opposed to the current Verizon refurbished deal).

Fantastic menu.

Digital-only. This doesn't matter in most areas, but where I live in northeastern Colorado, it does come into play.

Signal strength both at home and at school in Boulder (still CO) is weaker than I've seen in the LG 4400 and 6000. But, it still beats the pants off of the Motorola 710 and C343 as well as the LG 8900.

Camera lens seems to get speckled and then it's impossible to clean.

It's ugly. Let's face it, this is the ugliest cell phone on the planet. I honestly rather like that about it, but it is ugly.

I never seem to get reminders from it when I've gotten a message or missed a call.

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Great Phone!!!!


Aug 19, 2004 by cuppingmaster

I love this thing, there are so many cool features to use. A vast improvement over my aging Kyocera. It's built well too, and the swivel screen seems solid. All the features are great and the phone is on promo for $50 right now - can't beat it. This one trumps my gf's a670, which doesn't do EMS and has fewer get it now items.

Reception is good for the L.A. area on Verizon, which already has good strength. Always 3-4 bars.

Pros: Nice looking and impressive features, EMS is nice, easy navigation, great battery life for a huge screen, and swivel camera

Con: No external LCD (need to keep service LED flashing to remind me it's on), no way to completely silence, clunky charger.

All in all though, great for the money!

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Aug 5, 2004 by darklathia

I have been doing my homework on this handset

your pros
its a unique phone
has a rotating flip
diplay is large
is not a tiny phone(for men)
a seems to be pretty durable

for those who don't baby your phone and drop it often and won'r buy a leather case.. this phone is not for you....
people who don not follow directions this phone is not for you (twist the wrong way and there goes your lcd)

reception issues...

remember this if you notice in hospitals and police stations even the airport how you tend to have poorer reception that comes from ther being a tower 2 far away or that the community near there is not allowing one... (golf course are notorious for no cell service) just keep this in mind when you look to get a cellphone... the phones reception should be the same no matter what... if you have a reception issue i know verizon has techs... bring it to you local store with a tech... verizon can tell you where... also you can speak with a cust care rep to find out about tower issues or maybe a tower going up soon... most hold ups on those are due to communities that do no-t want a tower to go up cause they are ugly... around where i live they now mask them as plam trees... and you can only tell the tree id fake if you are with in 20 ft of it otherwise it looks real... so lets go to out city commisions and let the carries build more towers cause then we can have better service all round :)

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Jul 29, 2004 by verizonsparky

I have read a lot of reviews about the 610 and there are some things that need to be addressed....

The 610 does have the ability to have an outside caller ID. Just flip the display! When you answer the phone, you do not need to rotate the flip. You can here the caller from either position.

There was also some controversy about the going through the menu for the missed calls, all you need to do is press the send key once. it will pull all of your calls up on the screen. It shows missed, incoming, and sent.

Now for the bad news. I personally own this phone and I HATE it. It shuts off intermittently when I close the flip. I loose signal for no reason and the reception is 10x worse than my wife's lgvx6000!!

I would suggest people to buy LGI over any phone out there. They have a great track record with their phones. This one is not worth the money.

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Great Phone


Jul 21, 2004 by haas001

I have to agree with most of the others reviewers - this is a great phone. The voice recognition is really cool and very helpful when driving or busy doing other things. I haven't had a problem with it yet. The minor cons mentioned by others are inconvenient, but manageable.

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