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If you can find one, buy it!


Sep 20, 2010 by siedkick

Amazingly functional, fast, user-friendly. Solidly built. Best design/shape/size available. Unheard-of customer support.

No longer available directly from Google.

I knew I wanted one of these phones as soon as they were introduced, but I procrastinated. Then, when they were discontinued, the after-market price went through the roof. I finally managed to obtain a one-month old unit for about what I would have paid for a brand new one.

I contacted HTC to re-registered the phone since I bought it used. After updating my info, they told me that if for any reason, I should ever need to return the phone, their policy is to ship out a replacement first, after which, I would send them mine in the same box. That way, I would not be without a phone. Now that's customer service!

After a late start, the Android system is leaving Apple in the dust. HTC with Android - it just doesn't get any better!



Aug 11, 2010 by njd915

To sart off Best phone I have ever had, I had a G1 before, and a Moto Cliq, then the HD2, I missed android and traded for my HD2, best trade ever. was able to get what I wanted without buying phone from Google, Great phone overall, here is my specs that i have created.

1GHz SnapDragon processor
L.E.D Flash Light
5MP Camera
AMOLED Display
Android 2.2 (Froyo, as the update)
Battery life is great.

Screen could have been larger.
no option for trackball to light up in different colors unless you download an app for that.
Speaker can be louder.
Capacative touch buttons

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Jul 8, 2010 by Axekick

The Nexus One far surpassed my high expectations for it. I waited a long time after its release to purchase, carefully reading and analyzing all reviews, contemplating their next move with the phone, possible price drops/increases, etc.. to this was not an impulse purchase. Very little bad information that appeared legitimate was written on this phone, anyway.

Call quality
Available Application for free or little $$$
Google Earth
Car Navigation
Easily configure with Google Email, Voice, Calendar etc..

Every feature of this phone, detailed anywhere has been useful and functioned as intended.

Fingerprints (as with any touchscreen)

Overall I really have no complaints about the phone at all. I am uncomfortable with having purchased a phone from Google, that was manufactured from HTC and utilizes T-Mobiles cellular service. It would make "passing the buck" easy and convenient. Based on my research I've not read any reports of that happening. The phone is reasonably priced all things considered. T-Mobile is excellent service in my area as well as the most feasible.

I've limited experience using this phones camera and have had mixed results while doing so. The video does quite well in adequate lighting but the camera has produced both low quality and superb pictures. I have yet to determine why the inconsistency.

Otherwise a near perfect phone, easy to access and fast due to processor and memory as well as the layout of the OS/programs.

Nexus, the shizztaculairity


Mar 19, 2010 by Jleerus

This phone makes all other phones out there look like fools.The amount of stuff this phone is capable of makes this phone absolutely and unquestionably the best on the market its lightning fast, has google backing (a definite plus), and is fully touch screen with a phone like this you will never go wrong.



Mar 19, 2010 by M0NK3YM4N

I bought this phone online through google and i was very uneasy and unsure about it. Google ships it to you over night with no extra cost associated! Ten min after turning the phone on i fell in love, the screen is outstanding, screen is responsive and the onboard keyboard user friendly. Also its the most customizable phone on the market!


-Beautiful LED screen(high res to date)
-5* touch screen responsive
-Pan background as well as live
-Processing speed is outstanding
-Android apps(no need to say more)
-Everything! lol


-Guess what.......There isnt any!

Buy this phone and support one of the great American companies! Google rocks!



Mar 13, 2010 by ozzy33

This phone is blazing fast,it's as fast as a laptop!!It can blaze through web pages at lighting fast speeds and operates them smoother than any other phone,even the 3gs.It also is compatible with tons of apps from Google.And I love that it comes unlocked,that is one of favorite things about it. It is also an amazing media phone,it can store a ton and plays music and video better than any iphone.And it streams off the internet well,too.It also has great battery life. It also has the most beautiful screen ever.But, I'm going to wait to buy this phone after the Microsoft phone comes out with windows mobile 7.Because I'm a huge Microsoft fan and I think that phone could possibly be better than the Nexus One.

Overall a great phone!


Mar 4, 2010 by thomas_fischer

I have had this phone for a few weeks now and it is by far one of the best smartphones I have ever had! I am usually a blackberry person myself but the Nexus One incorporates business and pleasure into one sleek device that fits well in the palm of your hand.

- Push Email
- The amount of apps (They have all the ones you need)
- Messaging is threaded (Easily check messages)
- Everything loads quick and easy
- Runs Android 2.1 (The only phone that does so far!)
- IM runs in the background!
- Live Wallpapers! (They move!)
- 5 megapixel camera with flash and zoom
- 3G capable

- Tough if you don't use Google resources
- Trackball doesn't change colors
- Ringtone selection is horrible
- Battery life is ok, have to charge every night from moderate use
- Flexes between 3G and EDGE, depending on where you are at

To sum it up, the Pros outweigh the Cons any day! Of course with every phone you are going to have your likes and dislikes but this is one phone you will be happy you bought. Even though it's only for T-Mobile, their coverage is sufficient and I haven't had any problems for the most part.

- Tom



Feb 21, 2010 by Ravi012

This is one of the best phone I've ever had. My brother has iphone 3gs and I had a chance to detailed comparison - screen is bigger, smoother and apps start much faster than Iphone 3gs. I wasn't pleased to shell-out close to $600 bucks but now I know it was well worth it.



Feb 19, 2010 by narn3049

I looked at this phone and did the online tour walk through thing on google. I couldnt call from it but it gave me the walkthrough if u looked through all of the applications. It was very fast and responsive, and its lightweight. I'm happy to see this phone on the the market.

REALLY LIKE THIS PHONE and I am not going to get it though. I have to be careful of dropping a touchscreen phone because i used the LG Voyager and the touchscreen front broke. I cannot believe this phone because it is TOTALLY insane sooooo yeah ok bye

Fast and efficient


Jan 30, 2010 by ManDaru

The phone is a beast. It blazes through web pages and has the hardware to kill most phones out there. I like it and it gets the job done really fast. As i started using it, it became a sort of hassle to do anything on it. The battery is a bit worse than the Iphone 3gs' battery, it has a snapdragon processor, but the phone lacks the smooth and elegant internet experience you get on the Iphone, though it loads pages very fast, the phone also has a 5 megapixel camera with the quality of a 3.0 megapixel camera.
Overall it is an amazing phone if you love android and it is certainly a contender against the Iphone 3gs, but it's not the phone for me. :)

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