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Nexus one Great phone


Apr 22, 2010 by dcool

the phone is great
good power and seams limitless in allot of aspects


the phone feels good in my hand and pocket even with the protective case on it it fits well for me. I love the fact it only have a track ball and volume keys as its hard control, I think that is all todays smart phones need, the screen is very responsive.


Android is a wonderful system, it seems to have allot of potential to develop and from some if the things i saw on you-tube, the OS is growing rapidly. The app store has valid apps as well as just the fun silly ones so it addresses everyone example dildroid check it out for yourself the settings of the OS seams to be all located together and is not as stressfull as the windows mobile OS.

I love the nexus one i think it brings something good to the smart-phone world and i love the fact that it is not as controlled as with the IPhone

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Nexus One is amazing!


Apr 14, 2010 by jakkzen

I purchased my phone to use on at&t's 3g network. Here in Atlanta I have great 3g. I was a little concerned that I would not like the phone even after tons of research. I have been a iPhone 3gs user since last summer. Before that I had the 3g and 2g.

I am no stranger to android, having owned a G1, mytouch, and a Motorola Droid. The nexus one is by far the best phone I have ever owned. Does everything an iPhone can but it does it better in most cases.

My only issues are minor. Fixing typos in a email or text is not as easy on android as iPhone. Also the battery life is awful. Even with all the typical battery saving techniques in use.

I love the phone and will continue to stick with android, htc and Google if they keep making phones like this and better.

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Nice, real nice.


Apr 7, 2010 by Versed

Excellent voice, excellent connections speeds on AT&T's network. Nice included apps. Screen is fantastic.

Sometimes the screen stalls, honestly I think its more of a difference between an AMOLED screen and regular LCD. But more I use it and learn its feel, the better.

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Mar 28, 2010 by jmanjohn

I gave up my iPhone for the Nexus One. First and foremost the horsepower is very evident and part of the overall satisfaction of the device. Some of the apps I have toyed with lack but are not representative of the phone. The model I have is for the At&T network and unlike the iPhone 3G I don't seem to have the dropped calls as before. The transceiver seems to have a little more sensitivity too, I have bars in more places (reception put bluntly). The Dock for the phone is very sleek. I have yet to find a satisfactory screen protector or carrier. The search is still on.
I also appreciate the fact that the phone surface is not shinny. Less prone to evident scratches save the screen surface. The brushed look not only feels good, it is not slippery as the polished iPhone.

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Overall Awsome


Feb 24, 2010 by tobias

As has been said before, this is by far the best computer produced. I say computer because as a phone it is above average but not perfect. It lacks a dedicated profile mode, and speed dial. These issues have an easy work-around by placing shortcuts on one of the 5 home screens. Still, it would be nice to have the dedicated key. 3G in the Chicago suburbs leaves alot to be desired. I was using a Samsung and had a strong 3G signal in ares the Nexus One has none. If Google and T-Mobile ever quit playing the blame game and work together maybe they can fix this. That being said, The phone is very solid and feels like a quality product with no cheap plastic feel to it at all. The resolution is amazing. It flies through web sites but multi-touch is sadly missing. The music player is okay, after all it is a phone. The camera takes decent enough pics. Battery life is good but if you are going to give it a work out, make sure you have a charger handy. I have to say after using this for almost a month now, you would have a difficult time getting it away from me.

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Replace my iPhone with this!


Mar 25, 2010 by musclemasterflex

Just got this and replaced my iPhone with it. This phone rocks! Got an xoskin from http://xoskins.com on it for $2 off. Android Tapp did a review and gave a coupon androidtapp2off The first thing I noticed with this phone is the responsiveness. The thing is quick, without jailbreaking or hacking it! I can barely tell its in my hand cus it is so light. I have dropped it twice and the ting still works, can't say that for some other phones I have own. Get this phone 5 blue boxes all the way lol

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Great try for first phone...


Jan 13, 2010 by gooshjkc

Overall I like my Nexus One, but it doesn't give me the awe factor that I was expecting.

Pros: 1) Feel of the phone (feels solid and expensive, unlike many phones out there); 2) Processor (of course, this advantage won't last long); 3) OLED; and 4) two microphones.

Cons: 1) OLED (practically can't see anything in sunlight); 2) Andriod (what Google needs to do here is buy up Palm and integrate WebOS with Andriod. Now, that will put any companies OS to shame); 3) touchscreen is not as responsive nor as smooth as the iPhone (didn't want to mention iPhone, but they do currently have the best touchscreen out there).

Do I have any regrets on getting it? ABSOLUTELY not. It is on par with my two other phones, Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS. All three have advantages and disadvantages and that's why I have all three. Now, I just wish one of these companies would come up with a phone that will have all the advantages put into it, so I can stop lugging around three phones.

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Jan 18, 2010 by gprsking

As cleveland brown says: Horaaaaaay for a 3.5 mm jack! Good job Htc!

Its lacks internal memory compared to the myTouch 3G.

Man, just when get near to a good fine tuned device, something pops up and screws everything up, similar to the treo pro. Oh well maybe next time.

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Save your money


Jan 21, 2010 by Vaun Norwood

Nexus One, save your money! 1.Tinny speaker phone and loud hiss from the ear piece. 2.GUI bad, doesn't make sense, to many steps to find out simple stuff, email, missed calls, txt msgs. 3.Keyboard doesn't pop-up easily, I have to fight with it. 4.Google Market, nothing is in order, searches pull up a while bunch of app that have nothing to do with what your searching for. 5.Problem with dropped calls and service, I never have this problem with my unlocked IPhone. Thr are a couple of things I do like about the phone but the bad out wt the good for me. I think the Android is a great platform with tons of potential, unfortunately Im not impressed with Googles or HTC attempt with the Nexus One

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