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The Best Phone I Have Ever Owned


Jan 10, 2010 by bleekerbaby

After owning an n900, 3GS, BB 9700, and Motorola Droid, I think I have finally found the perfect phone. Why?

Screen is unbelievably crisp, bright, and colorful. Seriously...It is better than the screen on my Macbook. I have NEVER seen such fidelity in a mobile screen.

It's FAST. When I say fast, I mean roadrunner fast...web pages download faster than the 3GS and the n900, and over all navigation is quick.

It's reliable. I have not had a crash or a reboot yet...When I had the n900, it would crash just from looking at it.

It's thin, light, has unibody construction, and it feels great in your hand.

One-handed operation. the little scroll ball allows you to use the phone with one hand - it can be used to scroll through your homescreens, it can select applications, links, text fields, all with one hand. Incredibly useful!

Incredible software. Android has really come a long way. I find it to be a perfect middle ground between all of the other OSes. Not only do I have superior access to all of the Google services I love (gmail, gchat, google voice, maps, so on), but the OS is rock solid, and it makes perfect sense. YES, it is NOT as easy as the iPhone OS, but once you learn it (it takes about 30 minutes), you will see that you have much more control and power over the phone than you would if it were an iPhone.

For example, I can set any song as a ringtone, right from the media player. If I want to use a particular section of a song as a ringtone, then there is an application called RingDroid that will allow me to assign only a part of the song as a ringtone. Oh yeah, this application is FREE. Amazing. Also, I can delete songs or complete albums from my library right from the device.

Needs T-Mobile for 3G in the United States. I'm not knocking the Nexus One for that, especially after learning that T-Mobile has the fastest 3G network in the US. 7.2 HSPDA FTW!

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A True Object of Desire


Jan 14, 2010 by hdtravel

If you want the best of the best in a cell phone then look no further.

Beautiful styling and design
Powerful Android operating system
Gorgeous big, bright, vivid touch screen
MIcro-sd card slot up to 32GB
Replaceable battery
Good audio and reception

Sold by one of the coolest companies on the planet.

Worth every penny.

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Jan 10, 2010 by Belial

best phone I have ever used, I cannot wait for a cdma version!

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Not a bad Device.


Apr 13, 2010 by Slash

I have purchase this phone for AT&T and had it for about a week now. This device is awesome I do have to say and very well constructed with nice hardware! How ever I did find a few flaws with this device and it became very annoying.

- Pros -
1 Ghz Snapdragon processor great for multimedia and multi-tasking.

Nice Multi-media features they could improve the video quality a bit more.

30,000 Plus Apps in the Android market

Android is more developer friendly so you see more apps by actual people instead of companies such as yahoo or Microsoft.

OLED screen very nice colors and live backgrounds.

5 Mega-pixel camera with flash better than most smart phones.

Expandable memory up to 32gb with a microsd card.

Noise cancellation technology works very nicely with the dual microphones.

- Cons -

Can't download picture mail on a wifi connection probably just a minor bug that needs to be fixed.

OLED screen is hard to see in sunlight.

Very extensive programing if your on a AT&T provider.

Battery life doesn't last to long as what I thought it would.

Media Player could be better.

Not as many apps as Apple iPhone has.

Great device don't know if it was worth the money paying for one or not seems to be worth it so far.

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Excellent Device


Nov 8, 2010 by efrant

Bought a Nexus One from Google in June 2010. Was very impressed with the build quality - the best I have seen to date on any device. The device certainly is fast, and Android 2.2 (Froyo) is acceptable for the most part. Here are some of the pros and cons from my point of view:

- Build quality is second to none.
- Nexus One has been first in line to get Android updates.
- Comes with an unlockable bootloader.
- Very nice 3.7" AMOLED display.
- QSD 8250 processor is fast.
- Integration with Google apps is fantastic.
- Free turn-by-turn navigation is good (although not as good as TomTom was on WM6).

- Touch-screen (i.e., digitizer) is pretty bad.
- MS Exchange integration still has a long way to go on Android, e.g., you can't move email between Exchange folders.
- Only has 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM.
- Signal strength is not as good as some other devices.
- Android does not yet support CNAP, i.e., name display.

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Best Phone Ever


Oct 14, 2010 by JazBaz

I loved this phone. It was my first smart phone ever. I recently switched carriers and got the HTC Hero, and was very disappointed so I upgraded to the new HTC Evo and although the Evo is much better than the Hero, it doesn't beat the Nexus One.

The Nexus One was a gorgeous fast slim sexy phone. Everything about it was easy to use. The camera was great, the operating system was great, the way it was set up was great...it was overall a spectacular phone. Very customizable. It left you wanting for nothing!! I miss it.

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Awesome phone


Jul 23, 2010 by eric_cartman

I new to this smart phone arena, but I decided to go with the Nexus One with T-Mobile. Call quality is great, and no dropped calls. I haven't had the 3G to EDGE to 3G switching issue that people have been talking about. I wanted something that I can customize to the maximum, and this phone allows you to do that. You can load any custom ROM, rooted apps, whatever. Plus you got the android market (which only keeps growing and growing).

-1GHz Snapdragon
-Froyo & Flash
-Camera with LED Flash (which inturn is my flashlight)
-Multi-Color Trackball
-Navigation is quick (even on EDGE and GPRS)
-Easy to root
-Tethering & Wifi hotspot
-Plan is cheaper with T-Mobile ($66 for 500min/unlimited data & text)
-Fast 3G on T-Mobile (I get between 3000-5000 down and upto 1700 up in kbps, who's fast now!)
-No bloatware

-I wish they put more on-board memory (this can be alleviated with A2SD), however Froyo allows installing to SD (provided the dev enables the capability) so this issue wont be much of a problem now
-a hardware keyboard would have been nice
-Wish it would work with all 3G frequencies (like both AT&T & T-Mobile compatible)

I heard they stopped selling this, which is bummer. If Google actually advertised this phone on TV (like they did for Chrome) I'm sure they would have sold more.

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Great Phone


Jul 21, 2010 by tmobileemployee

I have used the I-Phone 3g, the Blackberry 8900, the Blackberry 9700, the Mytouch, the Motorola Cliq, & the Motorola Cliq XT, and I can honestly say the Nexus One blows all these phones out of the water. I have never had any significant problems with the phone. My only complaint is that the N1 switches from EDGE to 3g (vice versa) alot.

-The Screen Clarity
-Responsive Touch Screen
-Android Market
-Froyo 2.2
-Flash 10.1
-Design and feel of the phone
-5 MP camera with flash and focus
-Comes with a 16 gig memory card

-Switches from 3g to EDGE (Vice Versa)
-Can't see screen in really bright sun

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Jul 2, 2010 by mrtr

Near Perfect

Gets hot quickly in the heat (obviously) but the frame is metal so that doesnt help.
The Apple app store has more apps & coming from an ipod touch to a Nexus was a big change on apps.

If the Android technology had come out before the iPhone, I'm pretty sure we'd all know who'd b on top right now. The Nexus has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor which means that it's been as fast as the iPhone 4 since it's release in January. Google did not hold back with this phone at all. They intended to show the world how a powerhouse smartphone should look & feel.

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Very nice phone but...


Apr 26, 2010 by cschauerj

This phone does some amazing things. The jury is still out on t-mobile's service. I converted from verizon. It has only been a couple weeks. There has been one issue so far.

I' m still getting used to the touchscreen, but that is no strike against the phone. I'm still a firm believer that buttons are better.

On to my issue with the phone. The receiver volume is low. If u need to take a call in a noisey place good luck. Additionally, the speaker volume is very weak and tinny. Music sounds like crap if you can hear it at all and i frequently miss calls because i cant hear the ringer. My basis of comparison is a lg vx8300 and a lg env3. These seem to me like basic things that should have received alot more consideration.

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