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Classic Nokia Durability


Jul 6, 2006 by AwpdsR

I bought this phone with (the original) AT&T Wireless about 3 months before the completion of the AT&T-Cingular merger. I kept this phone for about 7 months after (I got rid of cingular and went to verizon)

-Extremely Durable. This phone has been run over by a bus, thrown down on concrete/mud/dirt, dowsed in water, stepped on, chucked against a concrete wall, and dropped out of a two story window. THIS PHONE STILL WORKED!

- Color screen for TDMA

- With the sylized keys, rounded shape, and snap on faceplates, this phone is very stylish.

- Internal Antenna. Doesn't snap off (like my Nokia 5165) or stick into your leg when you sit down.

- Nokia operating system. IMO the best.


- First color screen TDMA = grainy, small.

- Kinda big for bar phone (bigger than 3360 but a lot thinner too)

- Inexpensive

NOTES (not Cons):

-no speakerphone
-no camera
-TDMA (GSM cousin is Nokia 3595) so no GPRS/EDGE (hispeed data)
-no Bluetooth

I got this phone as an upgrade from my Nokia 5165. This is a great phone if you have a TDMA but don't want a monochrome screen. Also, like the title states, this phone lives up to the classic Nokia tradition: Durability. It's even more durable than my 5165.

Also, when I was shopping, I looked at another TDMA Nokia. Also color screen but it was $70 more and all it had was a speakerphone and slightly bigger screen.

Great Phone!!!!


Jun 2, 2003 by Eaton R

I purchased this phone as a stepping stone for a GSM phone. However, this phone will keep me on TDMA for a long time!

Since this is the first color TDMA phone, I will start with the screen. One word...BRILLANT. Overall...awesome.

Great, easy to use, no problems here. Actually better than my 3360.

A bit longer than the 3360, but much skinnier and lighter. Very nice feel.

On par if not a bit better than my 3360. No complaints.

Poly tones
The Poly tones are fantastic. On the ringtone side, they could be a little louder, but again; Poly tones are softer than the mono tones.

Earpiece volume is fantastic. Very loud, almost like a speakerphone. I have the keypad tones set in the middle and they are still very loud.

This is the only negative with the phone. No IR port. I had to re-key my address book because I couldn't connect the phone with Nokia's PC Suite. I am hopeful, but at the end of the day, I used my IR port on my 3360 probably 2-3 times during the 1 1/2 years I had the phone.

Comes with Converter that converts temp., weight, length, area, volume, and currency.

Battery life
Fantastic. I charged it full and am waiting to drain it so I can charge it for 12 hours. I have had the phone for four days and have been making calls, playing games, entering numbers, etc., and am only down one bar. Actually, it is frustrating because I want to recharge the thing. I have read other reviews where people slammed the battery life and haven't experienced a bad thing at all.

Great phone. Wish Nokia came out with it earlier. The sexiness of a color GSM phone has declined in my mind b/c I have this phone. Yeah, I don't have the GPRS connectivity, but that is why I have broadband connection at home.

Grade: A

In this review, I gave it a 4.5 because of the lack of IR. Overall...GREAT PHONE.

Nokia gets it right!


May 15, 2003 by hominid7

An excellent phone that combines the best features of the 8265, 6360, and the 3360.

The size of the phone is excellent. Slightly smaller than the 6360, yet larger than the 8260, a very nice compromise.

Incoming and outgoing audio seem to be better than the 3360. While perhaps not as good as the 6360, certainly better than the 8260.

The RF on the phone when in Field Test mode appears to be very good. Better than my 8260, perhaps in line with the 8265/6360. It appears to have a different style internal antenna than any other nokia phone i've owned, so perhaps changes have been made. I live in an 800 TDMA area, and so far it's worked very well.

The color screen is sharp and crisp, easy to read indoors and out, except perhaps in direct sunlight, but still a very nice screen.

The key-pad, while unique, is certainly a step UP from the key-pad design of the 8265. There is no side volume key, but that has yet to be a problem for me.

The ringers are poly-phonic. While not my favorite, there are "Normal" sounding ones so you can still appear "Professional".

The "Cool" factor of the phone is definitely there... It's cool without looking or feeling like a kids toy. Nokia did a good job combining lots of features into a very nice and very usable handset. The only thing missing is InfraRed, but for non data purposes, that might not be a big deal.

Connections on the phone are traditional new-style Nokia, so your headsets and chargers will still fit. The battery is the 3360 Lithium battery, very light weight and also VERY long life.

Unless you have specific data needs, this phone combined with the TDMA calling footprint really seems to be a top-notch combination.

The only reason this phone is not a perfect 5 is the lack of InfraRed and the incoming volume could use just 1 or 2 notches boost, but still better than my 8260.

Highly recommended.

The Best Nokia Phone I Ever Used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 23, 2003 by Rashad Stone

Hello. I am an avid user of Nokia phones and I believe highly that they are well manufactured phones. I am on my 4th Nokia phone and I believe this is the best I've used yet. I started out with the 5165 and that was an ok phone. I liked all of the user friendly changeability ( if thats a word ) of that phone. Then when the 3360 came out I had to get it becuz if the size and itz user friendly changeability of the front and back covers of this phone. i then upgraded to the 8265 becuz once again of itz user friendly changability ( there is that word again) (lol) and also it had a bright back lighting so it became easier for me to read the screen. I then realized that everything waz going color and I had to keep up or get out so I decided to go with this color screen AMPS/TDMA color screen Nokia and let me tell you the features on this phone are unbelievable and they include VAD! ( Voice-Activated Dialing ).

ok phone


Aug 8, 2005 by allieboothe

Well.. i have had the phone for almost a year. It was a good phone but there were things i didn't like about it. Like i could not figure out how to get ringtones. I tried for ever and could never find a website that supported this phone. And there is no instant messaging. There is chat but it is confusing to use. But if you are looking for a good phone just to talk on it is good. It has good memory and the color screen is fantastic and it has a great battery life. The headset that comes with it has excellent volume. If you are looking for a great phone and don't care about extra features, its a great phone. Depends on your needs.

A very good phone


Sep 6, 2003 by Gordon Jew

I just got the phone last week. It's still running on its first charge for the past 4 days. It seems the battery life will be very good once I get the initial 3 charge and discharge cycles out of the way.
The only thing I don't like about this phone. There isn't a phone lock for the phone. Or at least I haven't found it yet. I would like a security code to be entered before a phone will turn on completely.
I bought this phone as my last TDMA phone until AT&T improves their GSM coverage here in Cal.
If it had a phone lock I would have rated it a 5.

Nokia 3560 for AT&T Wireless


Jul 14, 2003 by Edward Alexander

I love this phone! I just bought my new Nokia recently for AT&T after carrying my Motorola V60 for over a year. Although I loved my V60, I love using phone. I think its about time that Nokia finally came out with a color screen TDMA phone, its been long waited for... with being a sales supervisor for a major cell phone retailer, i know all too well how needed this phone as been.

I bought this phone less then a week ago, charged it up after getting home and been playing with it and making calls ever since. I finally had to put it back on the charger yesterday. This phone has a GREAT battery life....so much better then the Nokia 3360.


great battery life
easy to see color screen
polyphonic ring tones
great reception
large phone book
same as always easy-to-use Nokia menus
perfect size

lacking the IR port

The ONLY reason I gave this phone a 4.5 is because it noting having the IR port.... otherwise GREAT phone!

nice addition to the TDMA line-up


Jun 10, 2003 by im2fn6e

aside from the disadvantages of being a "TDMA/AMPS" phone this is a phone that will do very well at impersonating a more advanced GSM device. and to anyone out there who is "confused," the battery life on the phone is OUTSANDING....the only reason you could expect low and i mean extremely low battery life (even on standby) is when this phone is suffering from being in an analog coverage area where the battery life will be terrible when trying to stay connected to the redundant technology of the AMPS system here in the USA.

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Nokia 3560


Mar 14, 2021 by VHORocks

Carrier: AT&T


Somewhat useful.
Nice reception.
Nice quality.
Nice display.
Nice speed.
Nice speaker.


No camera.
Bad battery life.



Sep 5, 2010 by narn3049

While it was good for durability, it wasn't for much else. It was ok for texting but the 3595 was better at much of everything this did.

It would continually reboot itself. The on switch was incredibly stiff, the first phone was the awesome one. It always worked and I never had a dropped call. Then it got dropped and my screen broke. So i got a replacement from Cingular and it was the one that expressed my 2.5 rating. Makes you wonder if it is a refurb. Got the 3595 and NEVER looked back. But one thing I realized with the 3595 is from the start it was always stiff no matter what, however mine was lightly used. That one I dropped in a store and broke the on switch. I am currently the owner of a Palm Treo 700P and getting an iPhone 3G for work.

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