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My favorite phone of all time...


Jul 10, 2006 by iloveMOTOV300

The day I got my 3560 was a truly special day for me. I loved playing with the ringtones, and there were so many of them. The graphics were all so fabulous that I could not decide between them. I loved the 5 fun games that came with it. And the voice recording feature was so neat!

I wish I still had this phone, it was the best I ever had and nothing can compare to it.

Now I have it's younger GSM cousin, the 6010. I did manage to find all of the original ringers and graphics, and games so now my 6010 is almost like the good ol' 3560 phone.

I did buy a 3560 from ebay just for old time's sake even though it can't be used, it will still be nice to thumb through the menu and reminisct about the days of yesterday when I would skip off to class and play the ringers out loud to myself.



Jan 19, 2006 by motoman12345

i got this phone a few years ago from at&t and it always had great service and neat features and the color screen was neat but i thought the earpice hurt a bit and i didn't care for the keypad but other than that the phone was pretty good!

Best phone i've ever owned! and it's nothing special.


Jan 3, 2006 by allcountryboi

i have owned this nokia for 2 and a half years now and i have to say it is the best phone i have ever owned. Probably because it is just your regular phone without a camera or video or keyboard and all that jazz that makes a phone more prone to tear up. In just one year i have been through a moto v220 (the cheapest thing i have EVER owned...period) and a moto v551 which was a good phone for about 6 months and then the headset started to get loose. Although i am gonna retire my nokia 3560 pretty soon (b/c i really do miss my technology a bit i have to admit) i can also say that if my next phone tears up i do have another back up here that i can depend on in the nokia 3560. It takes on calls in places that i have never picked up with my other phones and it has been dropped so many times that it actually shouldn't work properly but it still looks relatively new even after almost 2 1/2 years.....

-EXCELLENT reception
-Best quality hands down
-great color screen
-loud ringtones (the alarm actually wakes me up in the mornings)
-easy to use
-hey... nokia has had the same charger for years now.. the way it should be
-best battery life of any phone i've had

-time for an upgrade...ready for another techonological phone

3560 is not so bad, or is it???


Apr 25, 2005 by sweet_melody

I've purchased this phone in Feb.2004. I liked the phone at first, but after having it for only eight months I actually started having problems with it. First, my keys were sticking and in order to fix the keys I had to take off the faceplate and the keys, then put them back on. Second, my battery was almost ran out. When I connected the phone to the charger it said that I had a "full battery" and I didn't. Last but not least, this phone is very misleading. I was told that I can download stuff to this phone. That's a total lie if you have TDMA technology. You cannot download any ring tones or graphics with this phone.

The only pros that I can actually say for this phone is that it has great memory storage, you can customize it any way you like with the different profiles, and great battery life.

The only cons are not only the keys and the myth about the "downloadables," but the reception isn't that great either.

I am planning to upgrade to the 3220 which totally rocks. I know this does because my friend has one and she loves it!!!

Very Missleading!!


Mar 25, 2005 by pebblesbeach

When I purchased this phone there was advertising everywhere about how this phone could download "Charlie's Angels" ring tones and backgrounds. That was the whole reason I picked this model.
I have had it for 2 years now and it won't do any of the things advertised. I called customer service 4 times and every time, even the customer service people were unable to get it to download anything! I had one guy tell me this was on of the hardest models to download he had ever seen and he had lots of customers that were having problems with it!
On top of that the screen tends to flicker. I've had to have it fixed twice. Also it will display the call time forever and not go into sleep mode unless you hit the end button twice when you hang up.

The only good things I can say about it is:

1) Good reception
2) Long lived battery
3) Lots of standard ring tones

Over all not worth the money.

Nice phone


Mar 10, 2005 by lefteyeiu2002

I had this phone for 2 months and I did like it. The ringtones were cool, and I enjoyed the graphics it contained. The color resolution was ok. The sound quality was also decent. Overall it is a fun phone for a begginer in wireless.

A good phone with nice features but needs improvement


Feb 17, 2005 by kellylynn

I have had this phone for about a year, and while I like it, there are some features that could be improved upon.

Pros: Cool color themes, a lot of nice polyphonic ring tones already installed, vibration and nice lights with incoming calls, cute graphics you can set so that certain come up with certain calls. You can also set ring tones so that different songs play when different people call.

Cons: Resolution on the screen isn't that great, the little black thing on the back of the phone falls off easily ( I know a lot of people have had this problem), I have had a problem with the phone turning off mid-conversation for no reason, I really don't like where the earpiece volume is, and if you typed in a phone number you have to delete that number first because you can turn the volume down which is a pain. I would definitely liked it better if the volume buttons were on the side of the phone. Sometimes the ringtones sound a little scratchy but that may be because I have dropped it a few times! I am also not a big fan of the way the buttons are so hard to push. It makes it difficult to make a call.

Great, Simple Phone


Feb 5, 2005 by gadgetgirl0702

This little phone is extremely handy and of high quality. For someone who wants a simple phone with plenty of features and high quality, the Nokia 3560 is a great phone!

Wonderful voice quality
Beautiful color screen
Ringtones are loud
Great in vibrating mode
Handy organizer
LONG, SOLID battery life
Very user-friendly
Great reception
Customizable ringtones and wallpaper
5 great games for entertainment
GREAT phone book

Not the smallest phone
No speaker phone
Not a whole lot of features, but the many features included work great

I highly recommend the Nokia 3560!

Sorely Disappointed!


Feb 2, 2005 by Phil2Jones

I have had this phone for just over a month and it has been an absolute joke.

Pros - None I can think of... well maybe the color screen and the size.

Negs - Poor sound quality; difficult to position on ear to hear other party; a week and a half into ownership it just started shutting itself off while laying still; now cuts off in mid conversation if another call comes in and the caller leaves voice mail; COULD NOT GET OVERNIGHT WARRANTY EXCHANGE!!!!!! NORMAL GROUND ONLY!!!!

This phone is my life line... I travel by car and am away from home 4 to 5 nights a week... this is the only number most people know I have. Not being able to get a working phone overnighted to me has been very painful and has lost me untold amounts of credibility with my clients, not to mention the lost revenue!

Big mistake... phones are manufactured devices and they break or are problematic. This is a fact that I can deal with. Poor customer service, on the other hand, is unacceptable for it is a human problem that can be corrected with a simple decision... do the right thing every time!

Thanks for a forum!



Jan 24, 2005 by ChrissyLove123

0.5 for the color themes and easy navigation... Otherwise, it would be a big fat ZERO!

I hated this phone!

My husband got me this phone and I was excited at first but then I started using it!!! It sounds like a blown speaker ALL the time. The ringtones AND the person on the other end. EVERYONE kept saying "what? it sounds like you are under water... huh?" It can't be just my carrier because my Motorola 120t was just fine and my Nokia 6360 and my husband's Nokia 2260 are all just fine on it.

11 days after I got the phone, it started shutting off. I'd plug it in, and it said "fully charged" and then I'd leave home, use it for 2 minutes and it would shut off on me... So, I took it to return it and the idiot at the cell store told me I couldn't return it for ?SOME? reason... So, they sent it off to fix it.

When it came back, the speaker and/or the microphone were messed up. I'd be talking to someone and all of the sudden I couldn't hear them or vice versa. I ALWAYS talk with my cell phone volume on the lowest possible setting and I had it all the way up and it still sounded like they were talking from the other room! So, I sent it off to be fixed again...

This, along with UGLY graphics, the inability to DL more graphics, muffled sound, blown speaker sounding ringtones, and the fact that NO headset worked with it made me decide to SELL it!!!


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