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mixed feelings


Mar 13, 2010 by tekneeq52

i bought the backflip a few days ago to see how the whole android thing would work. I have to say that I like the customizable front screen and the fact that the camera turns into a "front facing camera". I had an iphone previously and I really like how twitter and facebook were integrated on the backflip.


-Good integration with facebook and twitter
-camera can be turned to a front facing camera
-navigation is easy
-I like the android locking feature

- To me android seems to run a little slow
- the 5 mp camera pictures come out a little gritty.
-battery life is terrible
-keyboard takes some getting used to.

I still say this phone is definately a keeper. There are some flaws, but they are easily dismissed.

Android soes it again


Mar 11, 2010 by emase3rd

Love the phone had the iPhone and quickly gave it up for Android and the backflip was a great choice.

Pro-Everything so far...
Con-downloading 3rd party apps??? anyone know how?

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Awsome phone


Mar 9, 2010 by sissydye

it would be a 5 if i could get the bluetooth to work. i love the speed and info and the apps.
pros - camera,connection speed,apps,easy to use for the most part.

cons- bluetooth

Best phone "mini-mobile-computer" yet!


Mar 8, 2010 by mediocre

I have never been happier with a phone than I am with the Backflip! The applications and customization features make it the first phone that truly acts like a mini-mobile computer! Customize your home screen with what ever apps you want to run! And, many of the apps are free. Unlike the iPhone where most apps cost money. And, with a 5 MP Camera with flash! Amazing! No need for separate digital camera! And, relatively small, a little thicker than the iPhone, but not quite as tall or wide as the iPhone. definitely thinner than the "Tilt" models with similar design.


Easy to use (intuitive)
Responsive touch screen
Customizable home screen
Motoblur comes free (back-up your pics, apps, contacts, and more!)
Good reception (Southern Oregon, AT&T)
Great sound quality and volume for calls and music.
Great speaker phone(no echo)
Text threading
Music player and web search on home screen!
Pandora can play in the background while you do other things with your phone!
Tons of free games (cool ones!)
Tons of business apps
Tons of Maps, weather, etc. that will show up as widgets on your home screen (no need to go into the app to see the info you want)
Text and Voice mail will also show up on your home screen!
Home screen is 5 "pages" for lots of content (easy to scroll through with flick of the finger)
Great price ($99.99 after $100 MIR)
Full web browser
Motoblur will sync your phone with Facebook, Myspace, etc... and, use your friends pics for caller ID.
Apps are Easily downloaded directly from the phone.
I finally impressed my wife with a phone! She returned the Vu I got for her, and has had an old Cingular model for years! She won't put this one down! She now gets her email and spend time looking for gold with a little mole like thing with some game she downloaded.

It didn't come out a long time ago.



Mar 8, 2010 by E.T.PHONEHOME


Let me begin by thanking the creators/owners/operators of PHONE SCOOP. This site has been a staple of the wireless community/indusrty since it was launched.


I purchsed the Motorola MB300 (Backflip)on 3/06/10. It's "official release date" in this region was 03/07/10.

Pros: -Android o/s "The best of both worlds."

-Android Market (Contains thousands of
apps that have been preloaded)

-5 MP CAM (with customizable features)

-Expandable memory (up to 32 GB)

-3.1 Hi-Res touch screen

-Full QWERTY keyboard

-3.5 mm headset jack

Cons: -Haven't found any yet. I'm sure it's
not a perfect phone..but let's face it
there's no such thing.

If you are interested in a quality high-end phone that's loaded with style and substance I would definitely recommend that you research the Motorola MB300 (Backflip)at www.phonescoop.com!

The back flip


Mar 8, 2010 by shooter85

This phone really lives up to its name. I have had this phone for a day and everything that i have been wanting in a phone this has it... I have put it to the test with running different programs and it holds true. As well as the droid market it has plenty of apps to play with. the operating system is smooth.

Motorola Backflip


Mar 11, 2010 by more mobiles

This model is much lighter than any of my other phones and retains all the features I rely on. This mobile feels good in the hand and the call quality is excellent. I've waited a couple of years for a new phone and this one was worth the wait!

android for kids...


Mar 22, 2010 by sarasota

I work in the wireless industry and have no corporate ties to any service provider, I have been using the moto droid for about 3 months as my main phone, and testing other phones as they come out.


-the biggest one is the availability to remove moto blur.
-size, one of the only android phones that is "cell phone" size"
-quick updates for social networking apps.
- cost it is a very cheap phone for its capabilities.

-MOTOBLUR, it seems it's a gimmick... though it speeds up your social networking apps it comepletly destroys your battery life. (as others have mentioned.)
- though i have it listed as a pro the size can also be a big con. compared to any other android or the iphone the screen seems tiny.
- pro's" everything that the phones is sold on really is either standard in the industry now. this phone is really ideal for younger generations on their parents plans. its the perfect phone for young teens... 75$ with a plan is pretty competitive for a droid phone, so fair play to at&t for that...



Mar 12, 2010 by wells2269

I give it 2 on design and thats about it..I work for att and no one at this store is impressed. Att switched from google search to yahoo search..? This makes the phone far less appealing as a "google phone" I'm not a huge fan of iPhone either, but I was hoping this would directly compete with it. It doesn't, I will stick with my BB bold 9000. I point out the switch from google to yahoo search because it goes to the fundamental usability of the backflip. Google search on Android provides ALOT...of fetures. Like local results. I performed a search on the backflip for "pizza". The results included links to Pizza Hut and Domino's web sites. The same search on a droid took me to a map with the five closest pizza joints pointed out, with phone numbers included. Google search works to search the contents of the phone itself. Not so with Yahoo.

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