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May 4, 2010 by Ninja M.

After having an Iphone (in all its variations) the past 3 years, it was time for something different.

I'm really digging the Backflip. Easy to use and to setup. The phone holds a great signal in the PNW area of the country, and voice quality is awesome compared to the Iphone 3Gs.

-Touchscreen and Keyboard options
-5.0 camera with flash and autofocus
-5 Customizable homescreens
-Android marketplace has more options of what you can do to the phone.
-Good build
-Moto Blur makes it so you don't need a GMail email address to use phone.
-Location finding and remote wipe features of MOTO Blur.
-Call quality
-Noise Cancellation (it has 2 mics for it)
-Usable Speaker phone
-Independent of a computer for future software upgrades and contact sync
-a ton of free applications
-No login creation necessary for application store

-Some people may not like that it doesn't physically sync with a computer. It does contact sync wirelessly through Moto Blur's website
-Definitely buy something to protect the screen. Its a plastic LCD, not a scratch resistant glass like the iphone has.
-Not as "fluid" and smooth moving about the phone
-Android's Web Browser is 2nd tier to Iphone's Safari, but nothing that won't be noticed too much by a casual user. There's always Skyfire in the Marketplace for better results
-Could be overwhelming to someone new to smartphones, but not as overwhelming as a Blackberry
-Should download shortcuts for GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi on and off switches

Hello Moto!


May 2, 2010 by goldenvapeach

I've been a huge fan of Motorola phones. I've owned four, including a RAZR and my last phone, a Q9h Global, all on Cingular/AT&T's network. So I was excited to hear that AT&T was FINALLY getting an Android phone, and held out for the Backflip.

Overall, I haven't been disappointed. It's my first touchscreen phone, so I can't compare it to others. However, I can say that I'm definitely pleased at how responsive it is. I did a lot of research on the Backflip before purchasing it. A lot of the issues people have complained about (Android 1.5 instead of 2.0, Yahoo instead of Google) I could honestly care less about. I know it'll get a 2.0 upgrade soon, and as for Yahoo search instead of Google, I have no problem loading the browser and just opening Google that way. In fact, I bookmarked it. Problem solved.

I absolutely love the fact that I have the option of using Wifi instead of 3G all the time. My only complaint about the Backflip (and it may just be limited to mine, as I haven't read any other complaints about this) is that sometimes when I try to take pictures, for some reason, the phone powercycles (reboots) on its own. This has happened several times while I was in the middle of using the camera. It's the only thing that has kept me from rating the phone 4.5 instead of 5. However, when the 5MP camera DOES work, it's first rate. The pictures are sharp and clear. I like the capability to edit and tag before uploading them.

I also know a lot of people have complained about the battery life. That can be fixed by tweaking a few settings on the phone. Again, problem solved.

I would buy this phone again in a heartbeat, and have recommended it to several people. I was worried about Motorola when they didn't have any really great phones after the RAZR, but they're back...Hello, Moto!

Responsive touchscreen
5MP camera
Large apps selection

Phone powercycles when trying to use the camera

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Great phone!!!!!


Apr 23, 2010 by H.POTTER

Highly reccomend this phone to anyone who wants truly great apps without having to put up with all the iphone glitches. Hey everyone.... you can get insurance on this one too!!!! Goodbye iphone --- Hello Backflip. Android technology beats the heck out of the iphone!!!!!!!



Apr 23, 2010 by KNIGHT_TEMPLAR


Good Phone


Apr 19, 2010 by dpnolen

This phone is a good alternative to other smartphones from AT&T. The overall design is the most impressive aspect of the phone. The media functions work great. The android market is growing like a weed, so almost all the apps I use on my iPhone are there. The integration of social and work email/messaging accounts is my favorite feature. Having the Android Q.T leaves you wanting for more" but it's coming in about a month.

Where are my reading glasses???


Apr 8, 2010 by coathanger37

I would agree with the pro's and con's of the other users here.

The deal breaker for me with this phone was the tiny text. You can increase the browser zoom level on most sites, but not all.

I really hate giving the phone back but it's just too difficult to read.

Happy with my Backflip


Mar 25, 2010 by cantstopdrummin

With the first android OS phone on AT&T, I was a little worried. But a few weeks later, and I have to say that I won't be returning the phone, as I have decided to keep it. Here's why.

- The price. You get a lot for your buck.
- Android OS (with all the benefits that come with that)
- responsive touch screen
- great call quality
- my music sounds great through my headphones.
- fast internet speed over wifi and 3g
- large keyboard (although I don't end up using it too much because I like the touch screen)
- camera quality is definitely useable especially for facebook uploads. Loveing it during the day especially. Flash works, ok.

Cons (for me):
- Battery life could be better, but I've been getting better life recently (had to optimize by switching to battery saving mode, got advanced task killer to turn off background apps and got toggles to turn on and off things when i'm not using them like gps and wifi).
- The AT&T Crippling is a shame.

But that's about it. There are workarounds here and there for those willing to make this a great phone, and I see the potential. Non market apps are a no no with at&t but I've gotten swype beta installed (which is awesome for texting) as well as other apps. Just gotta find a work around.

I used to have an iPhone 3g and a G1 unlocked and I have to say that this little backflip has impressed me. I don't think it's "android" for kids. Yes, it's not snapdragon or in the higher echelon with the Nexus One and such, but it's everything I want/need. If you're out to find the "latest and greatest," you'll be disappointed. But if you're like me, and want an android phone with 3g that you can play with, be productive, and fill that "gadget" sized hole in your heart, I would definitely try giving this phone a good shot. 2 weeks was enough for me to say, "Yes, I'll keep you around backflip." Now we just have to wait for updates :)

In the middle...


Mar 16, 2010 by claymelder

I have owned the Motorola BackFlip for almost two weeks. The camera is absolutely amazing, and I also love the format of the phone. It is extremely easy to personalize.

I find that the interface can seem a little clustered. I know you can edit the entire phone to your liking, but it can be a bit frustrating. I love the apps store, and I really like the sound of the speakers.

The keyboard, as other people have stated, takes so adjusting. I have also noticed how sluggish the phone can be at times. It has frozen on me quite a few times.

The most dissatisfying thing about the phone is the battery life. I don't know I have made it through half of a day without having the phone battery go below 15%, and I do not use my phone more than the average person does.

It is a neat device with some very unique features. It just needs some improvement with how it actually runs.

Simpson's comic book guy would say "best phone ever"


Mar 16, 2010 by t-machine

Can't beat it for price, quality of sound and features. Full web browser, with mutli apps running at the same time and the fact it is insurable (only a $50 deduct) it is clearly superior to the dated i-phone. It also has a great camera 5.0 with a usable flash/ flashlight, takes great video.

The only real negatives is that the microphone is too sensitive and sometimes sounds muffled, have to get used to that or use a blue tooth. They also should have at least included a 4gb card, instead of the 2, they cost all of $5 more!

all in all
"Best phone ever"



Mar 13, 2010 by ALL2020

I went to the Moto Backflip from a Blackberry 8320. It was a nice, reliable phone but I really wanted something more fun that fit my personality.

For ME...no LED indicator light. Always have to check the phone to see if I have a missed call, msg, etc.

I don't feel anyway about the Yahoo Search replacing Google. I just open the browser and search Google. It's no big deal to me.

Touch screen is responsive, clear.

MotoBlur is cool. FYI, you do not have to have all those feeds on your homescreen. I only use FB and only have my status widget up. Happenings is in the menu and I pull it as when I wanna know ppl biz.

Camera, 5MP flash..awesome. So easy to do self portrait since the camera is on the keyboard.

The keyboard is great. Keys are big. And it has 2 touch qwerty boards you can use.

Email and messaging viewing is great. lets me know when I have a Gmail email, or an email from my University. I'm constantly getting emails from professors. I open the email notification and it pulls up that specific email and I can reply and delete it right from the homepage. I replied to my professor from the phone and it had the " sent from ATT phone using MotoBlur" and he was asking me about it lol

Browser is Amazing. I was even able to sign into Blackboard for my school and see my exam grades. (Anybody who has tried to access Blackboard on a phone knows how funky it can act.)

APPS APPS APPS!!!!- You do not need an Iphone to get great apps. Most Android apps are free.

I'm sure there's more, but those are mainly what I use.

For $99 bucks, I think it's great and does what it says to does. This was never advertised as THE Android phone that would be revolutionary and be an "iphone killer".

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