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This is a great phone! I love it!


Mar 13, 2004 by cassie21

Model: Unbranded Unlocked v600
Firmware: 0B.09.1CR_A
Service: AT&T GSM in Chicago

+ Good quality VGA camera (prints passable 3"x5" photos)
+ Camera is easy to use and quickly accessible
+ Bluetooth works
+ Screen is very sharp
+ Speakerphone is loud and clear, works great
+ Menus are easy to use and understand
+ Decent and usable "office tools" - Useable calculator, datebook, alarmclock, voice records
+ Games! and I could download new games!
+ Battery life is great! After talking for an hour, playing games, downloading ringtones & wallpapers, the battery level still shows full!
+ Very clear connections even when there's only 1 signal bar (using AT&T in Chicago) :)
+ mMode was setup very easily

- No Macintosh iSync support (yet?)
- Took my Windows computer 4 hours to stop yelling at me to install my v600 - again and again :( but it finally worked! I want Mac support!
- No analogue support (what if I need emergency help in the middle of nowhere?)
- Icons and text clutters up the main screen, hiding the top left and bottom right of my background picture!
- Multiple phonebook entries for one person if they have extra contact info
- I have no clue how to use the IM (Instant Messenger) to connect to AOL IM, Yahoo! IM, etc.?!

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v600 is GOOD


Jul 6, 2004 by ataxia200

I've owned this phone since April 2004.
All in all this phone is good. I don't really use the Blue tooth feature, but my boyfriend does (he and I both have the phone); We've tested out the blue tooth range and its about 20 feet away from the phone.
Other than the BTooth the colors are FAB! - bright, crisp, consistent.
The ring-tones are great especially when you get an MP3 on there, they come out loud in clear. I have edited some MP3s and have about 6 of them on my phone. The average of my MP3s is 111.62 Kb. With plenty more to share
The only thing I wish was stronger was the speaker phone. If your in the car, you'll need to close the windows, turn off the music and shush up whoever is in the car with you to hear it. Also it doesn't really help if your driving and the speaker phone doesn't kick in until the person picks up the phone. I guess that's why it pushes you to use hands-free or their blue tooth (damn marketing schemes!!).
The camera on the phone is good, it takes nice crisp shots (just make sure your finger isn't in the way :) ). And you can transfer the pics from phone to PC using MOTO's software at their website, (you just need to buy the PC cable which is 39.99... did someone say Ebay!? *wink*) The pics aren't big enough for desktops or 4x6 photos. So don't plan on that. Their only good for quick shots. The come out more like "thumbnail" pics.
It has different ring options like LOUD, Soft, Silent, Vibe, or Vibe & Ring. Which the Vibe & Ring vibrates twice then stops then the ringing comes. Kinda pointless for Motorola to do that.. (why can't it do both at the same time?!?)

Other than all that the phone is great. Battery life is about 3 days, and that's with extensive usage of talking and playing the games.

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Excellent Phone A+++


Mar 22, 2004 by michko

I've had the phone for about 2 weeks now and I have to tell you this phone is great. I haven't owned a Motorola phone since cellular was analog about 10 yrs ago.

I've always been loyal to Samsung and Nokia, however when I got this phone, it's absolutely awesome.

-Browser is very quick
-Solid feel
-Quick response
-Reception is excellent
-Camera pics are very clear compared to other camera phones I had.
-Able to personalize phone w/ colors and ringtones
-Menus easy to use

-On/Off buttons are always on reverse sides compared to what is standard in market
-Outer display should stay lit up the entire time the phone rings.
-Key pad feels a little cheap compared to menu buttons

Overall the Moto V600 is an incredible phone. The reception beat out my Samsung and Nokia. Browser is quick and texting and MMS is a breeze.

You won't be disappointed.

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Very Solid


Apr 10, 2004 by jeffk

The hype machine is definitely working for this phone and it backs up most of it. Like any product there are some things I would change but here is how it breaks out.

- Very clean look and design. The phone has a metal case, which adds weight but creates a very solid feel
- Reception is outstanding. I have had the top end phones from NEC, Siemens and S/E within the last 18 months and none of them are close.
- Compared to other phones with comparable displays, the battery life is excellent. I have read some of the reviews complaining about screen size but I will take the smaller scrren for the battery life benefit.
- Generally good menu setup. A big upgrade for Motorola which isn't saying much.
- Speakerphone, Bluetooth & sound quality are all the best I have ever used.
- The camera is actually semi funtional and takes good photos

- The phonebook is horrible. I am hoping for an update to improve this. It takes me forever to find stored numbers.
- The preloaded software is limited and should have been better for the cost of this phone.

All in all this is a great phone. The best phone ever? Maybe. The Z600 would give it a run. It isn't perfect but I think most of the glitches this phone has can be fixed if Motorola is so inclined. Definitely worth the money, you won't be disappointed.

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Great overall phone


Mar 12, 2004 by jodiaz76

I managed to get my hands on an unlocked, unbranded (OEM) Motorola V600. I previously had a Motorola v60Gi. Using my Cingular SIM card, I got service right away and, after programming it's web settings, the Internet and MMS work fine (copying the settings from a V400 I borrowed). Overall, this phone is a wonder.

- Overall better signal quality, compared to my old v60.
- Excellent color display.
- Very LOUD speaker.
- Fast browser.
- Color lights up according to calling group the caller
belongs to, cool if you put the phone on silent
and still identify the caller invididually.

- The software might be still somewhat buggy
(the screen has gone blank a couple of times,
which can be annoying, but I've seen it happenning
to other Motorola phones in the past).
- Bluetooth has no "Always On" setting, so the headset
link up takes a couple of steps to set up.
- No holster, a sad minus from Motorola's part.

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VANITY Phone, but that was it..


Jul 13, 2007 by Tauro72

Almost as soon as this phone became available I got for my self, the problem is that it cam under a GSM network that happened to be very bad at the time, if it had not been for that, this phone would had lasted longer in the shelves.

Ever since this phone came out, it started changing the phone design/looks in the USA eventually getting to the RAZR and other models.

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A phone ahead of its time


Jul 13, 2005 by AshDizzle

I bought the phone almost exactly a year ago today with AT&T, and I can say that I have been almost completely happy about it. I had been reading the V600 reviews on it earlier, but something happened this morning that sparked interest in writing one of my own.

I hadnt charged the phone for a few days before today, and I always have my alarm set to go off to wake me up for work (I'm sure all of you are aware of the 'ATTENTION' ring tone, that thing never fails to wake me up). Last night I had been out with some buddies and the phone died on me late in the evening. I went home and passed out, forgetting the put the phone on the charger. It was powered off. Then this morning, much to my bewilderment, my alarm went off, waking me up for work. And as soon as I opened the clamshell, my faithful friend died on me. I looked at the phone for a few minutes and thought, "my amazing v600 came back from near death, to do its loyal duty for me." This phone has never let me down.

I am just waiting for a new GSM phone with video, OBEYMOTO and out of call speakerphone, and most of all, RING LIGHTS! Combine Verizon's E815 with the V600, you got yourself a perfect phone.

If only I could get it unlocked..

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Sucks...Crap...and service provider needs to get it together as well.


Nov 1, 2004 by tynnee

I am only writing this because I found that this site helped me to find my new perfect phone (Nokia 6200). I want people to know that this Motorola V600 is the worst phone ever.

I have AT&T and live in the Seattle Metro area and my coverage and reception with this phone ...well I was dancing a jig when I got over 2 bars. They really do not care if you have any problems because "you have a contract", that was the standard reply I got when I would call for help.

I exchanged the V600 twice under warranty and every time same things wrong because that is all they would do for me.

All the cons:

BAD Reception!!!

Sometimes I would try to hang up a call and the phone would lock up and then not even allow me to power it off.

When it would decide to switch to another network it would drop the call.

I would have 3 bars, 4 if lucky and make a call and in the middle of the call it would drop.

The first one I had had to be returned partly because the silver piece around the dial pad was falling off.

I could go on forever...but I just want people to know....big mistake....huge..to buy this phone.

My mom and my boyfriend have switched to Nokia with AT&T and we are all much happier and alot less likely to do a drive by phone throwing at our closest AT&T store.

Also AT&T knows that phone sucks but they will only tell you that after you have plunked down the $250 and you are outside your 30 day warranty exchange window. I was exactly 32 days and they said no. So don't let them talk you into anything. Use this site learn for yourselves.

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Aug 2, 2004 by cutespnshgrl

this phone looks great but does not pick up well at all. it drops calls constantly. motorola has actually discontinued this phone due to bad software. they are unable to fix the problem in a timely manner and there for the phone was dropped by cingular. if you have one of these and you are having problems contact your sales rep because there is a warranty 800 number for motorola that you can call. im not sure if they will fix them or replace them. overall this phone was not very profitable for motorola. the v400 is a much better choice unfortunately it does not have blue tooth. mot. is coming out with a new phone shortly. it will have edge,and blue tooth. so look for that one.

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v600 great phone, but quality a question


Jul 20, 2004 by mirk_12

I own a v600 i have had the phone for about a month and love all the features, as far as the phone aspect goes its great. It has great games available, cool ring-tones, is confortable to talk on and gets above average reception. I have att and from what my friends have said the reception is sub-par but i have never had a problem with it. The reason i question the quality is because after only a month and no abuse to the phone the button that indicates whether or not the phone is open went bad and the phone became unusable. When the phone was open it acted as if it was closed by shutting off the screen and lighting up the external display and when it was closed it acted as if it was open. I found my self trying to read the names of the callers on the screen before it hung up on them. it has been over a month since it was sent out for repair and i still don't have it back. I am disappointed in the fact that i spent 300 bucks on a phone and have been using a 10 dollar loaner for just as long as i have its maddening.

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