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HTC Droid Eris


Dec 14, 2009 by bigdroid

Considering there is no such thing as a perfect phone. This phone is very nice! Not perfect and it is not for everyone. The cons I am not going to go through them. But for those that leave a review to just simply bash a phone your review should not count. My opinion is to go and try the phone out in the store before you get it and see if it fits your needs!

Great toy to play with


Nov 9, 2009 by phonatik

I just got this baby yesterday and been playing with it for hours and hours. It my first android phone so it's taking me a little bit of time getting use to its os. (not that it bothers me at all) I like it...The phone is very customizable and has about 7 different home screens you can customize them to what ever you want. How sick is that...?!? 5 mega pix camera, wifi, google maps. Touch screen is so responsive, reminds me that of the iphone when pinch to zoom in and out only that this on a better network. To many good things to say about it for right now. As i said I'm still learning more and more from it. Overall it's the best phone I've carried and as of now i would definitely recommended to you guys.

great phone bur needs improvements


Apr 24, 2011 by kingalsha

Pros good keyboard great design great setting optuons has WiFi high quality camera nice trackball

Cons the touch is to slow the browser keeps randomly closing and even with wifi and u can only take pictures with the trackball and you have to keep the device extremly still and you can't change the trackball sensitivity

A Great Phone, Poorly Supported by Verizon/HTC


Sep 14, 2010 by briman4031

Pros: Budget Price, Excellent Form Factor, Android OS, Sense UI, GOOD Battery life, Wifi, Verizon Network, Fully Customizable, Android Market.

Cons: Quickly outdated, poorly supported by HTC/Verizon.

I've had the Eris since 02/2010. At the time the Eris and the Original Droid were your only Android options. I chose the Eris for the form factor. It fits nicely in the pocket and I prefer to not have a physical keyboard after years of blackberry. After spending months waiting for updates and improvements to come for the Eris, I FINALLY rooted my phone. What does this mean? It basically means opening up the Android Operating System to access the ins and out of the software. By default Verizon has the phone locked down to only do what they want it to do. But after only roughly 6 months on the market, they discontinued the phone and stopped supporting it for software issues. This is where the Android community comes in. There is a huge community of programmers and developers who have customized ROMS or flavors of android to their own liking and in order to install these flavors all you have to do is root the phone. It retains all of the network and default features of the phone for the most part, but still allows you to change the user interface and even gives you the opportunity for HUGE performance increases. Where Verizon and HTC left off, the android community have done a fantastic job of supporting this phone. My phone does everything I want it to do now and more. I overclock the processor which increases the speed of the phone by 50%. I install the apps and all cache to my SD card which frees up all of the internal memory for system processes. Whereas Verizon didn't enable wireless tethering until the Droid X, Custom ROM's have enabled this feature for months now. Want to run Android 2.2 on the Eris? There's a custom ROM for that too! Just about anything I could want this phone to do it does admirably.

So so phone


Sep 8, 2010 by guitarville

I've had this phone for over 6 months and miss my old BB Curve. I wanted the android operating system, which I love, but the phone lags, won't answer a call sometimes, the reception is horrible compared to my bb.
Hold out for the Incredible or a HTC with a better processor.
Pro's, great screen
Con's slow processor, short battery life, bad call quality and reception

was good before update


Aug 23, 2010 by redboy

Got the phone and loved it. After the software update, had constant freezes with no warning. Could not make or receive calls without resetting. Phone was replaced three times, and I finally replaced it with Droid X

Good Phone, but..


Jul 26, 2010 by zoey1978

This is a great phone to do everything except make calls. There is a lot of lag time from when I try to make a call and when it actually dials and shows who I am calling. As a result, I make a lot of "prank" calls. If I'm doing something with the phone when it rings, I can't answer it, either. The camera takes good pictures, but there is no flash. The battery is TERRIBLE. I have to charge it almost twice a day. I haven't been able to figure out how to turn up the volume on the alarm clock, either.

Calls are clear
Lots of useful apps, and lots of fun ones!
Small size

No battery life!
Making calls

Phone Sucks!


Jul 16, 2010 by foxsoccermom20

I have had 3 of these phones now, and they all have had some kind of problem. If you are texting someone and you get a call it freezes, you can run any apps at all or else the phone just flat doesn't work. The first month with my first one was great, then when the new update came out it messed it all up, along with the other 2 that they have sent me as a replacement! I'm switching to a Motorola droid, my friends that have it have not had any problems with it.

Love MY Droid Eris


Jul 2, 2010 by joysscoop

I'm going to give this phone a 5 star rating just because nothing in this world is perfect (com'on, imperfect humans cannot create something perfect!).

Its my first Android, and thus far, I haven't had many problems with it. I feel if I take more time learning how to use it, the better it is for me and for my wallet. If you want everything yesterday, there's going to be a problem, and its not going to be with the cell phone.

The pro's I've found are:

- Easy to use programs

- Great internet surfing speed! (even though the phone sometimes lags, the internet doesn't- weird I know!)

- Awesome display for quick access to internet, facebook, Pandora Radio, email, messengers... the list could go on.. There are 7 different screens for goodness sake + an App folder! Wow!

- It even has the google sky map FREE app! I love looking at the stars and now I can not only look at them, but I'll now know if they are really stars or planets!

- Its got a 5 Mp camera (I don't need a flash, I've got a camera for that).

- The sound quality is excellent! I can listen to Pandora Radio in what seems like full surround sound :)

- I thought it was going to be too big, but its actually a perfect size for me, it fits in my pocket, purse and hand just fine.

The Cons I've noticed are:

- The lag in response time to go back or home.

- The battery could last longer, but at least I can use it until it is actually dead, which with my BB it would shut its self off at random.

- It kind of has a lag when dialing out to make a phone call, which sometimes confuses me and makes me dial it again, which isn't good because I don't need to dial the number over and over again.

Over all, I love this phone because it is easy to use even if it doesn't have the best of everything, I'll take what it offers.



May 29, 2010 by firewings

Ok I had this phone for a few months now. At first didn't care for it very much, but I started getting use to all the features. I downloaded lots of cool apps. My battery life was about 3/4 of a day before I had to charge it up again. Then the upgrade came along and that's when the problem started. My battery life did not even last 1/4 of the day, so I decided to reset my phone. I made sure to sync everything first so I thought, then I did the reset. When I checked my phone numbers, I was missing massive of them. So I had to re-input all my missing numbers which took a half a day.....every thing else was there accept for my numbers and all my apps. Well after inputting my numbers, I decided to download just a couple games. I also turned off things I did not need like auto sync and background and that's it. My battery now lasts me 2 and a half days, so I figured it had to been all the fun apps draining my battery. So I suggest, only download apps you need and a couple games or so, and your battery life will be excellent.

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