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So So


Feb 11, 2010 by pete673

Just two quick points I really don't like about the phone.
#1. Battery life is TERRIBLE
#2. The phone responds very slow.

I do like the keyboard in the landscape position.

Almost Fell In Love W/ It!!


Feb 10, 2010 by DEM_BOYZ

Ok, I already posted a review under the name Popcorn, but I messed up horribly on a few reviews, by posting them in the wrong section!

I am a huge Blackberry fan/user, and I finally decided to check out what Android was all about. Best Buy was having a great sale on the Droid Eris, upgrade for $49.99! So I took advantage of it.

I loved the phone from the start. That is until I realized how crappy the battery life was. It wouldn't last more than 8 hrs on a full charge. I even had it in my pocket for a 6 hr shift at work, & when I left it had 10% battery life left. Not good at all! So I returned it.

Fun Apps
Great Crisp Screen
Touch Was Very Accurate
Camera Took Some Good Pictures
The Call Quality Was Good
Sounds Were Loud Enough

Android Is Still New
Battery Life
Lack Of Flash On Camera

don't buy the droid eris!!!


Feb 9, 2010 by bamagrl

i have had the droid eris for one month now
and i have had it replaced three times already. the first one kept freezing up i took the battery out and put it back in and then it worked fine til it did it again so i took it to the store and they was nice about it and replaced for another one. the second one i had the charging unit wouldn't work half the time, it would not charge at all , i would have to power the phone off and turn it back on to charge. the next day i called verizon wireless and talked to customer service and they sent me another replacement
to see if it was just possible a bad phone
but I'm still having problems with it. the eris has a mind of its own. when i go to my messages it scrolls through them with out me even touching the screen. the clock will say one thing then a few minutes later it will be something different. it calls people and answers my calls. I'm waiting on the motorola droid there sending me that to replace the eris cause I'm just not happy with it.
i like the eris that it has alot of apps and its slim but it has to many issues. i need a dependable phone and the eris is not dependable! a brand new phone shouldn't have anything wrong with it and from day one i have had problems with it!!!

I could go either way


Nov 11, 2009 by sherlockholmes

I liked my HTC Touch. All phones have issues, but also have the nice things.

1. Screen lock easily unlocks without an unlock pattern. It also locks the screen immediately without allowing a setting to time the wait before lock.

2. Keeps shutting off and requesting a force shutdown due to unexpected Android OS error.

3. Cannot download or save pictures sent via MMS.

4. Cannot use nails to touch

1. Fast touch screen
2. Great browsing capabilities
3. Great resolution for cam and video

I'm reconsidering checking out the older phones.

omg... Im in love...


Mar 23, 2010 by crzy.spr.str

-emails, instant messages, web browser, and updates are ridiculously fast.

-5.0MP camera... are u kidding me? lol...

-SUPERB video recording...

-ridiculously awesome apps...

-if u download an alternate home it becomes another phone itself... interesting.

-graphics are out of this world, rich color, sharp edges, really high tech.

-mp3 player is crisp and preorganizes after download, unless if u want to make your playlists of course.

-sensor for the touch screen is just *sigh* ...i noe it loves me back after it gives me that small vibe... lol

-the google voice search is incredible...


-battery life, it makes u fell sorry for it... as if u want to give it some of your life span just to play with its koolness!

-minor setbacks but i can definitly live with this phone... i mean... its not like its been around for ages right? i suppose new things always get better...

-keyboard... lemme shrink my fingers...haha

****overall, i heart the droid eris!******

Phone Scoop Eris Error - no voice dialing


Dec 20, 2009 by myrowd

Pros: Styling, multiple screens, small form factor, light weight
CONs: No voice dialing, poor sound quality at earpiece, complex controls require a long learning curve, will not sync with MAC computers without additional software, and even then it is unreliable.

Nice phone...BUT


Jan 9, 2010 by JeffPlay

Just like the Droid, the Droid Eris was a complete disappointment. How can Verizon/HTC/Google sell a cell phone which you can not legally call on while driving a car? The salesman at Verizon said that you can make calls by voice dialing from a Bluetooth headset. After trying this "feature" for a week without success, I took the cell phone back to get a replacement at which time the technician said that this phone does NOT have this feature. Since it is illegal in California to make calls directly on the handset while driving a vehicle, I returned the Eris for a Blackberry Storm 2.

Other Cons:
Application said that it had GPS, but also said it had insufficient battery power
Frequently locked up

Good camera
Good reception

Very Disappointing


Dec 14, 2009 by jadfly

I am all to happy to drive down the rating of this phone. I've been a customer of Verizon since 1988 and have always managed to find a phone (device) they featured that I was pleased with. I'm coming from a BB Pearl 8130 and have grossly resisted temptation to go iphone (like every one in my extended netword)as I treasure Verizon service. BB is not my favorite, so when the Droids were introduced I thought my dreams were answered; not. I first considered the Moto but too heavy and needless mechanical keyboard. The ERIS seemed like the perfect solution. My poor rating comes from Cons below, but in the big picture, there is little intuitive about this phone. The VZ reps said I would have no problem coming from a BB and they were wrong; they also weren't very helpful on briefing me either. Note: VZ charges $35 if you return the phone/get another. The rep didn't mention that until he was loading my bag full of stuff. The retail experience at VZ retail is misery, as you fight the retractable cord while you try to evaluate the phone.
I spent over an hour at the Apple store with the (competition) and have to say I had no problem with intuitively operating the phone or settings; its about perfect. The ERIS goes back tomorrow and sadly VZ is going to lose one of its longest term customers.

-Crystal clear/bright display
-Good virtual keyboards
-Nice form factor and rubberized case
-Manual send/end buttons (although not really necessary)
-Pinch and zoom, or tap

-One-notch-above-zero battery life
-Just does not balance right in the hand
-Left side volume keys
-Trackball 20:1 movement ratio
-Trackball lights weakly for notification
-Speakerphone speaker on back
-Not intutive at all, even after a good search for the feature
-Not the fastest response time
-8gb memory (but OK for price)
-Idiotic Verizon clamshell slider case/holster (vs Seidio Innocase)
-VZ charges $35 if you return the phone; no "free" 30 day trial

A satisfied customer


Mar 15, 2010 by tread_stone

Alright, I debated and debated and read reviews upon reviews on numerous phones. I wanted to hold out for the nexus one but it appears it won't be sold by verizon. I "settled" with the droid eris but I am very satisfied.

This is my first android/smart/touch phone. I got the phone this morning and we'll see if I need to do a follow up review but so far:

-awesome touch typing. you don't have to be near exact and it will suggest what you are trying to say. very easy to type with.

-multi tasking. AT&T is committing libel with saying verizon can't multitask. I'm texting and listening to Pandora (for free after data plan) right now.

-home screens are nice and customizable.

-lock on the phone, touch pattern to unlock. no accidental calling

-clear microphone (so i was told) and clear speaker for voice calls

- not quite sure how to add more than one number for a contact...

- minor lag issues (thus only the 4.5) but not bad at all.

-gets kind of hot

I would recommend this phone.

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