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Not a bad phone


May 23, 2010 by narn3049

I have to say this is one of the best android phones out there. a friend has it and I had the chance to take some looks at it and i love this phone, it is awesome looking, the screen works well and supports a lot of video/ blog sites.

The one and only complaint I have, is start up time. Not when it is just in sleep mode, but the fact like when u get it. Another friend who had been considering this phone turned it down and got the Moto DROId because he said it started up and processed things faster, but I've never experienced any sort of lag, so it might be glitch he got once, because he only complained of it that one time. It seems to have a more solid glass face then the iPhone. It just feels sturdy.

However since all I really need is a phone and to text on, I just got a Samsung n330, it is simpler and if you choose to get a simpler phone, go with this one because it is actually one of the higher end basic phones in my opionion. Comparing this phone to the n330 there is some differences, the size, the phone (eris) is probably as thin and as big as an iPod touch, and the n330 thick as a LG 9900 enV phone. (not counting the back lens and the keypad just the front and the back and a little thickness. I love both phones.

The email and FB feature of the Eris is pretty coool. It sort of reminds me of the storm I think it is most similar too. I love this phone (I know I've said that like 20 times). This phone is cool and if you want a high end phone then purchase this. If you want a basic phone, choose the n330.

Hate it!!


May 19, 2010 by erinoli

It's fun to play with but that doesn't last long unless you carry your charger with you. The battery life STINKS and if you do the "update" when it asks you - you WILL LOSE all of your contacts. I hear you can get them back but I have had no luck doing that, even with the sales rep telling me that "he sent my contact list to my gmail account so you will never lose your contacts."
I'm within my 30 days and WILL be taking this phone back. My daughter is going to do that same thing.

Good Phone But


May 5, 2010 by mrtasle

Pros: Intuitive. Lots of useful apps. better than the iPhone

Cons: Battery life is horrible. No 2.1 update. Hard to hear other callers. End of life at VZW makes me believe there won't be a 2.1 Android update

I had hope this would be my answer to not getting the iPhone and it almost was except for the cons I listed. No phone is perfect but this comes close other than the cons I've listed

I'm happy with my Eris


Mar 23, 2010 by goheels

i'm going to give the correct review b/c i've had this phone for 2 mos now. dont know how u can review a phone after owning less than 24hrs. here we go:

-love the Touch Screen...easy to use including the keyboard.
-perfect size..not too small or too big
-like the screen rotation on the keyboard from portrait to landscape and vice versa
-has a send/end key and trackball
-customize to your liking
-like the feel of the phone
-great sound quality and ringer volume not bad
-7 screens (which i still cant fill up but will eventually)
-vibrant screen
-threaded messaging
-has a 'trim ringtone' built in. meaning u can take a song, make a snip of the part of the song you want, then make it a ringtone. you can have a diff ringtone for everyone. luv that!
-nice camera (but to me the pixs are not as nice as the ones on my old LG Voyager)
-the music player is not bad
-love the the pinch & zoom
-can copy & paste
-love the voice google search

-the biggest con of all: BATTERY LIFE. OMG. just makes no sense how short the life is. did download an app 'task killer' but still cannot get a whole day unless the phone is not used. HTC needs to work on fixing that problem. how can you have a phone to do all these things and the battery can't handle it.

-not crazy about the volume up/down button on side. kind of hard to get to

-like the alarm clock but its sometimey. it works when it wants to. i use my Voyager alarm instead.

-it lags at times

-like using the unlock pattern but wish i could be able to access my I.C.E. without having to unlock the screen first.

this phone overall is great. i have never had a phone that i like so much as i do this one. it's not perfect since it has some issues so i could not give it a '5' but from all the phones i've owned in the past, this one is the closest to a perfect score. oh & some complain about the voice dialer..it works absolutely perfect w/ headphones but not so good w/out it. do recommend this phone.

After a month...


Mar 8, 2010 by cassiopeia

Fun to play with
Pretty user friendly
Lots of useful apps
Very pleasing to look at
Voice dialer, voice Yellowbook search
Loud ringer
Text input predictor is good
Layout is able to be adjusted to your liking
Ability to personalize just about anything on the phone

Battery could be better
Touch screen sometimes doesn't respond (rarely, but still... it happens)
Pandora sometimes causes screen to freeze up and go black (difficult to restart when it does this)
The free alarms never work, they don't go off
Definite learning curve after first purchasing the phone
No personalized text message tones (Verizon phones in general don't have this though)

There are many other pros and cons, but these came to mind.
Overall, I really like this phone. It's a great device that keeps you super connected to everything.

Pros outweigh the cons...


Mar 6, 2010 by molenw

I'd give it a 5 but for battery life. Regular use lasts me a day, but regular use doesn't happen often because I'm addicted. This is small, light, and fun. Android is a pleasure. The Sense UI is very good. The HTC keyboard is so good I don't have to download any other keyboards. It would be really nice to have that upgrade to 2.0 and the turn by turn directions!!
Pros: clear, similar to landline reception, lots to choose from in the Market, easy to use and learn, very customizable, you can change it up to have a new phone every day...
Cons: battery life, battery life, battery life. But I live with it because the phone is a lot of fun. I've had it for a month now, and I've never thought about returning it once!

Irritating phone


Feb 23, 2010 by hlstavn

Great form factor. Horrible battery life. You can improve battery life if you want to actually turn BT on and off every time you get in the car. But it is still bad battery life. Signal strength weak compared to Moot Droid or BB. Often get one bar when they get 3.
Great Browser. Many fun apps. Whats irritating is that when you want to use the phone you have to turn it on, then slide the lock screen out of the way, then you have to locate the voice dial icon ( no button). Trying to screen dial while you are walking or moving is difficult. Nice big screen for email but email is not as easy as a BB. Camera has no flash but has great low light ability. Very good sound quality.Have to pay extra for voice mail.

HTC Droid Eris


Feb 15, 2010 by kayleebabyx3

I love my phone. It has everything I want in it . To bad I can never use any of it considering none of it ever works. My phone always seems to freeze or turn itself off. My carrier is Verizon Wireless. When I hit my Messaging App it tends to bring my MySpace App instead. Also, sometimes I don't receive my calls and people complain to me that I never answer their calls ; though I never got them. One last thing is when I call someone there happens to be NO sound in my ear piece though people can hear me just fine. What and when I can use my phone I enjoy very much, who knows maybe I got a bad phone. I plan on getting it checked out. One thing I can say is the maker should have made a better battery, because as most of you know this phone seems to be addicting and hard to put down for more than 30 seconds.

Pretty Good Android Phone


Feb 15, 2010 by cbales24

This is an overall good phone but has some annoying little problems that hold it back.

The screen is very responsive, but the 4 static touch icons at the bottom of the screen are kind of stingy. You have to really hit them right for it to register.

The battery life is really mediocre, and it charges VERY slowly.

Responsive touch screen
Good Browser
Very Customizable
Android - a pleasure to use
Thin and feels solid
Excellent functionality as a phone

Static touch icons do not work well
Batter charges VERY slowly
Applications can be a little slow at times

There's no going back...


Feb 14, 2010 by mellowlen62

I was debating between the Moto Droid, the BB Tour 2, or the Eris. I loved my Curve but was seeing nothing new or exciting from Blackberry. Although the Moto fascinated me, I could never ever get used to typing on the keyboards - physical or virtual. I chose the Eris and have not regretting it for one second. Phone is small and light, but not so light it feels cheap or unsubstantial. The fit and finish is fantastic. The Sense UI was another plus over the Moto. The predictive texting is amazing, and I can fly typing on this thing. It always knows what word I want, and new ones are added immediately. I have set it up to be easy and fast for almost every function-from phone-crystal clear by the way-to texting, photos (no flash doesn't bother me, it IS just a cellphone), browsing, everything. The only side control is volume, which is all you need there and quite nice bc you don't hit the keys by accident. The touch is flawless but the trackball often comes in very handy-another surprise to me. Email setup (even yahoo) was a breeze, google maps and the widgets are great, customization is wonderful, and I can't say enough about Android. The market is fun, the apps are great, I can't imagine when I will see myself every going back to blackberry. This phone is amazing and a keeper for me. I like the Droid but this is the front-runner and the clear winner for me. Some of the things people have said in reviews (like no voice dial) are just wrong. Learn about your phone a bit before posting a review!!

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