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BlackBerry Bold 9700


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Blackberry Bold 9700 vs. iPhone


Jan 13, 2010 by EJA1076

I absolutely love my Blackberry Bold 9700 (AT&T)! This is my first Blackberry, and I was a little skeptical at first due to the small keyboard and trackpad, but it didn't take that long to get used to. I previously tried the iPhone and even though it was pretty "neat," the phone call quality was very poor. In my opinion, it's more of a toy/gadget than a phone. On the other hand, I have no problem hearing my calls loud and clearly on the BB 9700! I guess it depends on what you're looking for... if you don't make many phone calls, don't do a lot of texting, and want something "fun" than the iPhone is for you. However, if you want a practical, solid phone to send and retrieve text messages and e-mails quickly, browse the Internet occassionally, and most importantly, make calls (afterall, isn't that the purpose of a "cell phone" in the first place?!?) than go with the BB 9700... you won't be disappointed!

Greatest blackberry made


Nov 18, 2009 by Phoneman85

What can i say about this phone that it is simply the greatest blackberry ever made aside of the 8900 of course i love the design of it and the camera takes great pictures even in total darkness.The one thing i don't like is the keyboard is alot different than my 8900 i guess I'll have to get use to it.

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Nov 17, 2009 by mrtasle

This is everything that the Toour should've been. I had three different Tours and they all had problems,(Trackballs,back door, etc.) This phone is solid. It is the best that RIM put out. Youo can't go wrong. You think you will not like the track pad but you will

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Still running strong after 4 years


Jan 11, 2014 by miketh

Carrier: T-Mobile

I use it as my only phone, business and personal. Mainly voice and reading email. Some SMS. Only data is occasional Google Maps, Pandora, a radio streaming app about once a month, and a parking meter payment app a couple times a week.
Have made use of TM's free wifi calling from overseas for years. Just made use last month of TM's free intl. roaming last month. Voice on the phone has always been landline like quality. I use a BT headset 80-90% of the time. (Business has me on the phone a lot - mostly short calls.)
Battery life is excellent. Have even used it to read books.
Like the small size. Fits easily in a shirt pocket. Keys pad is still the best.
This is actuallly my second 9700 set. When mine started showing its age last year, took my partner's 9700 after he got an S4.

Great phone!


Oct 7, 2011 by crackberry101

As an long time user of Blackberries I would say this one is the best!


Battery life!!
Easy to use and nice screen resolution!
Nice keyboard to type emails and BlackBerry Messinger!
Nice size and it feels like it's sturdy and solid.


The ringtones sound kind of muffled.

I've used the iPhone to the Palm Treo as PDAs and yet somehow I've always went back to the BlackBerry.

This one is a real winner!

Hands on Experience


Apr 18, 2011 by marko7533333

Have this for a year and it works perfectly never fell or got wet, second to none with emails I dare anybody to prove me wrong on that and I even have radio even though its not in the specs I got a radio app and its fantastic I can listen to radio stations worldwide, camera although just 3.2MP is best quality as well as video recording, and I have amazing virus protection from the BB servers no wonder Blackberry is the smartphone of choice in the Whitehouse and business professionals worldwide!!!!!!!!

impressed but


Aug 30, 2010 by topknocker

i had just got my new bold and it was the first blackberry i ever owned. such good reviews about them made me own one. i was very impressed with the phone and the software. i had only been playing with it for about 15 mins. when i notice the trackpad sinking in at the top. i had heard some problems with this issue before. hope i wouldn't be confronted with this. guess what...i was. i was not gonna mess with this. i sent my blackberry back and got a android. maybe i will get a blackberry again sometime but, not anytime soon.

Best BB Yet


Aug 21, 2010 by bap_seb-il

My Curve 8700 on T-mobile finally gave out after a hard 2 years. I loved that phone. When I called t-mo to get a warranty replacement they informed me they would have to send me the Bold 9700. (at no charge I might add). I have a new love. This the best Blackberry I've ever owed.


Nice screen
Excellent voice quality
Tons of Apps on BB app world
Fast Web on 3G
Threaded texting
Touchpad mouse is so much better than the trackball
Solid Battery life

Basically everything I want it for it has performed flawlessly....


None yet...Except it locks on Slacker radio...but i think that is user error.

Best ATT Berry


Jul 19, 2010 by natalecalandra

I had this phone for a while and it was awesome and I liked the size of it. Its very good for email and text messaging. The fact that its a 3G Blackberry makes a huge difference as well its fast.

3mp Cam w/ Flash
3G Speed
Nice Keyboard
Email ease of use
Blackberry Apps and 3rd Party Apps
Fairy Decent Battery
Customize Fonts and Size
Customize Themes
Very good LCD Screen
Able to watch movies if you put on SD Card
Multiple Customize of Profile and Create your own Profiles

Comes in Only Black...

Other than the color only coming in black this Phone is the Best Blackberry I've ever used.

Great Phone!


Jun 29, 2010 by tazman1

This is a great phone. I am going to review this by comparing it to my 9650 on Verizon. I have had both phones.

The only things that are Bold about the 9650 is the 512MB memory and the Network(Verizon)although t-Mobile is getting better. Other than that, the 9700 beats it in every respect.

The Back cover is superior. The 9700 has the best back cover on a Blackberry today. The 9650's cover is the same as the horrible Tour battery cover.

The size of the 9700 is better. It is smaller that the 9650 but it feels like it is better built and the size lets you type on it with one hand.

The Battery is better. The 9700 uses the same battery that the original Bold used. The 9650 uses the same battery as the Storm, Tour and storm 2. Enough said

The T-Mobile 9700 uses UMA. This is great for low signal areas. The 9650 will not use that.

The 9700 has the black button accents. this was supposed to be a staple in the BB future. The 9650 doesn't use it.

The 9700 has better placement of the charging port

The 9700 starts up faster than the 9650. seriously the 9650 takes forever to reboot. This is a deal killer for me

If you're on Verizon or Sprint go for the 9650. You'll probably like it but if you're on T-Mobile or ATT stay with the 9700 on that Network. you will not be sorry. Oh and if you're worried about putting OS6 on the 9700 don't. Either ther will be a 9700 made with more memory or RIM will adapt an OS6 system for the current one

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