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BlackBerry Bold 9700


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Rcallon :( waaaaaa


Nov 15, 2009 by UrGodCleric

Rcallon... I guess you didn't win one through the LSE. WOMP WOMP.

Your cons don't even talk about the phones features so your review was a waste.

The demo that we received worked with no problems. Internet is great with the 3g speed. Youtube works well also.

The screen resolution is fantastic.
Plays divx without any problems. So no need to convert your files to a lower quality mobile format.

Keypad feels a little loose. By loose i mean not tight like the 8320 keyboard. The keys wiggle ever so slightly. But I had zero problems typing on it.

Speed of the phone is fantastic. Granted it's not loaded up with a million emails or txts. So who knows how fast it'll be then.

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Excellent device


Nov 17, 2009 by ajs253

This is a fantastic device and unless you are and appreciate Blackberries you will not appreciate or understand the upgrades. First off, the 9700 and the rest of the high end berries have gone to high resolution screens. I believe this one is 480 x 320. For the size, it is one of the best. With respect to the trackball being replaced with track pad, I would say it is a great advancement, even though it took me a few days to get used to it. (I have had a pre-release model for a while.) With respect to emails and the Blackberry software it is second to none. I believe if you are a Berry fan, or interested in becoming a Berry user, this is a great way to become a believer.

Software (5.0);
Track pad;
Design (very good looking phone);

I personally would have preferred a slightly larger phone.

That is the only reason I gave it a 4.5. Many people including my colleagues love the size, so as far as I am concerned, it is a personal thing about the size of the phone. But if you want a Blackberry, then you will surely not be disappointed.

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Amazing Device


Nov 15, 2009 by T-Mobile_Expert_DW

Out of all of the devices and phones I have owned and tested this device falls in much higher than I expected. I have become spoiled with the Android Market and devices so even using phones even like the Touch Pro 2 have been disappointing (Android to windows mobile says enough). As far as the apps and the way this phone runs, amazing. I believe RIM is catching up the rest of the market (3G was a nice change) and that the name will sell itself. Yes the RIM devices are similar but if you did your homework maybe you would understand that there are a few more differences than just the 3G and the name. Perhaps you need to let go of the $13.00 prepaid phone that you have that has become your best phone and jump, this phone is worth it.

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It's Awesome, I'll say it again It's really awesome


Jan 15, 2010 by bbdabest

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. This is by far the best RIM has ever done. FYI, remember when choosing a phone choose one that’s right for your needs. If you like texting emails FB and all the socializing stuff with light web use this is the Benz of all phones. I had four different models and I am pleased and still can't find anything wrong.

Pros: Small, feel good, looks business like and classy> ITunes syncs well so you don’t have to carry an IPod or mp3 player

Cons: The charger port is smaller than past Black Berry models so I had to get new chargers which were something I loved about Blackberry's because everyone had a charger that fit wherever you were.
Overall great phone and I highly recommend it to everyone.

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I didn't think the Bold could get any better.


Nov 27, 2009 by dave1982

I got my Bold 2 the day it came out and I have to say I'm not disappointed. I had very high expectations since my 9000 is amazing, but the 9700 is more than getting the job done.

Track pad-The trackball was getting a bit outdated.
Speed-IDK about T-Maybe(Mobile) but on AT&T my net is blazing.
Camera-3.2 is nice and unlike some of the phones I've seen with the same camera, it actually looks good.
Texting-I'm shocked no review has mentioned this...the conversation text is more than a welcome addition to BB. No more mountains of text to delete thank goodness.

Only one I can think of is the size. I like the fact that it isn't huge like the 9000 but the loss of the big screen stinks.

Overall an amazing phone.

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Amazing Phone


Nov 19, 2009 by thechiller15

This is the best phone i have ever owned. I am coming from a T-Mobile G1 and this was well worth the upgrade. The battery life is excellent. I can go 2 days with out a charge with heavy use and it would still be fine. The screen is gorgeous. The keyboard is kind of tight but after some use you get used to it really quick. There is no lag and apps come up very quickly. The phone is all around beautiful and is well worth the upgrade.

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RIM Does it Again


Nov 25, 2009 by vvillapa

I've been a loyal BB user since day one and this one tops it all. I love my 9000 and I will probably keep it because I like the bigger size. My wife took the 9700 and she won't put it down. This phone is the perfect size, especially for women. Feature packed like the 9000. Great service with AT&T and BB personal data is just great for heavy email users. Most people already did the pros and I cannot find any cons. The 3.2 camera is the best improvement. Takes really good pics. I wish they kept the original usb connector, not the micro. I have about 10 usb chargers that I have no use for. I don't know why people are complaining about the browser. Works good for me. If you want the best web browsing experience, go get the new imac. Other than that, the 9700 beats the heck out of any phones out there including the iphone. Sorry, I know you can't compare the 2 but I have 3 iphones and I will pick the 9700 hands down. Go out and get one now.

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Pretty Good


Nov 22, 2009 by The T-Mobile Guy

I work for T-Mobile and have had some time to play with this new BB. I have to say though, I really wish they stuck to the size of the original Bold. Not everyone wants a tiny Blackberry, and I thought Bold would be the phone that we look to, so we will just have to try and enjoy this 8900 look alike. Down to the Pros & Cons:

Pros: 3G; TrackPad is heavenly!; Chrome accents & what appears to be real leather on the battery cover make it look very expensive; Speed is second to none with its new processor; Charging points for the optional desktop charger; Comes with that Really nice swivel belt clip.

Cons: SIZE is too small in my opinion, would have been nice to have bigger keyboard to go along w/ that new Trackpad; internal memory @ 128 megs is slightly disappointing; Memory card rather hard to remove from phone.

Overall, very impressive Blackberry, I was definitely waiting for this! On a side note, I wasn't SUPER impressed with the 3G, sometimes not linking to the Internet. Other then that, Great phone BLACKBERRY! Ill never switch!

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Nov 19, 2009 by rentacop91

Coming from the curve 8900 i must say this is a vast improvement.

Great Screen
Track Pad improvement over trackball
qwerty keyboard
Battery Life
many, many, many more

none this is a solid phone that's a great addition to T-Mobiles network and has to be the best blackberry to date.

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A Solid Blackberry


Nov 19, 2009 by bleekerbaby

I picked one of these up at AT&T and I am in love. The device is solid, and feels excellent in the hand. I love how light it is, and the refined curves and faux-leather back of the hardware make this a very good looking phone, probably the best looking blackberry to date.

It's fast...actually, it's BLAZING. There is ZERO lag on the phone, and everything opens instantly and is immediately ready as soon as you click an icon.

The trackpad is divine - good riddance trackball! I am glad I no longer have to worry about dirt getting in the way of my navigation and productivity.

NONE. It is excellent; everything you expect from a BlackBerry, and then some. I just returned a droid, which I loved, but I found it unreliable after my alarms failed to go off...I know my BlackBerry will never fail me like that.

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