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Still my #1


Nov 6, 2010 by gcg

If you are a BB user then this is the one for you...unless you want to wait for the new 9780 with os6 and 5 mega pix camera...but that starts out only on T-Mobile.

I have had many BB's and this just had the best of all...wifi, 3G, track pad (bye bye ball forever!!) I like the keypad and can actually type faster on this than I could on my last BB the 8900.

LED flash is better than average in low light enviornments.

My favorite thing though is (and I needle all my iphone/android friends about this) is the battery life. I mean it when I tell you it ROCKS! I charge every other day and that's with normal to heavy use. I never turn it off. It's the best battery ever in a BB.

Hope this helps!



Aug 9, 2010 by pinkbutterfly26

I purchased this phone yesterday at Walmart. I have to say, I was looking in to a number of different devices: MyTouch Slide, MotoBlur, and the Vibrant. Many told me that blackberry was horrible and that it would annoy me to no end and get an Android OS phone because they are leading anyhow.

I am not one who goes with the masses, I look at what I am going to be using the phone for and then find an acceptable device to fit my needs. I find that this is a terrific device.

There are no cons at this moment so I will talk about the pluses:

* This phone has a track pad, not ball. Less chance of malfunction this way and it is more versatile than the other blackberry models I was looking at.

* Non-Touch Screen. I like the fact that I can go with a vintage feel for a screen and still not be operating under the features of what would be the first phone ever made.

* Keyboard. I have seen many reviews where the keyboard was allegedly hard to get used to but I have to say, in less than 24 hours I am typing out full emails, texts, etc and I am not having an issue.

* Battery Life. Compared to my rather simple phone I had previously from Straittalk, I have to say that this battery is already beating out that phone battery and this device does 98% more than that one did. Realistically I use my phone more than the average person so I charge every night anyhow but it's nice to have a phone that lasts through the day and not die before I get home. 8-11 hour shift at work.

* Apps. There are a ton of free apps for this device and it is almost unnecessary to buy any. I may, however, buy the app that sets different LED colors for different contacts because I have the demo and the rainbow mode is too cool!

* Email comes through quickly. In fact, all notifications come through with no problem.

Depending on what you use this phone for is the only way that you can choose but if you want a nice work phone with extra features then this is the one for you!

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Very good phone


Jun 14, 2010 by detsept988

I really like this phone. it's basically my first blackberry but I've played with other ones before and this is definitely the best and I'm glad i own it.

-very crisp, bright and clear screen.
-the texting screen is more like an IM screen which is awesome for going back to read texts. this also eliminates multiple folders (inbox, sent, drafts...) its all right in one place.
-trackpad. some ppl dont like but but then i didnt like the trackball so i guess its just what u prefer.
-nice camera and very bright flash.
-this isn't really particular to this blackberry at all but the i really like the blackberr messenger.
-the blackberry app world is really neat too.
-visual voicemail. it isnt exactly what i thought it would be but i really like it. having the voicemails on ur phone like an audio note or whatever is really nice.

there arent really any. haha.
-the trackpad occosially freezes but it's pretty rare that happens (twince month maybe?).
other lil odds and ends but nothing that would deter me from buying it again....and im pretty picky.

Best Blackberry Yet!


May 22, 2010 by SomeGuyInIL

Used to own a G1 so getting off the android market was very hard, but this phone is perfect! The phone is light weight and is not a big bulky phone that weighs you down as its in your pocket. Keypad did take some time getting used to but every phone you switch from does. This is the best phone RIM had made and i cant wait to see what model is next (if this device can be topped)

Awesome design
Light in weight
Easy menu structure
Great track pad
Awesome Awesome in battery life
Very good phone for staying connected
Back cover of the phone has a grip (so when laid down your phone will not slide everywhere)
Connecting device as a modem is VERY easy to use

Screen scratches very easy
YouTube freezes alot (carrier issue)
Some sites dont work on normal web browser but you can always get opera mini

** Overall an awesome phone to use and to run with for daily needs such as work and personal, I have had the phone for about 6 months and right now i would not even think about going to another phone unless they made a blackberry with an androi OS! Great job RIM

In Love


May 5, 2010 by thomasdemasi

This is my third Blackberry and I'm quite impressed with it. I had the first Curve, then the Curve 8900, and now this incredible Bold 9700. It's a really nice upgrade from the Curve 8900, which I was in love with, but who ultimately died from being loved too much. I don't adopt new devices very easily; I'm a bit of a luddite--but this phone is really great, and similar enough to the Curve such that you feel right at home as soon as you start using it.

It feels sturdy and good in your hand. It is a bit heavier than the 8900, but not has hefty or big as the first Bold, which I couldn't use one-handed because it was too big.

I was worried about going to 3G, but realized that 3G signal in my house is much much better than the GSM service was. This guy also gets better GSM signal than the Curve did in GSM-only areas.

PhoneScoop says that the screen on the Curve are of the same dimensions and pixels, but this one seems a lot sharper. Colors burst out at you and the contrast seems better. Images look sharper. I use it at the lowest brightness setting, too.

The keyboard is not the same as the Curve, but I'd say it just takes a few minutes to get used to. The key response is great. Your fingers will adapt to the new keyboard, and you will soon find yourself forgetting about the Curve keyboard.

I used the phone a lot today, with Pandora and fooling around getting my settings right and checking stuff out. I only ended up using one of the battery boxes, or 1/5 the battery. I project that the battery life is going to be great.

On the downside, I do wish that the phone were as light as the Curve. But the battery in the Bold is HUGE, so that's the tradeoff for better battery life despite it having 3G.

Great Size
Excellent Signal
Wonderful Screen
Solid Battery Life
Optical Trackpad is a Godsent-It will surely be more reliable than the Curve ball.

Not light-as-a-feather like the Curve
Some decent multifunction earbuds à la iPhone would be nice

Had the old Curve


Mar 18, 2010 by Sammy5

I've had this phone for 4 months now. Upgraded from the Curve. Buttons small and had to get used to. Nice phone and I tether with my computer (Mac) and works great!!!!
AT&T works great - I travel ALL over North America and have had NO issues at all.
I was in Verizon and had issues. Hell, no carrier is perfect but I am very impressed with AT&T.
Buttons were smaller than Curve and had to adjust. I have a Apple Touch and still struggle with e-mail and texting,
Very impressed with BB products.

Blackberry 9700 RIMarkable


Feb 22, 2010 by IRALLYCROSS

This phone is amazing. As a representative for AT&T, I can say that this is honestly one of the best phones I've sold.

Every customer that has picked this phone up (including myself) has been super happy.


Trackpad: weird when you're used to the trackball, but all in all very easy to get the hang of.

OS 5.0: Runs smoother, quicker and more effieciently (I realize those are all around the same thing but that's how much I like the phone) This is why it has 6 hours of talk-time, this phone has the same battery as the 9000, but that one gave me on average about 4 hours of talk-time.

Talk time (stated above)

Screen Resolution: The screen is only .2 inches smaller than the 9000, BUT the 9700 has a better resolution.

Size: The Bold 9000 is a great step, now in my book this new size is a pro, and also a con. I thought the 9000 was a little too big, but I think that this phone is a little too small... if they could have done a phone between the two sizes. Would have been perfect in my book.

Threaded text messaging: Conversation style, easier to find texts from certain senders, all around more convenient.

Processor: The Bold 9000 has the 624 MHz processor, and the 9700 has the same processor, but it SEEMS much faster then the last bold.

FACEBOOK/MYSPACE: Preloaded for all those Social Networkites.

Visual Voicemail: So easy... after set up, better than holding 1 and waiting to hear certain messages.


Size: Stated above about size

HSDPA: 3.6, not 7.2, but after talking to a RIM Associate, they're working on a way to possibly upgrade the hardware even though that's something that's built into the phone... still up in the air, who knows.

Memory: Downgrade from the original bold with the 800 MB (After OS, and built in applications), but you can't usually have your cake and eat it too. Nothing a memory card can't fix.

Only reason I gave it a 4.5 is that the device is not perfect, but close to.

My First BB and it is perfect


Dec 8, 2009 by charlyee

I picked up the 9700 2 weeks back and was initially very frustrated with it and returned the same day in about 4 hours.

I decided I had been too hasty and it was my ignorance with BB OS & my familiarity with WM software that was the culprit. My last device was the Treo Pro with WM 6.1 Professional.

So I picked another one up next day and have been playing with it ever since and getting addicted. Being a BB newbie it is rather hard for me to do a review of the functionality of the OS, so I will do a general mini review until I get better at it.

Reception & Call quality
BB App World
Battery Life

I have not found any cons yet, just my frustration in not being able to get away from the WM way of doing things.

AT&T gave me the unlock code right over the phone & it is now unlocked.

Not bad


Nov 20, 2009 by d.eaton

RIM produces another wonderful device. The track-screen is really responsive, but I'm too attached to my trackball. They kept the leather backplate from the original Bold, which is also great.

5.0 OS - super smooth and easy to navigate.
3G - This shouldn't really be a pro considering any phone that is going to be competitive needs 3G, but the 8900 was not 3G capable so we'll call it an improvement.
WiFi - Again, a staple in the smart-phone category, but the UMA is a nice addition.
Hi-res screen - Nothing needs to be said here
Style - Fits in the paws nicely
Camera - 3.2MP takes sweet pictures all the time

On board memory - I was disappointed to see RIM take a step back from the original Bold here
HSDPA 3.6 - Both the iPhone 3GS and the Tilt2 are HSDPA 7.2 (4G) ready, why was this left out?
Style - I love the feel of the 9700, but I still prefer my 9000.

Overall I think RIM did a great job with this phone. Will I give up my 9000 for it? Not a chance.

Bold 2? More like Bold 1.2


Nov 24, 2009 by imapolymorph

This is nothing revolutionary, or even really an improvement.

Trackpad has replaced the often-flaky trackball of Blackberries past.
Microscopically-smaller and lighter than the Bold 9000. This is a Bold in a Curve 8900 shell.

-Still no proper web browser. GET A CLUE, RIM.
No more stereo speakers, this was one of the best features of the Bold 9000, no other cellular phone even comes close.
-NO current high-speed support - HSPA+, etc. The phone's data connection is obsolete even before release in many countries.

Throw us a bone here, RIM. How about something new, like a proper compliant web browser like Opera or Safari. Or real multimedia support so I'm not forced to reencode every video file I want to play from the desktop to the phone. Maybe supporting the data speeds carriers in Canada already offer - twice what this phone supports.

The content of the Blackberry World store certainly doesn't encourage me to buy your products either.

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