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Life changing phone


Nov 1, 2009 by Mannydog

Had my 3G S since July 4th. My work phone is a Bold, so I am coming from a fairly high end product. Had that for 5 months before the iPhone, and liked it, but when I got the iPhone and started carrying both, I started ONLY using the Bold for work related stuff, and the bare minimum at that.

Ease of use of everything. For a while, I still liked the bold keyboard better for emails, but now, after 4 months, I actually prefer the touchscreen. Trying is the only where its even a discussion. doing EVERYTHING else in the iPhone is SO much easier than any other phone I have used.

The integration: one example: look up someplace on Google and go straight to Google Maps to get there.

Form factor: it is so SOLID and feels so good in hand. The bold is supposed to be one of the top BBs, yet it feels like crap: loose cover that bugs me EVERY time I use it, keyboard feels rickety. Feels like a toy compared to the monolithic iPhone.

The Apps: its a cliche, but its true. So many cool things out there, and they are cheap or free. Blackberry world is a sad joke. A minute fraction of of what's available for iPhone and outrageously expensive.

ATT!!! I live in a rural area, and am constantly dropping calls, but even when i visit cities (Seattle, Chicago) I still have lots of problems accessing the network and dropping calls for no apparent reason (even with great signal. This applies to the Bold and the iPhone, so I kn ow it is the network.
Also don't like anything else about ATT. If Verizon ever gets the iPhone I will switch that day, damn the cost.

Needs a modern spell check, the suggestions are great, but not a substitute for a proper spell check.

iTunes: can't stand it, would like a good drag and drop app.

I could go on, but it is SO easy to use for SO many useful things, it really has changed the way I do things. I use my laptop a lot less these days, the iPhone is much handier for so many things.

Lots of room for improvement, but miles ahead of everything else.

Iphone 3GS


Oct 31, 2009 by ashman

I use this phone on the Fido/Rogers network in and around Toronto, Canada. I got the iphone when it first came out in the summer of 2008, was disappointed in its support for Microsoft Exchange, calendar performance etc, got rid of it. Fast forward now, since the 3.0 update, Exchange support is much improved, sideways keyboard is huge benefit, 3GS is faster, voice dialing is a major addition but needs some work in terms of accuracy. No phone that I have used or seen can surf the Internet like the iphone, it just works and the screen is lovely for viewing photos also. The 3GS is a well worth update to the 3G in my opinion.

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Good but not great.


Oct 29, 2009 by scribeman

I had been with Tmobile for about a year and a half. The G1 was my first Smartphone and when I lost it, Tmobile's insurance program prompted me to look at the iPhone for a better phone.

1. It's very user friendly
2. The size. It slips into my pocket and that's that.
3. Media machine. Save for resolution issues, which I will discuss later, it really does do music well and is built to function as both phone and iPod.
4. Wifi access is great.

The Unremarkable:
I think by this point, most touchphones now offer a touch screen that is of comparable quality. The G1 was just as good.

The Bad:
1. AT&T's reception is simply awful. I'm amazed at how spotty it is, where I receive good service and where I do not. I get text messages and voicemail minutes, and sometimes hours, after the fact.
2. I was amazed by how poor the resolution is. The G1 continually amazed me with a crystal-clear clarity that was higher in res than the iPhone. Youtube looks terrible in any video played on this phone.
3. What does Apple have against multitasking? Sometimes I want Imeem to play while I do other things. But as it is now, you cannot do two things at once with this phone. If you want to text someone, the music stops, or youtube stops, and the other process kicks in. Perhaps this is an advantage when you consider memory use, but it's just bizarre to me.

iPhone 3GS


Oct 13, 2009 by ankh99

Okay. When the first iPhone came out I thought, " why would someone pay that much? It's just a fad.". Now, I'm a tech junky, so for me to say that is something. Only my family had bets on how long I'd wait. Well, I proved them wrong because I waited for the second generation. Actually, I still have my 3G. Granted, it's been warranty swapped twice, but that's just me (I tend to fry electronics. Can't wear a watch... Etc...).
So when I heard the 3GS was coming out I had to have one.
My 3G gets better reception than any AT&T phone out there. Hands down. My 3GS does too, but AT&T lowered the 2G signal strength in 3G service areas to boost the 3G signal and unfortunately my apartment became a close to dead zone.
Anyway. I love these things. Even though I have a regular iPod and will use it every now and again, I generally use my Iphone for everything. Even typing this!!!
I love the app store. If you can't find it today you can bet someones working on making the app your looking for. And for the moat part the apps are cheap.

The only complaints I have are these:
Navigation. I wish the TomTom or Navigon apps were cheaper. I don't. Get why they're so expensive and I know that's a 3rd party... But I believe Apple could put in a very basic voice guided direction. Or maybe even have the map/direction move onto the next step automatically.

WiFi. I wish that when in range that calls were routed through wifi like some TMobile phones do. This whole Femtocell thing is silly when wifi is so readily available. Even if it only worked with a limited number of networks (like not with public or something).

Now that MMS is available, I don't have any basic phone usage complaints.

Oh. The voice command feature stinks if you've got a TON of music or contacts. But otherwise I love that.

Finally. I love this phone. Hands down this is the best multimedia device in the world. The most customizable, the most accessories and apps available, the fastest... Just the best.

Its ok........


Oct 2, 2009 by santuri

Considering all the hype that this phone came with, I really wasnt all that impressed. The biggest drawback is the service......

After MMS activation


Sep 30, 2009 by nathan44

I thought long and hard on what rating to give this phone. I have tried the Touch Pro 2, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia, and yes the iPhone 3GS. They all have similar features, and strengths, as well as weaknesses. I have found that overall, not including the massive amount of apps the iPhone has that it is in the end the best of these top smart phones.

vga video recording
music player that can controlled by voice
3.5mm headset jack
voice dialing from bt headset
50,000+ apps.
thin and light
more accessories options than any other phone

battery life
speaker phone volume

iPhone convert


Sep 24, 2009 by mdembski

I have used WinMo (Motorola Q9h-good, not great) and Symbian (Nokia E71-overated junk). Listened to friends rave about their iPhones and thought they had just drunk the kool aid. After junking a E71 after 6 months of frustration, I finally went and got the 3GS and understand now why it has rewritten the rules for smart phone.
The good
The interface-nothing else comes close. This makes the phone and easy to use.
The apps-priced right, easy to install, and backed up automatically.
The bad
No multitasking
Phone call quality is just average. Nothing beats Motorola in call quality.
Doesn't play WMV videos
Battery life is poor but part of that is that you use the phone so much.

Overall the phone is a joy to use. I live in Washington DC and have not had any real problems with network connectivity. I've been with ATT for more than a dozen years and always found their coverage to be ok, not great. After dealing with the frustrations of the E71 for 6 months, its so good to have a phone with a good interface. Miss the keyboard at times, but generally the touch keypad is not that bad, and would rather have the small size over a physical keypad and small screen.

iPhone 3gs


Sep 13, 2009 by Bigmanbo12

This an great device. AT&T has great service. The complaint I hear about AT&T service. People you all know what is good or bad in your area. Do not play dumb as you did not know about coverage. Another I hear so many people complain about the data plan of the iPhone. Blackberry , palm , or any PDA Internet is $30.00 per. Month. What is the differnce. Another no phone manufacture did have am touch screen until the iPhone and htc phone company. iPhone been out over two years and kicking butt. iPhone is the best phone in the market the only compaint is no picture message

Love it!!


Sep 7, 2009 by matthewaynelson

I bought an iPhone in September of 2007 when they first became available at AT&T and loved my original.

Never had any problems with either the phone or AT&T's network. The only thing I had to learn was to treat the iPhone more like a computer and less like a cell phone! I found an iPhone didn't bounce as well as previous cell phones I'd owned!

But, aside from having to relearn carrying and handling of the iPhone, there is NO other phone on the market that competes with the iPhone!

And, my new 3GS 32GB iPhone rocks all the more! :)

Incredible hardware hampered by AT&T


Aug 25, 2009 by stteve

The phone itself is incredible! I rated the handset so lowe because it's rendered virtually useless on AT&T's horrible network. I'm in Chicago (third largest city) and my iPhone3G can't even get a 3G signal in Chicago's business district. Apple needs to dump AT&T as the exclusive carrier.

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