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LG Xenon GR500


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Aug 16, 2010 by 73poetlady

Pros: ease of use, picture taking
Cons: battery life, phone shuts off

I received this phone 2nd hand. The phone itself is about 1-1/2 years old. I have had it for about 3 months.
The person that had it before me was rough with it. So that being said the phone has held up very well.
Some of the keys are hard to read because of the enormus texting it has been through, so the letters have been rubbed off.
I did re-calibrate the screen to my liking (I totally recommend this with any touch screen when you first get it). When I try to make calls the touch screen shows that I pushed the number 5 but apparently I didnt, so I guess you could say the touch screen is "misfiring"
Battery life is not that great if you do a lot of texting you will lose battery life fast. I have to charge the phone every night.
The phone has a tendency to turn it self off without warning and for no reason. If you drop the phone it will turn itself off. If you close it to quickly it will turn itself off.
The texting will sometimes not send the message even though you have full service...does not compute.
Over all the phone is decent and holds up well even after being dropped.

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I wouldn't recomend it


Aug 8, 2010 by madd-ylove121

I have had this phone for a little over a year and at first I was very happy with it. It was a good phone to have nice and small, but after about 5 months of having it the problems started. The touch screen freezes and sometimes it will randomly shut off.
Pros: Good size,good size keys on the Keyboard, camera has a flash.
Cons: The touch screen freezes,and is not very responsive,it shuts off occasionly,the battery life does not last very long.

All in all I would not recommend this phone to anyone.There are definitely better phones out there than this one.

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IT wAs oK!


Aug 4, 2010 by ii.LOvE.AnDRoiDz

It was an okay phone. I didn't like that you always had to delete messages (very annoying). I did however like that you can search the web while talking on the phone. It had a loud ringer...which I liked as well.

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LG Xenon Changed my life! :-)


Jul 8, 2010 by ConnG

At first, I had a really crappy phone that would loose its bars within a day, so it got extremely annoying to charge so I never really used it much. Now that I have the LG Xenon, My phone is ahead of its time. This phone has a TV plan, an Internet plan, a GPS plan, and so many more! I'd say this phone is even better than the droid. I use this phone all the time now!

-pros: the full qwerty keyboard slides perfectly. has a pressure sensitive touch screen, so u can use a stylus. Comes with several free game demos. I get great reception whether I'm at home 20 miles away from Baltimore, In New York visiting my brother, or in the middle of no where deep in South Carolina at my grandmother's. costs about 20-30 dollars when your contract expires. Has a qwerty keyboard and a touch screen.

-cons: 1.75cm thick. That's about it.

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Its alright, nothing to brag about


Jun 11, 2010 by ladiijay146

I've had this phone for almost a year now, i originally had the Impression, but returned it for the Xenon. At first, i didn't have many complaints, but as time went by the problems started. Alot of times, it'll freeze up and I'll have to pop the battery out and turn it back on. Then it takes quite sometime to get back up and running. I have small hands, there are times when i hit the wrong things on the screen, the precision seems a little skewed. After about 3 months, i needed another charger, so i went to AT&T and bought another for $30. About 2 months later, i had to get yet another one, i didn't think it was worth the money so i went to Walmart. Sometime between there i had to purchase another, i recently bought a 4th charger. There shouldn't be a reason that this phone is eating chargers. I finally took my phone to the store and they said i needed another charger and it wasn't the phone. Recently, it's been telling me my memory is full, however everything is on my memory card. I did a master reset and for now things are fine. Another thing i recently encountered is my battery life has dropped tremendously. I'm beginning to think that my phone is never fully charged. I can be on the phone for 40 minutes and it'll beep in my ear that its dying.
I enjoyed the phone quite a bit when i first got it, however i think its time for a change. It's not designed to last more than a month. I think i got lucky!

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Jun 4, 2010 by Laydopotato

This phone was nice for a while, but then the glitches began to show and the little quirks from the beginning became major annoyances.

First of all, the menus on the phone are difficult to navigate and the touch screen really should have a stylus to use because even with small fingers there is too much error.

When texting in conversation view, you can't type and read the previous message at the same time, and if you happen to have your phone set to a different time than the other user, the message order may be scrambled (as my clock is set to my work, it is a few minutes fast so this this becomes very annoying). Another thing that bugs me is that although there are a ton of shortcuts on the QWERTY keyboard that are very convenient, you still have to use the touchscreen to send the message.

After only a couple of months I began having difficulty with the phone shutting itself off when I use the slider (both opening and closing it), but I figured out that I could just do it very slowly and carefully without issue. Until now. Now it just shuts itself off randomly. Also, the screen freezes and won't change orientation so you can't type on the keyboard.

Despite having an 8G memory card in it, it has no memory to store texts so after a few messages you have to delete them. I have also had extreme difficulty with memory for video and at one point it only let me shoot for 15 seconds.

The sound quality on it seems to be okay and I haven't gotten any complaints. I don't use the internet on it so I don't know how well the browser works or anything.

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Good, and Also Bad.


May 29, 2010 by reckless5348

I love the keyboard. I love the touch screen, and i LOVE the design and full body, but when it comes to having reliability, it STINKS! Well, I've had mine since Feb. 12, and it's May 28th, and it's frozen about 30+ times. And, it turns off sometimes. About to get a 2nd one. But, i got a BAD feeling about it. I'm worried. But, I'm going to get a different phone if it does the same thing.

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Mediocre Phone


Dec 23, 2009 by mslh84

I've worked for a cell phone company for over 2 years now, nearly 3 and this phone doesn't impress me. This is my 2nd Xenon btw.

Battery life is excellent, with the amount of texting I do, lasts about 3 days.
Threaded messaging and conversation view is awesome...ym without using data another plus.
Calls are clear. Bluetooth is good. Camera quality is pretty good for the megapix. I love the different effects and settings for pictures, and that you can edit.

Cons:Starting with physical.
QWERTY keyboard:When closing the keyboard phone shuts off, happens at least once a day, and has occured maximum so far up to 6 times a day.
Speakerphone:On the back, kind of irritating, having to turn the phone over to hear, and if I have a case I have to take it off, or out.
Outside:The blue around the outside has came off, I can snap it back on but still...
YM:Before I can sign in it usually times out 2 or 3 times. I do not have this issue on the pc.
Media Mall:Disgrace, it take 3-5 minutes before it loads, and by that time, I'm so irritated, I quit, I rely on third party services that come in much faster then AT&Ts premium services.
Messaging:Love the threaded text messaging, and conversation view, but...I was not able to send the entire conversation to my email...I needed to do this for personal reasons, and was not able to do so, and now having to go through a subpoena to accomplish this.
Pictures:The option to create a folder is avialable but have yet to figure out how to move anything into the folder...I certainly do not like features I can't use.

Also, I was disappointed that I did not receive any sort of case, or anything other then a phone charger for what I paid for this phone. I've bought a more basic phone and received twice as many accessories.

Needless to say, I am in the process of getting a warranty exchange...

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I really want this phone


Dec 1, 2009 by kenzbenz.707

I dont own this phone, but i love it with a passion. it is so sleek and sexy. heehee

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LG Xenon


Sep 9, 2009 by nanakeet

I just got this phone after having a blackjack 1 and I must say it is a great phone, love the way the keys are not exposed.

Easy to use
Qwerty board nice
Sound is great
Touch Screen is great.

Doesn't have any games you can download that are free
Doesn't have a pop mail that you can use your existing email with.

That is about all and I have had the phone for a week and no problems

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