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Orientation Screwed Up & Too Much Background Noise


Aug 5, 2009 by db83

Pros: Qwerty keyboard, touch screen, flash on camera, wall charger recharges phone very quickly

Cons: Screen orientation froze making using the qwerty keyboard impossible (the letter and number keys freeze up because the phone assumes you are not using the qwerty), the person on the other end of the line can hear even the slightest background noise, pictures come out blurry (so flash doesn't matter as much)

Overall: I read the reviews before purchasing this phone but I since the phone had come out for retail sale only in March and I purchased the phone on April 30th, I think that those reviewers had not had the phone long enough to report the long-term cons with this phone.

I am very disappointed with the orientation being frozen. I have been using it for only 3 months and phones should be made to last. I am not sure why the screen froze as I have not dropped or misused my phone but the point is that my newer phone is essentially useless for texting because it is extremely difficult typing on the touch screen.

The other major flaw is that several people have told me that they hear the background noise even when the background noise is almost non-existent. I am not sure how this phone picks up so much but it is too much!

I like the touch screen for the most part but again, texting is nearly impossible and I have small fingers.

I think that for the long term this phone is bad. Short term it's okay but then again, who really wants to pay that much for the short term?

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Great Phone for People Who Need One for Two Weeks...


Jun 17, 2009 by dresdenkiss

...but after that, you're going to have problems. A better way of wasting $100 would be to just light the bill on fire, and enjoy the heat for the few moments. Who knows, it might last longer than the phone.

PROS: Nice Design; The price is great for the theory of the phone, meaning the concept of a touch/keyboard combo; Some nice features like GPS built in; Size is good

CONS: Mega screen issues; Slide spring problems; signal strength

First, I'll start with the touchscreen. I do like it better than the VU's, and while I'd prefer either of the Samsung touches to this, it is an improvement in the design. The problem is, the screen WILL go. Everybody I know who has this phone, and most that I've spoken with have had their touchscreens go. I've seen TWO that have imploded on the inside. No physical damage, just the inside of the touchscreen completely went and was destroyed. Because it gave off the appearance of physical damage, AT&T would not replace it.

Next, I've seen the spring that keeps the slide open break on a few devices, causing extra problems with the keyboard/screen combination (which has some other technical issues as another user pointed out.

Lastly, signal strength on this device is really weak. Now, when I mention this, it's only going to be a problem for consumers in areas where it's tough to pull AT&T reception. I'd say if you know how well an LG phone will pull in your area, then you'll have a great idea of how the Xenon will work signal-wise for you. In strong signal areas, the Xenon will work just fine. If you have a tough time getting reception - check out a Nokia or Motorola instead, or even jump up to a BlackBerry or iPhone.

Basically - spend the extra money, and get the Impression if you like the design. It's a much better reviewed phone, and the touchscreen is easier to manipulate anyway.

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Good Potential


Jun 4, 2009 by lgxenon

The slim size of the phone is great and the touchscreen is easy to use. However, I have had several problems with this phone since I bought it about a few weeks ago. The biggest problem is that the image won't change when I slide it open, so the keyboard is practically useless. The touchscreen/keyboard option was my favorite part about the phone. It was great for texting and surfing the internet, but I haven't been able to do those things since the screen won't flip when I slide it open. The battery life is great, though. It takes longer to charge than my previous phone, but it lasts just as long.

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Xenon Ok Phone


May 9, 2009 by yourpowellben

This is the most advanced phone that I have had but I don't get new ones very often.

I bought this phone to text, web, and make calls to family and friends. This phone does all of that and more. I am tired of people complaining that it doesn't have certain features. Phones are like people some can do things that others can't and that is just the situation here. LG designed this phone for a purpose so if you don't like it you obviously didn't do your homework.

GPS works great
Text messaging a breeze
Slide is amazing (unlike most people say)
Screen really clear and hard to scratch

no 2mm or 3mm headset jack
no data cable in box
some minor glitches in software, updates will probably fix since its a new phone..

Got everything i needed in this phone

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Apr 10, 2009 by ecycled

Features added over the vu; threaded messaging, text messaging can have any tune, customizable home screen, widgets, vibration changeable sensitivity, voicedial speed variation etc., and favorites on home screen.

The charger will be the same as an LG incite, motorola and nokia. More future proof than LG only chargers.

Also over samsung impression: pocketable better, shortcut keys on keyboard including media net .com messaging email and IM. The lock button can be pushed without looking at the side and will not push the top at the same time.

One handed text is easier with the T9 option listed on the screen for quick access.

Battery is huge, hopefully meaning better talk and batter lives as the Vu got about a day of solid use and the Impression gave me 8 hours of solid use.

Overall, a home run for functionality.

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Auto Rotate Design Flaw - Shame on AT&T


Jun 11, 2009 by sharant11

There is a fundamental design flaw with this phone. The screen auto rotate stops working, rendering the qwerty keypad useless. This was the main reason my wife and I got this phone in the first place. So far, my wife has returned two phones and I have returned one, all with the same issue. Coincidence? I don't think so.

To make a bad situation worse, AT&T REFUSE TO EXCHANGE OUR PHONES for a different model (they want us to take the same phone again, after already going through three phones with the same problem). I've been an AT&T customer for 8 years, but I'LL BE SWITCHING TO T-MOBILE before the end of the day.

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A good midlevel quick messaging phone


Apr 13, 2009 by FlowofChaos

The Xenon is a very interesting combination of phones. It was a today screen similar to the samsung touchwiz ui with widget task bar, a favorites menu tab, and menu system that is exactly like the LG VU.

Don't pay attention to the review on the bottom of the page. Not EVERY phone needs to have Mobile TV. It has CV, and it isn't meant as a super media phone (Vu, Eternity, Impression, iPhone). It has a compact full qwerty keypad that feels cheap, but respond well. Overall I think its built for sturdiness not aesthetic. The slide is comfortable and doesn't feel loose or off.

Touchscreen is responsive and bright
Qwerty keypad is tough, but responds well
Solid constructions including slide
$$$ Cheap

Web browser not the greatest
Only comes in one color option

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Introducing the Xenon


Apr 10, 2009 by Wisconsinner

So we just got our new Xenon's in today and here are some initial thoughts on our newest messaging device. (Mind you this is with minimal use and is just light use.)


1.) Bright vivid screen. Large and crisp.
2.) Threaded messages are fantastic and need to become the norm for messaging phones.
3.) Clean camera, good color and detail.


1.) Feels CHEAP. Plastic and screws hold this thing together. For anyone who held a Quickfire before they pulled them, it has the same cheap feel.
2.) Call reception was decent but nothing to mark as a plus.
3.) Keyboard and keys are flimsy and junky feeling.

Overall this will be the phone the Quickfire should have been. The price point will be good for the teen crowd although I have my reservations as to how long it will hold up to abuse.

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A few problems, but good phone overall


Jun 18, 2011 by cokie

Pros: touch screen responds well, durable, great battery life, camera, micro SD compatible, threaded messaging

Cons: phone turns off when dropped, low battery issue, needs full service to send messages

Overall: I've had this phone for almost 2 years now, and I still love it. The touch screen responds well when it is calibrated correctly, and the battery life is great. Even though the phone feels cheap, I've dropped it countless times on the road, sidewalks, rocks, etc, and it only has a few scratches. The camera is great when you hold the phone steady and you can remove the pictures by putting them on a micro SD card. The threaded messaging is wonderful as well, and definitely should be used on all future messaging phones.

When you drop the phone, it automatically turns off, but that is good if you drop it into a puddle, so you have a better chance of the phone working when it's dry.
Many of my friends and family have AT&T phones, so I know it's not just me with the service issues, but this phone needs full service to send text messages or make calls. A few bars will only allow you to receive messages.

My largest problem is when I plug the phone into the charger, it needs to be placed at a certain angle, or the low battery message will come up every few seconds the entire time the phone is charging. This gets very annoying at night, because I need to leave the volume on since my phone is also my alarm. Other than that, it is a great phone, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good messaging phone.

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terrible phone


Sep 11, 2010 by FUZZY

This phone has been a problem since the first week of ownership. It has continually froze up during use requiring a battery removal to reboot the phone. I've received 5 replacement phones within the past year under warranty all due to the same recurring problem of freezing up (very frustrating). They evidently haven't figured out the problem and would rather continuing to send out defective products. I have lost all confidence in this phone, and have since decommissioned it.

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