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LG Tritan AX-840 / UX-840


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Like It a Lot


Oct 21, 2009 by kat3k

I think, for my needs, this is just about as good as a phone gets. I accidentally fell for it while I was at my carrier's office waiting for a rep to discuss another issue. Although I was extremely happy with my Samsung Delve, I played with the Tritan for 5 minutes, and when a rep became available, bought it that day.

Before the Delve, I had an HTC Touch, which was a very nice PDA, but a terrible phone. I traded for the Delve, which was very good, but did not have a physical keyboard. I did not know I wanted one until I saw the Tritan.

PROS: call quality and reception; crystal clear screen and graphics; good tactile feel to the qwerty keyboard; accepts new ringtones via bluetooth; good voice dialing (is it even possible to believe the HTC did not have voice dial??); reasonably compact size including the slide out keyboard; screen orientation changes if you hold the phone sideways or open the keyboard; very cool phone; and adorable screen saver.

CONS: internet browsing a little clumsy, but that could be user-related, although I understand this is not java enabled and that could be why. (I really had to stretch to think of that possible con.)

I do not have any of the freezing or other issues I have seen mentioned here. I have been using it for a month or two, and it has been great. Battery life has been respectable as well.

Good Phone with some problems


Aug 13, 2009 by rgallier

Of course it's OS is BREW so it doen't support Java. Flash lite dosn't work for many sites. Utube very jerky even on EVDO. BitPim doesn't work with it yet so no syncing calender, adding/removing pictures, apps, ringtones or etc.to the phone, but you can use miroSD card though for music, pictures & ringtones. Few bugs 1) personalized ringtones for contacts don't work right 2) some users get spontaneous reboot when shecking TM 3) The phone sometimes freezes (just like most phones) 4) Voice training makes the voice commands stop working. Not a Smart Phone - has few apps yet still have to pay for a data plan (just less than Smart Phone rate).

Phone can tether as a mobile modem - USB & BT. 99 speed dial numbers. Voice commands work fair (if not trained). Has a chat mode in messaging which allows to see recieved TM while you reply. Accept 16 GB microSD cards with an external slot so you don't have to remove the battery or case. Real & virtual QWERTY keyboard. Switch between virtual QWERTY (horizontal) & number (vertical) keyboards with G sensor. Not a Smart Phone - don't have to pay for the premium dataplan price for internet.

This is one of the best phones I have had. If/when BitPim adds support it will be able to do all I need.



Jul 27, 2009 by ozman_15

I bought this phone about 2 weeks ago so far I like just about everything about it. The phone it self gets as good reception as my razor did! Overall it does everything at least adequate. The battery life seems somewhat short I would certainly recommend getting a car charger especially if you plan to use the internet often. The one real con to this phone for me is the music player. It plays music pretty well. I like to listen to music and ride my motorcycle at the same time. This works very well with the included head phones. So the problem is if I receive a text or phone call the phone will not go back to playing music until you acknowledge that you missed the call or text. This means I have to pull over and stop take the phone out of my pocket remove polarized sunglasses unlock the phone acknowledge missed calls and text put the phone back in my pocket, put my sunglasses back on and ride until the next call or text. I could of course put the phone in airplane mode and miss all calls and text. Since not everyone leaves voice mail this isn't the best solution for me. The calendar takes up to much room on the widget screen I wish I could put it on one of the other screens. You can customize your 4 main screens but you are limited as to what you can add to each. One is a main screen you cant do much with. Then the widget screen next, which you can add many widgets to. It really doesn't have enough room for all the things I would like to have. Next is the contacts screen which I don't use. I just use the old fashion type address book. The multimedia screen again one I don't use. You can put 6 or so pictures video and such I am not sure if you can put a playlist on there, if you can that would be useful. The touch screen itself seems to work well. It accurately gets 90 percent of my touches or so. I have large fingers that may attribute to touches. I have noticed form time to time the phone will bog down when moving through menus. The qwerty keyboard works very well!

Review after one week of use


Sep 4, 2009 by doomtroll


Call quality, Audio, Signal, touch screen, keypad, joystick, etc...


Battery life, Software sometimes is sluggish, Message ringers not using what I set them to (may be fixed with a new software update)

So far this phone has been the phone that does everything I would need out of a Smartphone without the extra cost. Issues aside, I am leaning pretty heavily toward keeping this one.

The only issue I have is outside the phone itself. This phone almost demands EVDO Service, which my area lakes here in Central KS. I know its in the process of being deployed, and when it does come our way, it will make this phone even better

Great phone! ..........provider average.


Jul 10, 2009 by xsivone

I come to this site to read the reviews about the new phones before I buy them. I already know how my provider is.
This review is for the people that want to know how the phone is. I ask that the people posting reviews here actually rate the phone and not the cellular provider that they have.

Please disregard americannarc and drahholf's reviews because they are not accurate of the phone. They are unhappy of the $20 fee for internet. If you don't like the $20, why did you sign the papers. Piss and moan somewhere else please. For the people that don't like the PC Sync, again, why did you buy it. Didn't you ask the cell rep. C'mon!
1. The camera is very good for a camera phone. Heads and tails above the new blackberry storm and the Samsung Delve, in my experience. Definitely usable.
2. The reception is very good. Not as good as most of the Motorola's, but I have no problems.
3. The touchscreen is great. Much more receptive than my Delve. Very easy to use. Coming from the Delve you will most likely be able to use it in seconds, and you will be happy with the phone.
4. The slider works well and the keys are actually big enough for my big hands. The blackberries are way too small for me.

1. Battery life is a little weak. Make sure you have a car charger in addition to your home.
2. The internet is a little hard to see on the 3" screen, but I knew this before I bought it.

All in all, I give this phone a 4.5 I am rating it a 5 on the site to counter act the stupid individuals that don't know how to rate and item.

So far, so good...


Jul 5, 2009 by caitlyn70

Just got this yesterday, and still have alot to learn about it. The store rep compared it to the iPhone, but not that familiar with either to know that. It does feel very sturdy, and the slide is consistent. So far, the only thing I'm noticing is that the screen doesn't always adjust to the change in the position of the keypad. This may be just an individual issue with the device, not all of them. The color display is wonderful, huge. I'm very much a control freak, so having LOTS of options to change and customize the device is wonderful. The touchscreen is awesome, but still like using the regular keypad to texting. I'm using my original microSD card,and have yet to find where the pictures went to, but they are in there somewhere. This phone seems packed to the gills with stuff, including the 3.0 megapixel camera. (It's self-adjusting, how cool!) Anyone looking for a phone device w/ lots of stuff on it, give this phone a shot!

Also to "I Wish..."


Jun 29, 2009 by lhafford

If you are indeed using a MicroSD card, make sure the photos are being saved to it instead of the onboard memory. Also, make sure the USB Mass Storage mode is active; then you will be able to plug the phone directly into your computer and see it as an external memory device.

I am an Agent for one of the carriers of the Tritan, and have so far been very impressed with it.

In response to the "I WISH''


Jun 27, 2009 by phone.tech

The LG Tritan DOES have PC Sync cababilities. Unlike most phones which come with standard home chargers, the LG Tritan's home charger works off USB tech. In place of the wire coming out of the charger, there's a USB port. The cable that comes included is used as both the charging cable and a data cable (least that's how it is with our LG Tritan).

You can either plug the cable into the charger to charge the phone or into your computer to move pictures, video's, or music to or from the phone/computer. (You don't have to email your pictures from your phone to get them onto your computer) Your computer should read the phone as a mass storage device. Of course, it may help if you use a memory card. If you do, your computer should read the card while its in the phone. Now for mac users, I don't know how they work. I use PC so macs may have no problem reading the phone or they may.

How do I know this? I work for US Cellular as a Retail Wireless Consultant and we carry the LG Tritan. In fact, I like the phone so much I plan on making it my next buy...

Great phone, terrible carrier.


May 21, 2011 by universe1fry

This was the best phone I've ever had. Very easy to work with mp3 player, more than snappy enough, the best mobile browser I've ever used, and unless you are rough on it as I was, it will last. (I was pretty rough on mine, but US Cellular still should have let me re-up and get a cheap replacement after 6 frakking years with the company. I dropped them for Verizon, and now my iPhone is the best phone I've ever had!)

GREAT mobile web
solid. I dropped more than it a few times, and in the end it was the touch screen that died.
AWesome MP3 player
Decent enough camera, captured video and audio well.
the voice memo feature was great for custom ringtones.
well organized

TOTALLY reliant on the touch screen; if it fails you, the phone is a brick.
That is all.

The touch screen dies because I was so rough on it. If you are not it's going to serve you long and well. LG's UX-XXX series served me well from 2008-2011, be it Roumor, banter, or Tritan. best 3 phones I have ever had. Highly reccoment them for all.



Apr 15, 2011 by sissy78

i have owned this phone for 2 years. until recently have had no problems what so ever.. for the past 3 months it has been freezing & shutting off, but hey, after 2 years, my phone would be considered a dinosaur. i would love it if lg came out with an updated version of this phone as i would be sure to buy it. i am due for a new phone, but dont want to switch for the fear of disappointment.. i am still in love with my tritan. it is pre smart phone era, but acts just like a smart phone would. it takes awesome pictures in high light, & video too. it has massive memory, & easy to use. the key board is the perfect size, & awesome texting capabilities. it is the perfect size all around.. the menu is easy to navigate, & great surfing capabilities as well.. all around, would i buy or recommend this phone? HECK YEAH!!!
Pros: I love everything about this phone....
Cons: None(except the freezing issue after 2 years of use..)

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