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LG Tritan AX-840 / UX-840


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LG has made better..


Jan 21, 2011 by witchlady92

I sincerely believe that this is one of LG's 'not too well thought up' phones. The concept of the phone is nice but the Tritan's newer 'cousin' the Apex, was a suiting replacement.

Slide QWERTY keyboard made my manic texting easier since I mildly despise touch-interface.
Resistive touch made it possible to use a stylus(versus capacitive touch which only work with finger tips).

The phone started giving me problems shortly after I bought it. Mainly involving the touch screen and certain programs. I had the phone taken to USCC store in my area to have the insurance pay for repairs and I got the same broken phone back but with updated, faulty software. The bluetooth stopped responding to my headset and, like many other reviews I have read, it randomly shuts off. The battery life was very poor and internet was only partially useful. Oh, and the gps program YourNavigator repeatedly told me I was not on a road and anywhere I was, it told me to "Go to Big Grave Creek Rd." A little creepy.

Besides the glitches, it served me well during the year I had it and it's 'cousin' has filled the void in my pocket!

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Not a fan of the Tritan


Aug 24, 2010 by ricky101a

I bought this phone for my wife in December as a Christmas present and we are not impressed at all.

The keyboard worked for about 3 months before it started jumping to the symbol screen mid way through typing. Reprogrammed at USCC store and the keyboard still does not work correctly.

Thumb pad for guiding the cursor while web browsing worked for about 6 months before it went out. No repair available. Only option is to replace the phone or send if off under a warranty claim.

Call reception is ok and there is a decent speaker phone. Good memory holds lots of messages, pics, and vids. Camera is good.

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Problem after problem


Feb 24, 2010 by le334

I received this phone SIX DAYS AGO. After the first few days it shut off on me while I was sending a message. I didn't really think too much of that. Then there was a brief period of time when I couldn't use the send or the back button. I still planned to keep the phone. When I tried to charge it a few days ago, the charger was in the phone about a minute before it actually started charging but since it charged, I didn't think anything else of it. Last night I put the phone on the charger around 11:30pm. This morning when I woke up it was still charging. I took it off the charger to take it to class with me and it only had one bar. On the way to class that bar went away! This phone is definitely going to be returned.

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DO NOT aloow updates to be done!


Dec 28, 2009 by kimmer54

I loved this phone! Did everything but clean the toilet. HOWEVER, 10 days ago my U S Cellular tech "updated" my phone and now due to a glitch in the LG update with Tritan it has disabled MANY programs and U S Cellular techs , both at the store, and thru U S Cellular they are unable to repair the mess. They are waiting on a fix from LG but have stated they have no idea when it will be available. MANY programs are now unaccessable. I am so disappointed and feel a recaall should be made. Anyway----here I wait with what used to be a top of the line phone and now it has become 1 big aggravation. DO NOT let them update your phone.

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Good in some ways Bad in others


Nov 3, 2009 by madcuzihot

I bought the lgtritanAX840 over theInternetatalltel.com. I love this phone but there are a couple of major things that bug me about this phone. Pro: The lgtritanis attractive to the eye, the touch screen is broad & pretty responsive, call quality is excellent in southern VA, & it does just about everything expected out of a cell & more.
Con: every 2 days or so my lgtritanwill abruptly power off & then back on. So far this only happens when i touch the screen but nevertheless it ruins whatever i wasdoing.
What disappoints me the most is thetritancant download anything from theInternetfor free (Ihaventtried to buyringtonesbut it cant download free ones) from any siteI'vebeen to. Many websites denote theydon'trecognize mycellulardevice. Other thanyoutubethe videos on many sitedontplay. For the past few days manyyoutubevideosdontplay or are very sluggish whichwasn'tthe case when i first got thetritaninOctober. Irecommendthis phone to those whoaren'tinterested in downloading material from the net. Other than that the phone is perfect for me

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Pretty Schnazzy little device, but poor LG quality


Sep 15, 2009 by youdoofus

Ok, right off, I must say that its a very capable phone. I've been using this model of phone for about 2 months now, and have had very few issues with the service. That being said, I must address the issues i have had with the handset. This is my first LG and I regret taking the chance on Lucky Goldstar. It shuts down randomly up to 3 times a day, but not always. The longest its gone w/out randomly resetting is a week. I am on my third one now, and the the screen is loose on this one. Thank (insert name of your favorite deity here) that I decided to get the Best Buy protection plan on it... Alltels service has been flawless, the phone hasn't. This'll be my first and last LG I ever own intentionally. It tethers as a USB dial-up modem(see howardforums.com), takes great pics and vids, however the highest resolution setting cannot be sent via pix mssging, but thats easily fixed by lowering resolution 1 notch, GPS is amazingly accurate, text conversation format is awesome, call quality is as good as any phone I've had, my only gripe with the phone is the very poor build quality. As soon as AT&T gets to Sioux Falls, I'll be glad to be rid of it, which is a shame because the phone would be awesome if it were built by anyone else... All in all, I love what this thing can do, I just wish that it was built better.

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It was alright


Aug 22, 2009 by whitey01

I got this phone almost a month ago and have been through three already. the first was messed up before i left the store, the second the slider became loose and sloppy in a week, and then the third one the screen shattered from me laying on it with it in my pocket. The third one also would shut off whenever i used the internet or gps that I'm forced to pay 20 extra a month for, and they told me at us cellular that the phone has alot of software issues, but theres no fixes yet and they dont know when or if there will be. Plus the slider was also going on that one and it would wear into the plastic and had cut a groove, i hardly ever use the qwerty.

Pros- Touch screen works pretty good
Signal is way better then my last phone
nice camera
almost everything else was decent

Cons- Poor battery life
Very poor build quality
not very durable
freezes and resets itself sometimes (and no update to fix it)

Id give it a 5 if it werent for the build quality and software issues.

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I wish...


Jun 26, 2009 by wyocntry

This is my first "touch screen" experience - going from a great LG 8600. I agonized for weeks between the HTCTouchPro & BlackberryStorm (meaning I would have had to switch carriers from Alltel to Verizon). I also looked at the Samsung Delve & love the aesthetics of the LG Rythm. We are in a rural area where a land line is not an option & have a roof yagi/amplifier/interior dome antennae just to get reception. So far, the LG Tritan has been able to hold a signal in most areas of our home as well as my husbands Motorola Razr which gets very good reception. So many times, I read these reviews and people talk incessantly about "call quality" but never "reception" and that should be priority #1 with a phone!

LG Triton..I only have had it for 2 days. The phone is cute, feels solid slider is easy to use but still sturdy..used Bluetooth to transfer my contact information. All of my old phones used Mighty Backup technology and this one does NOT support that so I had to vcard names.

I wish also that it had text recognition because I will never be T9 friendly!

However, as nice and responsive and user friendly as this phone has been to a first time touch screener, the deal breaker is going to be that it has no PC Sync cababilities! As a photographer, the reason I want a 3.0 mega pixal camera phone is for those moments that I don't my big camera! I don't want to email every photo that I take from my microdisc to my email! The ONLY saving grace as far as my not sending the phone back is that I can still interchange the microdisc into my old standby LG 8600 and download the photos that way but what a pain! I never expected this on a new phone!

All in all, I think this phone is all that the promos say it will be...entry level pricing is great from Alltel and although the toggle switch will be a pocket lint and dirt magnet, I like the phone so far. Hopefully, there will be software updates VERY soon that assist with the phone book transfer and PC synchronization.

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Poor Phone


Sep 23, 2009 by yismohh

this phone its like a china copy of tmobile g1 , looks like a tonka

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Aug 16, 2009 by captjoe

I like the phone, it is simple to use and does everything I need it to do.

Question: I am having trouble downloading ring tones. I cam have them sent to my text and it ask me to go to the web sight and it will but it will not download it (I think) eather way I can not get it to my ringtones.

I am ether not finding the right place to put it or it is not doing it.

anyone have any idea how to do this.

Other then this I like it

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