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Storm= great phone, ONLY when it is working properly


Aug 14, 2009 by travino92

I had 2 of these phones. Both had a problem being slow and freezing up. The first one was a pain and the screen went out. The second one got to where is was "crashing" and would cycle completely off which would be enough to drive any person insane.
If you get a storm and it doesn't ever mess up with you then it would be the most awesome phone ever created, but almost everyone i have talked to with it has had the same problems i have had. I was happy with it the first 2 weeks, before it had time to mess up.

do not purchase this phone


Aug 6, 2009 by rollypoly

I always wanted to have a touch screen phone, and since I was employed by a cellular company the best touch screen phone they offered was the BB Storm.
The first month of having the phone everything worked great, no problems. Afterwards all hell broke loose, I am a heavy user on my phone; from sun up to sun down I am on my phone.
touch wasn't as accurate
really slow
camera is a joke
app world is pathetic
locking the screen and placing phone in pocket unlocks it
internet browser sucks
horrible reception
the clicking of the screen concept is not beneficial


In the end I strongly suggest to not purchase this phone. I already felt bad by telling customers (at the time of employment) that this phone is better than its rivals... even though I knew it wasn't.
I already had this phone replaced 3 times. Do you wonder why the price of the phone is so dirt cheap now? Or why you were able to get BB as BOGO awhile back. Bc its not worth it.
This phone in my view was made quickly and not reliable due to competition with Apple.

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Jul 27, 2009 by Dallasbigmike

Who are these people who like this phone? I am in the business and I refuse to even sell this phone to my customers. I'm now on my third warranty replacement for three different manufacturing problems, and it is going on Craigslist this weekend.

RIM clearly rushed the release of this dog with an infestation of fleas, to compete with the I-Phone, and it shows. The touch-back screen has been very non-responsive on my previous two phones, especially near the top and bottom edges of the display.I have the newest update released in June, but the Storm is still very buggy, and I have to do daily soft resets which rarely cure that days problem. I know the entire Verizon Tecdh Support team in Houston and am just waiting until the 1st of August to dump this Albatross.

The Tour is ten times the phone, far more efficient and user friendly, and perhaps the Storm 2 Thunder will resurrect my have faith in Blackberry if that device actually gets QC'd at their compound in Canada.

Take it from a Verizon independent agent who has seen 75% of these devices come back for exchange in the first 30 days, STAY AWAY FROM THE STORM!

dealing with..


Jun 29, 2009 by onenessguy

could have been cool.
as an avid berry user, you WANTED it to be all that it was said to be... you WANT to love it...

in the end... you end up DEALING with all its bugs and glitches for some shiny percs that are not all that great.

i have a g1 from t mob. now.

sorry storm... i tried... i really did.

Take it back RIM do it over!


Jun 29, 2009 by Kyoto4891

This is such a sad excuse for RIM's first touch screen attempt and could have been so much better. The phone is glitchy the touch screen is horrible and problems abound

It looks cool
Movie ability in HD
BB messanger is always a plus

Way too many to list but I'll name a few
Touch screen loves finger prints
the whole push screen is very cheap
phone freezes at the drop of a hat
inaccurate responses on screen make texting next to impossible

Take it back go with the HTC or Samsung

WOW...a waste of time and money


Jun 26, 2009 by peewizzle

ok so ive had the phone since feb 2009. i was very very VERY skeptical about trying out RIMs first touch screen blackberry. ive used a few of there phones in the past and they have performed well so i said ok why not. ALSO i was using a verizon palm treo 700W and that has been my dream phone since it was released (wish i kept it). (running ver.148

-GREAT SCREEN beautiful colors and size.
-LOVE the click screen i have tried different LGs and iPhone and still am not impressed by theirs.
-SIZE rocks i love how it is thinner than my TREO and feels much more slick.
-RECEPTION is amazing i have much more bars with my STORM than i had with my TREO in the exact same spots.
-the BROWSER is great and pretty quick to navigate through web pages and youtube vids.
-SPEAKERPHONE is amazing its incredible loud when i place it in one room with it on max my friends think i have the stereo playing.

-BATTERY LIFE absolutely the worst i have EVER encountered on ANY phone, you barely use this storm throughout the day and it manages to need atleast one charge every few hours!
-TYPING my emails and text messages is FRUSTRATING! there are days when i can type fast but other days that the phone lags so much you think you typed a whole paragraph but its just random letters and numbers when youre finished!
-you need a BATTERY PULL every few hours just to keep the phone running AT ALL!! my treo needed a battery pull once a week and even when memory was low it STILL RAN PERFECT!
-OPERATING SYSTEM! oh my word how absolutely terrible this STORM OS is. lets just say its VISTA but blackberry style!

all in all i am not a fan of my storm anymore and am now trapped with it. at first the hype made it great but after i couldnt even use the phone for everyday use like calculator or what time it is or even TAKING A PICTURE! im FED UP! i can honestly say i HATE the blackberry storm...it freezes when you NEED it most and it lacks in so many areas, there are lots of PROS but the size of the CONS!

The Storm Faltered


Jun 16, 2009 by Roddy227

Okay all, I just upgraded from this device. I was not impressed at all!

-First Touch based UI for an RIM device
-Fast Web response

-Touch pad is far from durable, which dissapointed me. RIM's record for durable devices was shot up when this phone came online.
-Way too bulky for a smartphone.
-Battery life isn't good. Mine died within six hours of being on standby.
-OTA updates weren't active before the device was sold. Mine had the first version OS, it stinks!

Not the Phone for me.


Jun 13, 2009 by undergroundgilligan

I origionally got my BlackBerry Storm in feb 2009 and I have to be honest, I was happy with it for maybe a month before I wish I never got it. The concept is/was amazing though as soon as I got it I had to update to a "leaked" OS due to me having to charge it 4 times a day w/o even using it. Lots of apps which was nice and will def grow.

The surepress idea was a love/hate relationship. Horrid with texting at time other times it was amazing. Battery life was alright not the best. I would get up for work at 8:40 EST and it would be at 70% at work around 11:00, I would maybe do 10 texts and check the weather.

I had more freeze ups than not. I was doing a battery pull atleast 3 times a day due to this. The memory at start up would run dry in hours for me, and thats while it was in my pocket at work with no extra programs running. The web was SLOW, I might as well use dial up, and I live 3 miles from the EVDO tower, and in the city I still wouldnt get good signal.

Sad to say I really think verizon dropped the ball on the Storm and couldve kept the "hipe" on it. I went back to my 8830WE because I loved/love it so much more than my Storm. And now I have dropped my Verizon all together for the Palm Pre, which is a whole nother review ^_^.

most overated phone ever horrible


May 27, 2009 by mikemck

I bought 2 of these phones and had returned mine in less that a week.First of all let me say that out of all the reviews i read for this phone not one mentioned about your ear hitting the touch screen and activating the speaker phone or the mute key, when talking while driving any pot hole, speed bump, ect has your ear muting the touch sreen phone, the absolute worst feature, moving on the rotating of the landscape to the portrait was a complete joke, the phone was extremely slow,the touch sreen was totally unresponsive at times, the wifes phone which she kept still has all the same faults she could just tolerate them more. Thats bs about oh new software updates to get rid of the kinks please the phone sucked and i work for verizon, the best feature about this phone was i could return it and go back to my old phone.

BB Storm is below Par


May 24, 2009 by MegaWhy

I tried this phone and had to send it back. I found it slow and not as responsive as it sould have been, I even used the business card behind the battery trick and that did not work at all.

I was under the impression that early bugs had been worked out. That is not correct from my point of view.

The virtual keyboard experience was not good or accurate. i really found pushing on the screen a bit .....well...disturbing.

I can not recommend this phone. Blackberry needs to go back to the drawing board.

BTW Verizon should be ashamed of itself. I was a customer for years and their reception began to deterorate. Their phones lag behind in performance. Verizon is almost always last to get a good phone.

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