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Jan 13, 2009 by johnnywebbsite

PLEASE DO Not buy this phone
Cons-Storm- Everything about this device!
Biggest mistake I have ever made terrible service and touch-screen is a kids toy.

Blackberry Storm - Getting Rained Upon


Jan 9, 2009 by Austiniter

Way too much hype on this phone, the touch screen is horrible, takes forever to type upon as the key pad constantly mistaken your finger. Boy has Blackberry screwed up in manufacturing such a bad phone. I'm going to get the BB Bold I think and tell Verizon they need to better investigate their phones in the future.

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Not all it was cracked up to be.


Aug 26, 2009 by Tattooedmunky

My name is *** and I am a crackberry addict. I am a die-hard Blackberry business user, so when I heard BB was releasing the Storm, I saw this as my chance to combine my business needs with my geek wants. I went into this purchase with the understanding that the Storm would most certainly have bugs, however what I got was, in my opinion, below RIM standards. The Storm is fine as a paperweight but limps along as a phone. The memory is almost always bogged down, even with routine memory dumps and making a phone call usually consists of the person on the other end spending the majority of the conversation saying things like "Something's wrong with your phone" and "I can't hear you" even in the best reception areas. All in all, the mp3 player is fine, the camera works okay for a phone but when it comes down to it, a business user like me needs speed, reception and call clarity, three things the Storm just doesn't deliver. Did I mention I work in the cellular industry? For xmas I'll be getting myself the best gift of all, a Tour. Sorry Storm, you're just better on paper than in real-life.

treo 755p to Storm to Omnia


Feb 1, 2009 by BigDad

Tried for one month to love it. Got one replacement, then switched to the Omnia.

-best screen ever
-best email ever
-lots of apps
-great scrolling

-worst tech support ever
-never got any of the streaming radio or
saved/streaming video to work (yes I read
the manual, spoke with 5 worthless tech
support people, and tried to find help on
the BB sight
-bluetooth transfer didn't work (again
worthless tech support and the support
material only says to make sure the BT is
on and connected.
-very slow, innacurate, and lots of thumb
fatigue if you text alot (compared to my
Omnia and Treo)
-worst tech support ever (BB charges $50
a pop to talk to a tech)
-6 minute resets? CMON!
-did I mention the tech support stinks?

Needs more time


Jan 5, 2009 by lgmack

This phone seems so half done it's crazy. I've played with this phone for the last 3 weeks and it seems like an unfinished phone. Im sure they'll fix the problems with updates however if I'm getting a phone it cannot be in the shape the storm is in. It's os is sluggish and sometimes nonresponsive.It has a beautiful screen but it's half done. Maybe one day they'll update the os so people can actually have fun with the phone.

I cant believe blackberry made this


Dec 26, 2008 by ATM7777


it has alot of the standard blackberry features, with great video quality.


the touch screen itself, while i understand its a new technology, ive had to replace the phone 5 times. They really need to work on the touch screen.

Great Concept - Still in Beta.


Nov 25, 2008 by PC-ASSIST

I think this phone would have done better if they would have waited for this whole shebang to be finalized and working as one.

I have twenty or so issues with the phone...

1) My fingers are larger than the blue highlight and regularly hit the wrong keys.
2) It can take a few minutes to compose a simple text message (or any text input) while negotiating a frustrating lack of cursor movement to correct any mistakes. My Mogul can tap out a message in seconds.
3) Slllllluuuuuugggggggggiiiiiiiissshhhhhh. If I was that sluggish, I would get pulled over and breathalized.
4) Three different sites to attempt to download updates. Verizon has seen fit to incapcitate the two that are from Blackberry including the on-board system.
5) Multiple presses are necessary just to get it to clear an alarm or get something accepted through an onscreen button.
6) Screen hangs in either portrait or landscape and has taken over 10 seconds to come back to a state of semi-responsiveness.
7) Software inconsistencies abound...the "-" key switches around from the number keypad to the symbol keypad depending on orientation. I cannot remember where it is and I use it for certain text entry.
8) No directional keys embedded in the onscreen keyboard for text editing.

1) looks cool.
2) see one.



Nov 25, 2008 by silzyy

Well I have both a iphone and a storm i purchased 2 storms Friday. I like most of the features but very slow. Main problem one storm's Internet would not work when I got it waited till Saturday before customer service finally helped fix it. Second Storm phone button and power button both fell off. Now we half to wait 2 weeks for a replacement. But with the iphone I was unable to get my corporate email and it crashed often. Put these phones together in a box shack them up till its one phone and you have the perfect phone. (istorm)

Storm needs a lot of work don't get caught up in it wait for the next improved model of it just like the iphone the first release kinda sucked..



Jan 10, 2009 by LG8350

I purchased the storm on the first day it came out what a mistake! I ended up with three of them finally traded it in for the curve 8330 what a difference[See my review for the curve}After having so many issues with the storm and on my third the rep at verizon finally admitted that the storm has too many issues with no fixes it is only good for the occasional user not a heavy user. Please try one for a while before you buy.

Extremely slow
Freezing daily
Had to pull battery at least twice a day
Slow browser
Camera slow to long to take shots 20-25 seconds
Click screen not responsive
Applications open by themselves
Screen is not sealed around edge
boot up takes over 7 Minuit's
Answering phone is a chore
Missed calls all the time

Beautiful screen
Great pictures

Weather Report.....Storm fizzled out on arrival.


Feb 2, 2009 by 704602151

Had it for all the Pro reasons and love the new factor.

Returned it for all the Con factors and went back to Treo700wx with WM 6.1 Professional.

A all touch screen means you have to look at the phone before hitting any buttons, forget knowing the touch sequence to send off a text message while driving or in the dark etc.

Sure its great with YouTube but it does not play the 5000 radio stations on Mikes Radio World.
It really is slow especially when you have a memo with out a expiration date.

Skip this one and get the next new phone LG VX9600.

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