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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220


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Best flip phone out there


Jul 29, 2009 by trancefreak

I've owned this phone for a month now and I absolutely love it. It's like a mini PC except that it's a phone and a flip phone at that!

- Brilliant main display (fairly large for a flip phone)
- Large outer display (can show analog clock, text messages, events, etc.)
- Music player: Contrary to Phonescoop's review it has an equalizer. You can also pause/play from the external mute button and see the track title/artist/album and progress when the phone's closed. The sound quality through both speakers and headphones is also excellent.
- Ultra customizable (buttons, home screen, tones, etc.)
- Keyboard: Can use semi-QWERTY keyboard (kinda awkward), Suretype, or multitap (a breeze with two letters or less per button).
- Camera has flash and is sharp for 2 MP
- Fast startups
- Games (6 full version games, no demos)
- Wi-Fi (can even make calls with it if you have bad reception at home)
- Trackball: May take some time to get used to but you can customize the sensitivity and it works like a mouse when surfing online
- Threaded texting
- Supports up to 16 GB microSD card (comes with 256 MB)
- 3.5 mm headphone jack
- Doesn't close the app when you close the flip

- Battery life: not bad if you're just making calls but only lasts a couple of days using music player, camera, games, etc.
- Reception could be better (compared to other phones I've had) but call quality is pretty good for T-mobile
- Price (though you can get it for free at Costco)
- Slow processor (sometimes OS buffers for long periods of time or even freezes and crashes)
- No 3G

Pretty on the Outside, Perfect on the Inside


Apr 20, 2009 by VerizonRepLogan

I'm going to simply this, if you like RIM phones, and wanted a Blackberry Clamshell...go buy this, and be happy. If you don't like RIM and the Blackberries this phone might just change your mind!


*Beautiful Design on the outside, it's sleek and sexy
*The new Blackberry OS is nothing short of perfect
*The Suretype keypad makes texting a breeze and while (note quite) as fast as a Qwerty it is still leaps and bounds better than regular keypad
*Camera is beautiful, and gotta love the Flash
*Big, Gorgeous display
*Texting and E-mail are amazing and nothing short of the best in the business
*Great broswer, and the web is so fast
*I am a huge fan of WI-FI and very happy that this phone has it
*Some people have complained about the OS running slow, but I have very quick on this device and have experienced absolutely zero slowdown
*Included memory card


*I wish that I had a 3G network to run it on, but the WI-FI makes up for it
*Camera can take awhile to load sometimes, but not long enough to really cause a fuss

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Finally Something To Play With Besides Myself!


Mar 26, 2009 by EarlyCuyler

I just switched from Verizon to Tmobile, because Verizon was gouging me every single month my bill was never below $150.00. I don't regret not only does Tmobile have just as good service but they also have way better phones and they don't strip them bare and put their stupid interface on each and every one.

so far seems to be a well built phone

small and compact

great battery life for me although I make sure everything is closed including wifi

Pictures are good if you hold it very still

Trackball works well pple have complained that it is awkward, well this is my 1st blackberry and i have no problem using it.

So far just a slow OS buttons take half a second to respond which can be annoying.

Come on with multitap keypad so annoying

However with these flaws I am prepared to live with them I'll still give the phone 5 stars.

BlackBurry Status Phone


Mar 26, 2009 by jrrab80

Yes I've made it finally part of the elite I am a blackberry member of society. Anyways this phone is great I've never like blackberrys beacause of the size.

-so many applications in one little device and they all play well with eachother.
-3.5 headphone jack
-I could go on and on blah ba blah

Negatives, there are only 3 and they are pretty big
-Slow interface! push a button and there is some lag! but I got used to it in the 1st day
-QWERTY Keyboard! This multitap is crap!
-Suretype or whatever it's called won't learn words and I like to txt dirty!

Excellent Phone


Nov 25, 2008 by Robertus

Despite all the hate I'm reading about this phone I went out and got one from Rogers in Canada. I have had it for about 2 weeks now, and I haven't had not one problem with slowness, download speeds or dropped calls.

Pros: It's a flip phone. no more accidentally calling 911 from your pocket.

It's got wifi which not only saves money, but also negates the need for a landline if you subscribe for a UMA service.

Battery life is insanely good. I used the phone when I first got it at half charge, and it still lasted me 3 days. And I was getting a ridiculous amount of emails, text messages, and I went a little camera crazy.

Speaking of, the camera takes pretty good photos, as well as video, but I will agree that the video is a little choppy in comparison with the still camera.

It's a blackberry so messaging is obviously not a problem here.

Cons: The only thing I was disappointed about this phone was the fact that the external screen has no customization beyond changing the clock. if you could put a picture behind the clock, that would make me very very happy.

In conclusion, if your looking for a flip phone with all the messaging, media, and quality of a blackberry, then this is it. If you're a tenured Blackberry user, it may have some things that you either need to get used to, or will not like.

i love it !!!


Oct 23, 2008 by balla31

this phone is super cool i had a blackberry curve and pearl before and got rid of it for this phone i love how i dont need to lock phone when sticking it in my pocket BUT i can still lock my flip phone if i want even though i know no calls will be made from it. i love flip phones and i love blackberry phones and it was a dream come true blackberry inventing flip blackberry it is the same thing as a pearl bb except more secure and the plastic that is on device is the same as any other blackberry the front of the phone is cool its metal with a glass screen.

and i also love how they managed to add a trackball to a flip phone it has the same applications, and more games and bigger screen i think this is one of the best phones t-mobile could have bought i love it!!!

This phone had potential, I am so dissapointed!


Oct 13, 2008 by The New ATnT Wireless

I picked this phone up at T-Mobile and immediately noticed that it is lighter than your average Blackberry. They used cheap plastic on this phone, which for a Blackberry is an insult.

The external screen only displays a digital clock, which is fine, but if they'd let the wall paper be displayed with the clock being digital and in large font, this would have been better.

The inside:

The QWERTY keypad is fantastic, the keys are flat and smooth, easy to press. The ball key is small but ok. However, I noticed that when you press the application key, the phone's menu pops up and then when you roll the ball nothing happens. I know the ball thing is not broken because it worked for the short menu on the stand by mode.

This phone is definitely buggy, which I think happens when new models are released. T-Mobile is asking a lot for this phone, which I would not do, just go with the Pearl it is a better Blackberry in my opinion.

Overall, I am disappointed by this phone, it is buggy, is made of cheap plastic, and is more expensive then the Pearl which is a far superior Blackberry model than this.

My advice: If you want a Blackberry with T-Mobile, don't go with this one, you will be disappointed.

Go with T-Mobile's other Blackberries, they are fantastic!

Not a good phone


Jun 6, 2012 by loco503

I bought this phone from a guy on the street for like
straight to the point CONS:
EVER ( but I think it was the carrier Movistar SLV)
because when I switch my Sim card to a Digicel SLV
it got better signal. But for sure this phone dont work
with Movistar.

flash good coice quality Digicel Network
cheap LOL
I wouldn't recommended

I had this phone like 9 months ago

BlackBerry clamshell..crushed


Jun 3, 2010 by eksile88

At first this phone was very promising, i used it at work to tether to my laptop for internet, at 4-5 bars plays World of warcraft nicely, also send Emails through Hotmail very well too, and surfs anything you can imagine (just hope there arent lots of pictures involved).

Pros: I work hard so i need a tough phone, the clamshell design kept my screen from breaking.

Even though the tethered internet on this thing is slow, its still pretty fast.

As the commercial says, BUTT DIALING is completely non existent

CONS: This phone has had a multitude of issues, i have replaced it 5 times in a 3 month time frame, im about to get a free trade in from T-Mobile today.

Phone has locked up while someone tried to call me, couldnt shut it off so i had to take out the battery, and re call that person back 15 minutes later after the phone fully booted.

Internet on one of my earlier versions would just shut off for no reason.

Phone would reboot for no reason

Would loose track of simcard and memory card for no reason

Produced white screen "app error Failed" messages for no reason (press reset).

All in all this phone was very unstable and a terrible idea, id assume some corners were cut, it had some promise..but more problems then promise, sorry blackberry, try again :)

Surprised how good it is!


Sep 5, 2009 by visualist

This is my first Blackberry and it is just about everything I could ask for in a phone and more. I've used Moto, Nokia, and SE and the only one of those I really liked was the SE.

Form factor - If you're looking for a flip smartphone this is the one. It's light and appears to stand up to normal use (I don't know about abuse).
It has UMA (Hotspot@Home through T-Mobile) and can be used at any T-Mo hotspot or open Wi-Fi.
I can actually use my bluetooth headset while on UMA with no interference. Woo-hoo!
Battery life seems to be okay. I can get up to 4 days on a charge with light use.
The camera resolution is okay for a phone. I have a real camera for shots that matter.
Reception/signal strength appear to be good. I haven't had a dropped call yet.
Nice sized internal display. It's bright and sharp.
The track ball is a great idea and very easy to use.
I've updated the firmware to and it appears to be a bit snappier than with the .180 that originally came with the phone.

It's taken a little time to get used to the GUI and keyboard, but that's to be expected with a phone like this.
If you're worried about aesthetics, the top cover will be a fingerprint magnet.
The battery cover doesn't feel sturdy or locked in place. There's just too much movement.
No 3G. That really isn't a problem here on the California Central Coast (San Luis Obispo area)because we don't have T-Mos 3G here.

Overall, the 8220 is a great little phone that does what I need it to and more. The cons are more annoyances than anything and not a big deal.

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