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The best


May 17, 2006 by jhr2112

I sell cell phones for a living, Sprint, T-Mobile and Cingular and by far this is the best phone I have ever had. Yes I wish it had EVDO and Bluetooth but as a phone, making and receiving phone calls, the 4900 rocks! Drove from Austin,TX to Corpus Christi, TX (232 miles) on one call and it didn't drop the call once.As soon as Sanyo comes out with a Bluetooth EVDO phone I will give it a try!

sanyo 4900 a safe bet


Sep 10, 2004 by usama_ah

I've had sprint for 2-3 years and the entire time I used this phone. The screen has 2 giant cracks on it now but I didn't want to spend money on a new phone and really everything I need still works fine.

1) battery life is great, especially with "sleep mode" on

2) speaker is great, although its half-duplex, but its very useful and easy to activate

3) beautiful screen, and using 3gupload.com i can upload pictures of my friends and use them as picture caller id

4) for each phone book entry you can have multiple numbers, diff ring tone for each, and a diff picture [thus the picture caller id]

5) gets signals in difficult places

6) using speed dial i can set one person to the #3 and then move the arrow key left/right to switch between mobile, home, office and so forth for that one person effectively having 3-4 numbers on one speed dial


1) the keys don't have the best lighting system, but this is just the keys, the screen is gorgeous

2) PCS Vision (internet) is a bit slower than is on a Samsung

3) sometimes phone would not pick up while being called but i believe this is more sprint's fault than the phone's

all in all if you find a good deal for this phone on Ebay or some other site then buy with the belief that you'll get a quality phone to do everything you need to in terms of phone calls.

Sanyo 4900


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

This phone is absolutely perfect. The speakerphone setup is amazingly uncomplicated, the internet brower is very user friendly, the signal is unrivaled, the features of the phone only add the gold trim on an already invaluable phone. I have a hitachi p-300, and used to have this phone. There has never been a time I wished more to go back to an older phone. The only downside to this phone is that it was discontinued.

Sanyo 4900 Yahoo! Group


Dec 8, 2002 by Todd Bettenhausen

My brother has a 4900. I've used it a lot; know it inside and out. This is really a terrific bargain in the world of wireless phones. It's almost abusrd to get this for under $100; I remember paying $500 for the first clunky Motorola flip phone.

4900 owners, please come join the sanyo4900 group at yahoogroups.com to share tips and tricks. A lot of good information is being exchanged there.

Todd Bettenhausen
Indianapolis, IN

The HP of the Mobile World


Nov 13, 2002 by ALLAN TETA

The Sanyo 4900 is a workhorse phone. It is the HP of the mobile world. After testing many phones, the 4900 has, by far, the best reception and battery life of any phone on the market. I now have reception at home.

To boot, its speaker phone is wonderful and very useful. I've used it as a hands-free replacement

Clarity is great, although I think Samsungs are a little clearer. But it doesn't do you any good if you can't get reception, which is exactly what I found with my wife's Samsung A500. The A500 is a beautiful phone, and ergonomically perfect. However, it has horrible reception in fringe areas, and its battery life is pathetic. Too bad, because I really loved it.

The only negative I find is its size, but that is not a deal breaker. Even for me, someone who carried a small flip for 7 years.

If you need a phone, and not a gadget, I would look no further. And for $100, you can't lose!!

Best Phone I Have Ever Owned...


Aug 9, 2002 by Dino Michalopoulos

This is a great phone. I had heard people say that the 4700 got great reception and had great battery life. The size scared me though and I went with the A-460. The best thing that happened to me was losing my A-460, because I bought the 4900 to replace it. It is a lot slimmer than the 4700. It has great reception. I get full reception in my apartment, something no other Sprint phone has accomplished. The screen is great. It is easy to read in sunlight. The speaker phone works great; people don't even realize they are on speakerphone until you tell them. And the battery life is very impressive. I could not be happier with phone purchase.

Very good phone!


Aug 17, 2002 by Maurice Garcia

This phone replaces my Samsung 8500 which had terrible reception. This phone has amazing reception. It switches between digital and analog quickly and the color screen is a joy to use. The ringer is loud and the vibrate mode is strong - an area where the 8500 was sorely lacking. The speaker phone came in amazingly handy on the second day I owned it. I was trying to configure a lighting console's remote control with the help from factory techs on the phone. I heard them fine and they heard me as well all while my phone laid on the table. Excellent. Did I mention the reception is amazing?

IT ALWAYS WORKS !!!! even when other sprints don't !


Nov 3, 2003 by pehaada

This phone is great I have had it for 6 months now. Yes it is ugly and larger than other phones BUT IT NEVER DROPS A CALL ! IT does what a phone should do make and recieve calls ! I can be in many places that other sprint customers can't make a call and guess what i have full bars ! It may be big but there is a reason why it works so well ! It doesn't have the cool factor but the hours you save by no longer being frustrated about making a call is well worth the size. In chicago and Illinois and everywhere else i have travelles nothign else is worth my money ! IF you are into the cool look or some dorky features look else where but if you want to USE A PHONE FOR it's orginial purpose this is the phone for you. Stop getting upset with your phone not working skip the marketing hype and get a real phone that can get crystal clear calls. The space was put to good use the phone jsut works !!!!! and the data features hooked to a laptop are perfect !!!



Jul 29, 2003 by ali haji

All I can say is that this the best SPRINT phone ever. great features: excellent battery life, color display, speaker phone, and great reception. I recommend this to anyone getting a sprint phone, but be aware, this phone is so popular I had to try 6 different stores to finally get one, because everyone else was out of them(back-order)

I have been very happy with this phone.


Jul 27, 2003 by Matt Stern

This phone gets exceptional reception and is extremely durable. Only negatives are its size and slow Internet browsing.

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