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Sanyo 4900 one year owner report


Jun 22, 2004 by k1ct

After one year of owning two Sanyo 4900 phones I'm pleased to report it is one of the highest performing longest battery life phones I've ever used. That is when it works...During the year I've owned two of these that the charging circuit malfunctioned which gave indications that the phone was being charged when it was unplugged. It would display charge complete when off and no charge had been attempted. Also it would ring rather than vibrate. Sprint replaced the second 4900 with the newer blue ruggedized 7200 Ready Link model...so far its working great.



Dec 11, 2002 by Abel Fernandez

More bang for your buck. Want the best value in a wireless handset, heres the ticket. Sanyo really hit the nail on the head with this phone. Best in overall quality. Battery (BAM), Reception (BAM), Speaker phone (BAM). This thing is awesome and it is 1xRtt. No question the best phone on the market.

Style Sucks


Aug 11, 2002 by roger robinson

I played with this phone and I do not see anything special about it.
It has a speaker phone thats about it.
All the other features are not new. When you first turn it on you would be amazed at the first screen. after that its all down hill.
Plus, the design is cheap and out of date. I do not understand why Sanyo put this model out. It looks like the old one with a color screen. Its too big. This is not eye candy.
Sanyo just needs to come out with the update to the 5150. Also, fonts are not pretty and processor is slow. Games and ringers sucks. The A500 is not any better.
What they really need to do is just make a regular phone and have a much larger screen as an attachment. So if I want to surf I just sit the screen on the top of the phone. Screen size needs to be around 4" at least to make me switch from a PDA.

cool phone


May 31, 2003 by racheybee

This is good phone. It gets good reception and has a wonderful speaker phone. The only things I didn't like about it was the color display was not as clear as it could have been and the browser was a little slow



Apr 19, 2003 by tbrusky

Its a wonderful phone for me who had to switch from the Kyocera 2255 because of hot urning phones issues and got this sweet phone for little of nothing Sprint store told me to pick out a phone because of the problems of the Kyocera 2255, and now after 1 year almost. I still see no problems, never had to update software, but I do get the lastest PRL update as soon as I see it out on many newsgroups. The only thing I wish Sanyo would do is go back to the 4900 and make a few changes and call it SANYO 4900Z, this would include a tri-mode. 1900CDMA, 800CDMA,800AMPS. A bit littler. But other than that a wonderful phone who hate flip phones. I hate 800AMPS when Sprint doesn't have coverage I wish I had Tri-mode and still have digital coverage same quality but on someone else's network, I'm not asking much but it would be nice for an updated SANYO 4900.

Fantastic phone


Mar 31, 2003 by saa001

This is the best phone around. Great signal strength, fantastic battery life, extremley dependable. I am seriously considering getting rid of my home phone and going with this phone alone. This is the phone that all other companies should pattern theirs on. This is what a cellular phone should be.

Makes sprint service really usable in Manhattan.


Feb 22, 2003 by G C

This is the first phone since I've moved to NYC that can handle the obstacles and tower placement here.

Previous phones I've used here for comparison:
- Motorola Time-port (with the tricolor screen)
- LG TP 5250 (Can't carry signal in my apt)
- Samsung SPH-N240 (can't carry signal in my apt)
- One of the old first flip samsungs with voice dial. (retired of old age)

- Buttons are large enough and spaced enough to be usable.
- reception is the best I've ever seen on a sprint Phone.
- I use SMS for work and the one way text alerts do full page alert even on reminders. I prefer that over the long first alert and subsequent reminder chirp phones.
- Vibrate capability (a must for theaters and other places you are called to be polite.)
- I'm not in love with sprint Vision services even though this phone is vision capable. I just don't see the merit in charging me for it outside of the 1 way text messaging.
- You can turn off the processor hog menu that is supposed to be cute and use the normal menus which are pretty quick to operate.
- The phone actually has professional ringers/alerts instead of kiddie music.
- Phone book entry/modification isn't a pain.
- Standby screen is modifiable.

- Anything "Vision" that costs extra to use on this phone. (screen savers, rings, other crap)
- Not a flip phone (I like to cover the keys like the flip phones do instead of locking them.)
- Sleep mode on the phone is really dark. I understand it is to save battery since the display is a battery hog, but that could be a con. (Hard to find cons for this phone.)

This phone and the Sanyo 5300 were suggested from the newsgroups by 3 ppl to me. The 5300 currently costs $399 which is unreasonable for me. This 4900 was $149 with $100 rebate (1 yr contract, blah blah)

Best of Class


Feb 16, 2003 by BillB800si

I don't use all the many features of the 4900, but I do use plain voice and this phone is the clearest (both directions) of any I ever used. Been a car phone user for over 18 years.

Right now you can get it for $50. Can't find a phone with better reception, even in basements.
Get one..........

Excellent Reception - Nice Package, a bit large


Jan 24, 2003 by Steve L.

The only drawback on this phone is it's size. While it's not huge or cumbersome, by today's standards it is "large."

Sanyo is currently the only brand I'd use on SprintPCS. I've always had problems with the Samsung phones (dropped calls, etc).

I would prefer the smaller Sanyo flip with camera; however, I can't justify spending another 350 bucks. I picked the 4900 up when it was 50 bucks.

At 50 bucks buying the Sanyo 4900 was a "no-brainer."

If size doesn't matter, the Sanyo is the best for the money.

Sanyo 4900


Dec 1, 2002 by Jorge Besada

Got this phone less than a week ago.
Works great, good sound and reception. I did not select the plan with the internet features.
Speakerphone works very well.

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