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Jul 19, 2003 by tyler clinton

ive had this phone for about 7 months reception and display are great. Only a few complaints about this phone, one is that for some reason every once in a while people will call me and the phone will never ring or register a call, i think its a sprint network plm, my only other complaint is the battery, i used to have a kyocera that you could throw into a wall (or car window as a friend of mine found out) and itll keep on truckin but the battery on this one comes out a little too easily for my taste sometimes ill feel in my pocket and find the battery has come out on its own. other than that great phone.

Sanyo 4900


Dec 11, 2002 by H C

Best Sprint phone I have ever owned and I have been with Sprint from the beginning.
If your main priority is reception, able to make and hold a call then this is the phone
for you. I've had this phone for a little over a month and have yet to drop a call. The sound is very clear and the battery lasts a very long time before recharging. I have coverage where other phones cannot make a call.



Sep 27, 2002 by Brian Cavallo

Go to settings, location and set it to off. This will drastically increase battery life. This phone is the best Vision phone for my money. Excellent signal, full duplex speakerphone, and awesome battery life. While I would prefer the A500 design, I will take the 4900 performance consistency over it every time...

3G Phones


Aug 13, 2002 by MusicManJ5

I bought this phone yesterday and so far I think this phone is great! Since I've been with sprint I've used Samsung phones (3500 and 8500) and I've never had any problems with those so I planned on upgrading to the A500 but when I found out the price my wallet cried. I held off on buying the Sanyo 5150 because of the price and i thought the phone was a bit big. But when I saw the 4900 and started to play with it, I admit the screen is not as sharp as the A500 and the graphics aren't quite as cool but for the price of the 6200 and totally 3G Vision capable, I knew that this was my next purchase. The interface is great and easy to use, reception is much better than my Samsungs, and the speaker phone is great! Even though i didn't spend the bucks for the A500, for the person wanting to go to a color 3G Vision phone at a price that won't break your back, I would completely recommend this phone. But...if you can't take my word for it...go to a Sprint store and do some comparing.

Right on, Sanyo!


Jan 2, 2006 by muchdrama

I bought this phone in August of 2002 for a ridiculously low price.

-Nice bright screen
-Firm, "clickety-clack" buttons
-Amazing reception
-Amazing voice quality and speaker phone

-Just one...this handset is a tad too big

I used Sprint till December of 2003 in South Florida.

Great Phone


Sep 16, 2002 by Phil Silvio

I've had my Sanyo for about 20 days now and so far I like it. I had a Samsung previously and the flip part broke (twice). I didn't want a flip phone, but I did want to wait for the 3G phones. For the time I've had the phone, I've tried to find a reason to get one of the stylish new flips (LG-5350 or Samsung N400), but the reception has been great and this phone has tons more options at a lower price. The screen could be better, but my need is for the phone, not the graphics. And the batter life is awesome, it's NEVER gone below full charge since I got it. And I always have 4 bars of reception, even in the basement. Good phone, I recommend it.

Awsome Phone


Aug 27, 2002 by Carla stoddard

I brought the 4900 about three weeks ago. I'm totally happy with it. my previous phone was the 4700 and i loved it because out of the 7 sprint phones I've owned in the past that was the only one that received a strong signal in my house, the other phones wouldn't work inside. unbelievably, The 4900 gets a stronger signal than 4700 did.
The speaker works better also. sometimes callers could not hear me well on the 4700 they complained of my voice cutting in and out, but i haven't had any complaints with my new phone. i thought about getting the samsung A500 but i thought about the poor signal strength i got from my previously owned samsung A200, and the thought of living without a speaker phone. I decided "No way".
Another feature that i really love is the call screening. it's great. I usually don't answer calls that come up restricted on caller ID. Now i don't have to check my voice mail to see who called. I can decide whether or not to answer the phone while the caller is leaving a message.
This phone is definitely worth the money. I think it's a bargain for all of the features that it's packed with. It's a durable, reliable, and easy to use phone. I strongly recommend it.

WOW! This phone is incredible! Best reception!


Sep 21, 2002 by brian g.

I've sold Sprint for 3 years and owned both the 4000 and the 4700, along with a piece-of-junk Samsung (for 2 weeks), and this phone absolutely blows everything away. My apartment is in what I always thought was a Sprint dead zone; my old Sanyos always cut in and out, and my roomates both have Samsungs and they are almost always roaming in here. The same goes with people who come over with their Qualcomms, LGs, etc. We even had a friend come over who just got the new Samsung A-500, and he wasn't able to get a good signal in here. Well, I activated my new 4900 yesterday, and I have consistantly gotten almost FULL POWER signal! I talked for over an hour and it never cut out once, and the battery is still showing nearly full charge! With the beautiful (and extremely easy to see/read) color screen, great polytone ringers, and 3g internet, you can't go wrong with this one.

Sanyo 4900


Sep 4, 2002 by John Barto

Purchased the phone 3 weeks ago. This phone has everything you could want in a phone. It is easy to use and best of all it has call screening. The calls are clear, the screen is big and easy to read (color) and the signal seems to be better than my last phone the samsung 3500. I give this high marks all the way around.

Tried them all love this one


Aug 19, 2002 by josephaoliva

i have had qualcomm's 1960, sanyo's 4500, samsung's 8500 & a400, but this phone by far is the best phone i have ever had. i even get coverage in places where i never got coverage. i don't know how the vision service is but i have not been let down yet!

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